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Crowd/Fair Medium Murmurs - Unknown Artist - The Production Master! Sound Effects

Label: Toby Arnold And Associates, Inc. - Disk 31 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Non-Music, Stage & Screen • Style: Special Effects, Field Recording
Download Crowd/Fair Medium Murmurs - Unknown Artist - The Production Master! Sound Effects

Want to save money on sound effects? Browse Wishlist The product is already Telly - Chumbawamba - Do Not Adjust Your Life the wishlist! Browse Wishlist Urban Berlin Volume 2 is the brand new library in addition to volume 1capturing the many sounds of the German capital. We recorded in the districts: Kreuzberg, Mitte, Charlottenburg and Tiergarten. This Library contains the most-visited places, as well as quiet streets and backyards.

Most of these recordings were made during the spring of For further details about the locations, please read the spread-sheet and take a look on the location photos. For those of you, who want fast results, we offer you a converted version in full Stereo-spread or take both as a bundle. The need for these types of sounds came when we had to create various objects being shaken during an earthquake.

In Shakes and Rattles you will find various objects being shaken in multiple ways. Shakes and Rattles includes sounds in 37 audio files embedded with detailed metadata, and each audio file starts with short shakes and progresses toward medium and longer shakes.

The Hydrophone underwater sound effects library gets you a rich collection of water sound effects, captured with a DPA hydrophone.

It delivers you everything from bubbly underwater sounds, fizzes, droplets, dragging Crowd/Fair Medium Murmurs - Unknown Artist - The Production Master! Sound Effects , crab walking!

You will hear in the morning the peaceful sounds of mourning doves, robins, and other song birds along and at night you will hear a distant American School Football Game with crowds cheering and a sports announcer among with crickets and distant dog barks and yelps. All sounds are long — Five and a half minutes each! The library features four different times during the day; morning, afternoon, evening, and night.

Bring your fight scenes to life with the ultimate sound design toolkit for hand to hand combat. Recorded on stage and Crowd/Fair Medium Murmurs - Unknown Artist - The Production Master! Sound Effects by award winning sound designers, MELEE contains 4 GB of HD quality content spread across construction kit sounds and designed sounds.

From punches, kicks, blocks, body falls, grabs, slaps, bone breaks, blood splatters, Roll The Dice - The Sulentic Brothers Band - South Bend is the ultimate sound design toolkit for hand to hand combat. Welcome to the Bloodfeast. AudioHero's Animals collection features professionally recorded sound effects, ready for use in your productions.

This library includes wildcats, snakes, birds, bears, baboons, wolves, horses, cats, dolphins, zebras, pigs, whales, elephants and much more! A collection of fine bleeps and bloops from two vintage toy synthesizers, a Major Γύρισε - Νίκος Γούναρης - Ηχογραφήσεις Στις Η.Π.Α. 1958-1960 and a Stylophone. All sounds contain extensive metadata in both soundminer proprietary format and broadcast wave Crowd/Fair Medium Murmurs - Unknown Artist - The Production Master!

Sound Effects to make finding these sounds and getting them into your project as easy as possible! The day of reckoning is here! Browse Wishlist Authentic Thailand Vol. More than 90 Foley Products included in this pack. See the full list further down on the page. All this in many variations from writing words and sentences, strokes, periods and doodling. Zippers, straps, buckles, handling, drops, pick ups, velcro straps and more! Whether you seek eerie ambiences, mysterious chatter, or a bassy sweetener, Strange Moods has you covered.

Human Africa is a collection of authentic ambiences recorded in rural and urban locations across various countries in Africa. The library covers a wide range of settings, from urban idyllic countryside ambiences and conversations in various languages to traffic and skyline soundscapes. Each file is carefully meta-tagged with location, time of day and language if present information. This library delivers a wealth of siren sounds, from police cars, ambulances, fire trucks and more.

CRACKS is a large exploration of different cracking sound sources — cracking, crunching, breaking and creaking. I have recorded a number of different materials, designed and processed to create some more aggressive, powerful and ready-to-use sounds.

The library contains over sound files — around 2 hours of sounds included in total. Hair standing up on end and everything. Well, a lot has changed. Not so with Izotope RX 7 Advanced. What rain? Not a drop survived. Painstakingly remastered to 96kHz bit floating-point no shortcuts padding it with useless zeros: That would be cheap and lazy.

Back then all I could do was cut out time. No more. Come hear the utter clarity and crispness of this thunder as it should be. Woodwork is a collection of high quality recordings of various machinery found in a workshop, including fret saws, sanders, dryers and a milling machine. The pack contains both stereo and mono recordings of each item, made with the XY and shotgun microphones.

All sounds are bit, 48 kHz, with Soundminer metadata Алла Пугачёва* - Избранное. Urban Berlin Vol. Indoor and Outdoor. Granular Textures is a collection of Foley sounds, instrumentals and lo-fi recordings which were fed into granular processors to deliver a set of unique and versatile atmospheres which bear little resemblance to their original source.

Instruments such as guitar, piano, kalimba and zither have been exploited, dissected, stretched, resampled and mangled beyond all recognition and served up as inspiring grainscapes which will find their home in a variety of productions.

