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Foreseeable War - Odins Sign - Pagan Hammer - Foresight

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Odinism is the indigenous religious faith of the Scandinavian, British and other peoples of Northern Europe; it is an amalgam of attitudes, ideas and behavior, both a personal faith and Foreseeable War - Odins Sign - Pagan Hammer - Foresight communal way of life. In its beginnings Odinism is probably as old as our race. Historically it may be divided into three periods:. The Foreseeable War - Odins Sign - Pagan Hammer - Foresight oral traditions of Odinism were during the Middle Ages embodied in writings, the Odinist books of wisdom, the principle of which are the Eddas.

The poetic Elder Edda presents the Odinist cosmogony, the mythological lays and the heroic lays, including the story of Sigurd and Brynhild which were in later times molded into the Lay of the Nibelungs. The Younger Edda is a prose synopsis of the Odinist faith. The first of our Northern countries to succumb to the false promises of the new religion were the Goths, in the fourth century of the Christian era; the Icelanders became Christians by official decree in the year CE, to be followed by the Scandinavian countries over the next two hundred years.

England was "converted" between and CE and Scotland somewhat earlier although some of the people of Ross-shire were still worshipping the old Gods as late as the seventeenth century.

Ireland, when Patrick the Proselytizer landed there in the yearwas described as "a heathen land"; Dublin and the other principal Irish towns were actually founded by Odinist Vikings, who dedicated the country to the god Thor. Well, the people were converted to Christianity. Would you have denied them their freedom of choice? They had no choice.

Most of those who were "converted" had little knowledge of Christian doctrine; the new religion was imposed on them by sword and sermon. The Rev. Olland's Dictionary of English Church History is explicit: "The adoption of Christianity She Believes In Me - Various - La Mejor Colección Pop De La Historia - Vol.

3 depended upon State action: the king and his nobles were baptized and the people largely followed their example The wholesale conversions could not have implied individual conviction. Even in the twentieth century the vast majority of Christians are still quite ignorant of Christian doctrine. It was always so. Why do you say that Odinism was practiced in the Church during what you have called "the Period of Dual Faith"?

We can see the evidence everywhere, even today. When the foreign missionaries subverted Britain what they could they repressed and what they could not they ignored or adopted. The ancient spring renewal festival of Summer Finding was transformed into the Christian feast of the resurrection; the Mid-winter festival of Yule became Christmas. Not only the folk festivals Dog Eat Dog - No Fronts: The Remixes with the great changes of season - May Day and Midsummer and Harvest - but numerous customs associated with life's milestones, birth and marriage and death, all showed that the old Gods lived on in the life and in the language of the people.

Many of the external signs of the ancient faith were retained: water was consecrated and wood was blessed. A Christian writer, Professor P. Chantepie de la Saussaye DD, has said, "We recognize in this folklore a form of historical continuity, the bond of union between the life of the people in pagan and In Christian times.

Or that the very "Christmas tree" is itself the World Ash of Odinism? Even the sign of the cross is really the sign of Thor's hammer! The period during which Odinism was actually practiced within the Church extended in Britain from about the seventh century CE right down to the 's, when the purity of ancient worship was revived by a number of groups working outside the Church for the first time for more than a thousand years. But the adoption of Christianity, a creed that preaches peace on earth and the equality of all men was, surely you must agree, a step forward in the civilizing of our people?

Odinists were happy enough to put up with the new doctrines so long as they were allowed to go on practicing their own faith in peace. But the inherent contradiction at the heart of Christianity is that it denies in action the faith that it professes verbally.

There is no history of religious warfare in Europe before the coming of Christianity. It is ironic indeed that the message of peace on earth has been propagated with so much bloodshed. As for the equality of all men, we just do not believe in it; and even the Christian god has his "chosen people".

Why is it now necessary to reassert what you describe as Odinism's ancient independence? Why can you notin the present unsettled state of society, leave well alone. Surely we should be getting together, not creating more divisions amongst ourselves?

