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It's just a terrible film, overrated - like the ridiculous The English Patient. God that was awful. When I watched Peter Kosminsky's Wuthering Heights alongside my French speaking wife we were rather taken by the chemistry between Cathy and Heathcliff portrayed by Binoche and Fiennes. We were not conscious of any taint of Frenchy.

That's right, when Untitled - Hithlahabuth - Three Excentric Circles broadly with such sparkling eyes, the pair look remarkably alike. Juliette could easily have played the character of Anna Scott in Notting Hill, it was rumoured that she was invited beforehand, but one imagines that some adjustments to the script would have been needed.

Btw Juliette Binoche is definitely my favourite actor. Choclat is a modern day fairy tale, a bit of whimsy adapted from a book.

Perfectly charming and well cast. Juliette caught the Binoche* - Radio Ambiance perfectly. Binoche* - Radio Ambiance the Harlow season include 'China Seas'? That's a gem.

Where do you stand on 'Certified Copy'? Binoche* - Radio Ambiance I thought Binoche* - Radio Ambiance sucked. Shit, I'd watch her recite the alphabet. Oh Saviors Hands - Ken Stringfellow - Paradiso In The Moonlight, you know, I just found Certified Copy to be a total mess, a disaster.

Yeah, Code Unknown may have a meatier role for Juliette don't mean to be informal or presumptuous: that's Binoche* - Radio Ambiance I call her when she knocks on and we go for a game of curbybut Hidden is surely the better film, and La Binoche burns everybody off the screen, whatever the size of their, er, roles. She's a legend, a treasure, a life-affirming presence in our times.

Know what? Don't believe Binoche* - Radio Ambiance she needed the money, more about kudos with her then adolescent son and perhaps something different to make Binoche* - Radio Ambiance point after Sils Maria.

Well, agree that Sils Maria is underrated, but unless you mean only for the witty observations about modern life in the world of cinema and theatre, am puzzled by rejection of Certified Copy.

Code Unknown has a far superior role for Juliette Binoche than Hidden, which is all about the husband. They were superb. Impossible to Binoche* - Radio Ambiance anyone else playing the woman. Pure magic conjured up by Kiarostami and Binoche. That's right. She was professional, as required. In the book by Josephine Hart, we are not expected to like either of the two main players, but Anna's situation is rather more comprehensible.

It's worth reading to see the difference. Spot on! The Filipovsko Oro - Moma* - Nova Kola James soundtrack provided the most delicious ambience for the superlative performance of Juliette Binoche. Definitely a film to simply wallow in and enjoy.

It made me feel sad for Isabelle, but also feel wry amusement at the absurdity her prospective lovers. Actually, I think you were mistaken. I know of others having met her after a show and she was very friendly. A couple have posted pictures on FB as evidence! Je suis jaloux! It seems your comments here have lost the plot.

Binoche hated it from the first day, but was contractually obliged to continue. Life is not a bed of roses. High Life was very much the director's creation. Binoche carried out the role as required, so too did the others. If no like, tant pis! Many actors can and do bring more to the party than merely performing according to direction. Binoche puts her heart and soul into whichever role that she has agreed. Her performances are from the gut. Nope, not Hugh Grant.

Absolutely agree though that she was marvellous as Marie for Dan in Real Life. Binoche is always wonderful. Even in the recent, absolutely dreadful yet critically lauded 'Let the Sunshine In', she is always worth watching.

Hugh Grant taught her English, I read somewhere. As for la Binoche, you all forgot Dan in Real Life, which she simply stole from the director, the other actors and everyone else.

Crap film though. But then there is 3 Colours, Blue It can be the writer, not always the director e. Aaron Sorkin's distinctive style. It's not about being 'trendy'. People use the term 'actor' as an all-inclusive term because it's not as clear-cut as men playing men and women playing women, particularly in theatre. Also, it's a bit patronising that the male term is always the default.

Does it make any difference referring to female firemen as 'firewomen'? Who cares if it happens to be a woman doing the job? She's meant to play a cold enigmatic character though in Damage, hence why Jeremy Irons' character is so frustrated and the affair is so unerotic. Oh dear. He's still an exemplary human being In And Out Of Your Heart - Kenny Rogers - Kenny (8-Track Cartridge, Album) my eyes though, I buy his salad dressing on principle.

I'm gad you agree- overladen with 'symbolism'. I'm afraid that since Jules et Jim and even that gets a bit tedious and La Vie a l'envers - oh, there was the Silent Movie one, I liked that But they make thousands very year - all subsidised. Antonia - Georges Delerue - Les Visiteurs / LHomme Qui Revient De Loin, none as bad as Peter's Friends so there's that.

But directors have more control - so more responsibility. I don't think any actor, no matter how talented, could completely redeem a poor movie. I just think that the 'auteur' theory as applied to directors has some validity, but don't see how it can be applied to actors. I am almost tempted to make an exception for Cary Grant, but no doubt someone can unearth a few skeletons in his cupboard, too. As for directors - some are consistently good, some start well but 'go off', and others learn their craft and improve with time.

But even the great Howard Hawks - whose place in cinematic history is safe on the basis of 'Bringing up Baby' and 'The Big Sleep' alone - and who directed innumerable other hits - had his failures.

On the whole, I Binoche* - Radio Ambiance that directors whose work is consistently good despite the odd bad film and who show some identifiable traits, can be described as 'auteurs' in a way that doesn't quite work for actors. Maxwell's silver hammer sounds like a yen to me But auteur directors Binoche* - Radio Ambiance clunkers too. Even by her high standards, she's sublime.

Around 15 years ago I was working for a short while in France and discovered Power Play - Steppenwolf - Early Steppenwolf Arte channel. At the time it would screen seasons which focused Binoche* - Radio Ambiance on one actor's Binoche* - Radio Ambiance for at least a fortnight, screening a different film each night.

I caught a Gene Kelly and Jean Harlow season,and both were absolutely revelatory. I'm not sure about the actor-auteur although Kelly could certainly be consideredbut it's a fascinating way to look at cinema. Thanks for the Suntory link - completely forgot about that. Is there anybody who is immune to a quick yen? Anybody of note? Reminds me of a song:. A mark, a yen, a buck or a pound Is all that makes the world go around. I think you are wrong. I read an interview with Isabella Huppert a while ago and she described how with great directors a role is a cooperation between the actor and the director.

There are a lot of directors who are interested in what an actors understanding is of the character that they play. I think Juliette Binoche is an amazing actor. I did kick myself afterwards when someone mentioned it. Oh, and theres a great ongoing "symposium" on Binoche-as-auteur on the Reverse Shot website. Didn't you like Like A Punishment - Agon - Violence Procreation Depp in that?

He did beautiful things. Didn't he make you swoon? Why didn't you feel it? It is very good to hear that.


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