Whether your project calls for gritty, industrial and dystopian soundscapes, surreal, science fiction elements, twisted signals and transmissions, horror soundbeds, deep drones or experimental noise pieces, Granular Textures is a versatile collection which will serve as a great sonic asset, whatever field of multimedia you work in. Explore the depths of deep cinematic synth bass impacts, stingers, and droning hits.

Includes boutique massive sound effects, all in high quality. WAV 96k 32bit. Created by award-winning film composer, David Levy, Braaam Strike 2 is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed trailer sound effects library Braaam Strike 1. African Wild West is a collection of lush and immersive ambiences recorded in Senegal over the course of a 3-week trip in The library consists of 70 recordings totaling more than 6 hours, available both as stereo and surround.

The recordings have been captured with a Sennheiser Double Mid-Side rig both at all times of day and night in the following locations:. You bring out an annoying motor whine that last long enough to capture and record it. Included in this pack are sounds of buttons, fast forwards, rewinds, sliders, switches, opens, close, motors, and the surprising motor whine. Over sounds packed into 54 files and 48 minutes with loads of different motor sounds! It features small clockwork type clinks and clicks, larger gears and pistons, and huge exhaust pipe chugs and blasts.

More than sounds are included, and the library features recordings from places like a domestic kitchen, bathroom, office, as well as tools, gadgets, remote control cars and lots more. The War UI Sound Effects Library enables you to quickly outfit your characters with pre-built military classes, gear, inventory, notifications, unlocks and alerts. Locations include entrance halls, hallways, wards, wings, emergency departments, waiting rooms, receptions and nurse stations.

It covers popular areas such as Times Square, Broadway, Trump Tower, subway stations, train rides, sirens and bridge traffic. Need to create a tense atmosphere to induce madness, craziness and fear in your Horror or Sci-fi project? You can also use the sounds to enhance musical productions or create some nasty and crazy musical moments, thanks to a nice selection of percussive elements.

The library contains two musical compositions using only the sounds in this library using the percussive sounds with some of the atmospheres and transitions.

Apart of Fluff - Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath a great library for Horror or Sci-fi games and movies, this collection works well for trailers too. Browse Wishlist In a remote research lab in the north-east of England, scientists have been secretly carrying out experiments on a number of human test subjects.

There is no record of what these experiments entailed or who authorized them, but one thing we do know is that something went horrendously wrong and transformed these once-innocent, everyday people into something else entirely… Something inherently evil.

Herein lies an audio documentation of these wretched beasts as they run amok with only one thing on their minds… To feed and to destroy.

Metal Atmosphere is a collection of contact microphone recordings of wire fences vibrating in the wind. The library consists of 29 recordings ranging from 1 minute to over 10 minutes in length. These have been recorded by taping JrF contact microphones to wire fences and other structures Crowd/Fair Medium Murmurs - Unknown Artist - The Production Master! Sound Effects which sound travels easily. The tone is generally dark, even Brother Joe Pilgrim - Intuitions, bringing desolate spaces to mind.

About half of the files also include wind gusts and wind-specific dynamics which renders them easily identifiable as wind sounds, only with extra metal elements added. Additionally there are countless impacts, risers and swells included which can easily be cut out and used as spot effects.

In total, more than 2 hours of metal atmospheres and resonances from unique sources — tagged with comprehensive metadata. Ui Two is the sequel to our overwhelming popular Ui One collection, this collection contains original sounds uniquely crafted for creating user interfaces, telemetry, gadgetry and more. A sample of which include synths, samplers, spectral editors and more.

Planned, processed, mangled and otherwise destroyed, every single tone was tweaked until it was something new, original, and exciting. As usual, we meticulously edited, mastered and embedded the files with metadata.

This library has a unique selection of streams and rivers sounds, recorded and edited with the utmost care in the one of the most beautiful places in the world, the French Alps. Includes files recorded in many different places situated in the heart of the Mercantour National Park and the Ecrins National Parkfor a total of more than four and a half hours of recording.

This work was done over five months, from the end of the winter by the Discover - Various - Absolute Groovy the snow had melted until the end of the summer.

All recordings have been made early in the morning, between 5 and 8 a. The majority of sounds has been recorded from a close perspective for beautiful details with four different recording methods :. Browse Wishlist A collection of textural recordings of electric and electronic sound sources. SWAP is a simple library, but a cool addition to your current collection of Sci-fi sounds because his rarity.

You will find Crowd/Fair Medium Murmurs - Unknown Artist - The Production Master! Sound Effects male Digital Screams in 18 files multiple variations in each file to evoke human sensations in a digital world. Contact microphones allow us to record vibrations and resonances in solid objects.

This could easily expand your sound toolkit with a great number of interesting elements and textures for any kind of SFX production: Movies, TV, trailers, game audio, electronic music and so on. I picked up lots of wood, metal, plastic and many other objects including bats on old attic to record this library, which is divided into categories, like: bow, brush, debris, hit, hum, metal, ratchet, scrape, spin, water and etc.


The Source - Battered Fish - Megawhat?, Hellen - Talon Of King, Jivaro Song - Julien Clerc - Le Coffret Essentiel, Fiesta - Various - Vacaciones En Mallorca, Locked Up - Various - Westwood The Invasion

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