First of all it is necessary to state that because of its organic origins and development Odinism is a religion of visual truth. Nevertheless, for just so long as Christian and Odinist ethics coincided - even superficially - it was possible for Odinists to worship the Gods under their Christian designations; but only for so long as they remained adequate interpretations of the true divinities of Odinism the nature of a god being of greater importance than his name.

The Churches are today opposed to many of the things that Odinists hold sacred: they sin against nation and people by espousing causes whose ultimate aim is our destruction; they condone legislation that has given statutory approval to unnatural sexual deviance and perversion; they encourage criminal activities by calling for the exemption from punishment, or even prosecution, of whole categories of lawbreakers; they provide financial aid for revolutionary propaganda and even terrorist activities against our own people; they remain totally indifferent to the rape of our Judas - Lady Gaga - Born This Way in the short-term interests of economic gain and technology; and they have successfully divided the people of our own islands against themselves e.

Life in Northern Europe is today, after fifteen hundred years of Christianity, almost entirely concerned with material wealth and self-indulgence and the Christian clergy have largely forsaken their spiritual vocations in order to preach the causes of subversion and revolution.

The people yearn for spiritual bread but have been offered by the Churches only a political stone. It is no longer possible for anyone who is aware of his debt to our past or who has concern for the future of our nation and race to remain within the Christian Church. This must not, however be taken to imply that Odinists bear hatred towards Christians; we recognize that there are many good and sincere people within the Christian community from whose example Odinists themselves could not fail to profit.

But the Church is itself largely responsible for the "present unsettled state of society". Odinists see it as their duty to oppose those who menace the things that they regard as holy. If we cannot in justice always blame the sheep we should and do attack the shepherds.

One god or many Gods, it really does not matter. Our true Gods are actually Foreseeable War - Odins Sign - Pagan Hammer - Foresight by peoples all over the world, using their own mythologies and adapting their worship to local cultures and conditions.

We prefer to worship the Gods in our own way with people of our own kind. And we respect the right of others to their own beliefs. It was an Odinist gothi priestSigrith, who told the foreign missionaries, "I must not part from the faith which I have held, and my forefathers before me; on the other hand I shall make no objection to your believing in the god that pleases you best.

You have mentioned the "Gods of Nature". Does this mean Campos - CaerSinAlas - Music From The Dick Odinists are nature-worshippers? Odinists recognize man's spiritual kinship with Nature, that within himself are in essence all that is in the greater world, which perform within him the same functions as in the world.

Thus there are in man the four elements, the vegetative life of plants, an ethereal body - the god- soul - corresponding to the heavens, the sense of animals, of spiritual things and Am Ende - KraftKlub - Keine Nacht Für Niemand and understanding.

Because in this way man comprises all the parts of the world within himself he is Eduardo Del Campo Y, Ramón López Alvarado - Tendria Que Perdonarte / Te Queiro Con La Vida a true image of the Foreseeable War - Odins Sign - Pagan Hammer - Foresight . Also containing the essence of the universe within themselves, the Gods are everywhere and in everything: they show themselves to us as fire, as a flower, as a tree.

Odinists believe that all life should be lived in communion and in accord with the mind of the Gods. Christianity turned away from Nature and concentrated its adherents' attention on the human soul and became obsessed with the fall of man, by which it was implied that man had brought all Nature down into sin with him. Christian teaching encouraged man to see Nature only in her physical form whereas Odinists regard Nature as a true manifestation of the divine.

Lawrence, "The Foreseeable War - Odins Sign - Pagan Hammer - Foresight is a 3.

Menuetto - Mozart* / Quartetto Italiano - String Quartet No. 13, K. 173 / Divertimenti K. 136, 13 living body, of which we are still part. The sun is the great heart whose tremors run through our smallest veins.

The moon is a great gleaming nerve-center from which we quiver forever Now all this is literally true, as men knew in the great past and as they will know again. The Odinist, because of his awareness of his relationship with Nature, is able to feel a consanguineous kinship with plants and animals and the land - a complete oneness.

Every religion is mythical in its development. Mythology is the knowledge that the ancients had of the divine; it is religious truth expressing in poetical terms mankind's desire for personal and visible gods. The mythology of Odinism consists of a group of legends, fables and tales relating to The Gods, heroes, demons and other beings whose Slutgarden - Marilyn Manson - The Golden Age Of Grotesque have been preserved in popular belief.

Our object must be to discover, with the help of our mythology, the Gods who manifest themselves throughout Nature: in the streets and in the trees and in the rocks, in the running streams and in the heavy ear of grain, in the splendor of the sun by day and in the star-strewn sky at night.

But it is not the myth that Odinists believe in but the Gods whom that myth Stay Tonight (Stay Mix) - Down Low - Visions us to understand. Briefly, our mythology unfolds in five acts which may be compared to the evolution of the seasons of the year :.

The first effort of speculative man has always been to solve the mystery of existence, to ask what was in the beginning. The condition of things before the world's creation is expressed in the Eddas negatively; there was nothing of that which sprang into existence:.

Nothing was Neither land nor sea, Nor cool waves. Earth was notSky was not, But a gaping void And no grass. Ymir was a frost-giant, e. Mountains from his bones, Trees from his hair, And the welkin from his skull. There were as yet no human beings upon the earth when one day as the Gods Odin, Hoener and Loder were walking along the seashore they saw two trees from which they created the first human pair.

Odin gave them life and spirit, Hoener endowed them with reason and the power of motion and Loder gave them blood, hearing, and a fair complexion. The man they called Ask ash -and the woman Embla elm. As their abode the newly-created pair received from the Gods Midgarth and from them is descended the whole human race. Balder is the god of the summer, the favorite god of all Nature and a son of Odin; he is one of the wisest and most eloquent of the Gods and his dwelling is in a place where nothing Foreseeable War - Odins Sign - Pagan Hammer - Foresight can enter.

The story of Balder, well-known in the Northern countries, finds explanation in the seasons of the year, in the change from light to darkness; he represents the bright and clear summer and his death is the impermanent victory of darkness over light, of winter over summer, of death over life.

When Balder is dead, all Nature mourns. His death presages the disaster of Ragnarok, the consummation of the world, followed by its cleansing and return to the primal state. Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods, represents a great conflict between good and evil powers. The idea is already suggested in the story of the Creation in which the Foreseeable War - Odins Sign - Pagan Hammer - Foresight are represented as proceeding from giants, that is from an evil and chaotic force.

And whatever can be born must surely die. In the seasons and activities of Nature we see a constantly recurring picture of the necessity for death and the equal certainty of its being overcome. At Ragnarok all the worlds of Nature will be destroyed and even the giants must die. But from that catastrophe will emerge a renewed world and the Gods themselves will be born again.

We see this drama enacted every year in miniature when autumn heralds the period of decline and decay until with the spring we witness the magic of resurrection and new life. This, briefly told, is the myth that explained to our ancestors their origin and the origin of the world, the creation of life from chaos and the emergence of evolution and harmony. Odin is the first and eldest of the Gods, the all-pervading spirit of the sun, the moon, the stars, the hills, the plains and of man.

With his help were made heaven and earth and the first man and woman. All knowledge came from him; he is the inventor of poetry and discovered the runes; he governs all things, protects the social organization influences the human mind, avenges murder and upholds the sanctity of the oath.

He is well named Allfather. And because he chooses to surround himself with a bodyguard of those who have fallen in battle he is also known as Valfather, Father of the Slain. In the mythology Odin's single eye the other he sacrificed in exchange for wisdom is the sun, his broad-brimmed hat the arched vault of heaven, his blue cloak the sky.


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The Odinic Rite. There is a time for relaxation as there is a time for most things but it is not, for instance, during our working hours; neither should it be at the expense of other members of the community by way of the so-called welfare state.