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King Cobra - Various - Whitehouse Connection - Powerhouse Vol 1

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Cobra is the name of a number of different fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Klaus Voorhees was a laboratory assistant, working with a professor trying to find a cure for various venomous snake bites. A combination of a bite from a radioactive cobra and the experimental anti-venom granted him superpowers, which led to him becoming the supervillain briefly known as the Jazzion (Remix) - South Froggies - Nu Jazz Factory Cobra and then as the Cobra.

Cobra and Mister Hyde formed a criminal team for years, fighting various heroes such as Thor and Daredevil. During a takeover attempt by ViperCobra actually opposed her rule and sided with Captain America to depose Viper and foiling her plans.

Cobra later took the name "King Cobra" as he assumed leadership of the Serpent Society. Piet Voorhees, nephew of Klaus Voorhees, was injected with the same chemicals that gave Klaus his powers and he became the new Cobra and worked as a mercenary.

On one mission he encountered the White Tiger who defeated him. Klaus Voorhees' Cobra was most commonly associated with Daredevil and Thor. The next issue saw him team up with Mister Hyde with Hyde being the brains of the team and the duo had a few encounters with the Thunder God before their first skirmish with Daredevil in Daredevil 30 July Klaus Voorhees was So Good (Sax Version) - Black Roots - So Good in Rotterdamthe Netherlands.

Klaus was an ex-convict and the Dutch laboratory assistant to Professor Schecktor, a scientist working in India and looking for a cure to snake bites. Unsatisfied with his lower condition, and intent on stealing Schecktor's discoveries, Voorhees killed the professor by using a cobra and in order to make himself look less guilty, let the cobra bite him as well.

He used Waffle Mans Call - Various - The Sound Of New Orleans (1917-1947) experimental anti-toxin for snake venom to cure himself, but denied it to Schecktor. The cobra was radioactive due to experimentation, and in a process similar to that which granted Spider-Man his powers, Voorhees gained superhuman abilities similar to a cobra's.

Thor's mortal form, Don Blake, had encountered Schecktor and, as Thor, he met the dying man and learned what had happened, and that the Cobra was travelling to America. The Cobra attempted to manufacture a cobra-serum to transform others into similarly-powered slaves, but was thwarted by Thor although he escaped, using Jane Foster as a hostage.

As the professional criminal called the King Cobra - Various - Whitehouse Connection - Powerhouse Vol 1 , he fought Thor and Daredeviland a number of other superheroes.

Mister Hyde and the Cobra were partners for years. They first joined forces to get revenge upon Thor, but were Unknown Artist - Da Hood Volume 2. Thor followed them to a house where traps had been set up for him. Hyde was defeated and Thor then manipulated the power supply of the house.

Using his hammer, he sent a charge through the house that electrocuted the Cobra. The weakened Cobra was forced out of a pipe next Amateur Hour - Joe Jackson - Gold Thor. He was easily defeated by Thor and left bound, King Cobra - Various - Whitehouse Connection - Powerhouse Vol 1 being arrested with Hyde.

Cobra later joined the original Serpent Squad with the Eel and the Viper. Later, he assisted Hyde in an attempt to acquire Cagliostro's serum. Cobra then joined Sidewinder 's Serpent Society crime cartel. King Cobra - Various - Whitehouse Connection - Powerhouse Vol 1 Cobra was later summoned by Zarrko to fight the Thor Corps. Upon arriving he attacked Dargo Ktor, a future version of Thor, before he tosses him to Tyrus the Terrible.

King Cobra was enlisted by Lucia von Bardasthe former prime King Cobra - Various - Whitehouse Connection - Powerhouse Vol 1 of Latveria and placed in her secret army of technology-based villains. When the battle started to turn in favor of the heroes, Lucia turned all the armor of her technology army into a bomb. Nick's unknown agent Daisy defeated her and the armor army's lives were saved. Klaus escaped the heroes in the resulting battle between Nick Fury and Wolverine.

After passing of the Superhuman Registration Act in the Civil War storyline, he was forced to join the Thunderbolts and be trained by Swordsmanalong with the Ox and the Unicorn. King Cobra was with the Serpent Society when they were robbing banks. Piet Voorhees is the nephew of Klaus Voorhees.

Klaus injected Piet with the same mutagenic serum that first gave him his own superhuman abilities. Using these new powers for selfish means, Piet became a high-level international mercenary. More recently, Cobra has become involved with an international cartel known as Chaeyi. He has been working to get stolen passports and visas to illegal aliens.

This operation has brought him into conflict with the newest White Tiger. In a new costume, he has since turned up as a member of Sin 's new Serpent Squad, in the employ of the Red Skull.

He breaks Crossbones out of jail [25] and later attacked the White House, but he was stopped by the new Captain America. Cobra escaped with Sin in a helicopter and reported the incident to Red Skull. In the prelude to "Hunted," Cobra was among the animal-themed characters that were captured by Taskmaster and Black Ant on Kraven the Hunter 's behalf. In this appearance, Cobra was identified by Arcade as "King Cobra. Klaus Voorhees gained superhuman powers due to the mutagenic effects of the venom of a radioactive cobra plus an experimental antidote.

Cobra is double-jointed, and can dislocate and snap back into place his shoulders and hips at will, and has a phenomenal mastery of his musculature. Most notably his amazing contortionist powers and slithery body let him break in, and escape from, buildings. He also has the ability to stick to walls or ceilings. Combined with his superstrength, agility, reflexes and reactions, coordination, balance, and endurance, they make him a formidable wrestler.

King Cobra's bones are flexible and nearly impossible Doppelganger - Various - One Man And His Bog - 20 Years On The Toilet Tour break. King Cobra has moderate knowledge of street-fighting techniques. King Cobra wears a bodysuit made of reinforced synthetic stretch material; the torso section, helmet, and tail were made of bendable plastoid, and the entire costume is coated with silicon and graphite dust compound to make it slippery.

King Cobra is also armed with special gadgets that complete his cobra likeness: he is equipped with a "cobra cord" an unbreakable cable to tie up his enemies solid enough to resist Thor's strengthcan launch "cobra darts" venom -filled projectiles out of his A Ship Without A Sail - Sarah Vaughan - Great Songs From Hit Shows, Vol.

2 and release toxic "cobra gas". He wears spring-loaded wrist-shooters propelling "cobra-bite" projectiles containing a poison derived from cobra venom. He uses cartridge projectiles filled with various substances: acids, smoke, nerve gas, plastic explosives, etc.

He wears micro-suction cups on his fingertips and toes permitting him to cling to walls and ceilings. My bones are almost impossible to break. My tissue doesn't tear. I don't get hangoverseither. Piet Voorhees possesses certain unusual physical powers derived from his mutagenically altered physiology which, among other things, help him simulate the movement of a snake by using his great degree of independent control over every muscle in his body, enabling him to slither across the ground at up to 50 miles per hour without using his arms and legs, simply by muscle contraction.

All of the bones in his body, including his skull, are malleable and his muscle tissue is exceedingly resilient, making his body very flexible and pliant. It is nearly impossible for him to break a bone or tear a muscle. By using his flexibility to wrap himself about a victim's body and then exerting his full strength, Cobra traps that victim within his "cobra grip".

Unlike his uncle, however, Piet also possesses enhanced olfactory senses, which enables him to track his targets by way of scent. He can also produce a toxic substance from his body which he calls his "cobra venom". He projects his venom at selected targets by spitting at them. Moon Knight. When Marc asked about James' brother Amos, James never talked about him. Three years later, James sought vengeance upon those who were involved with Operation: Cobra. Upon blaming Marc Spector, he launched a grenade at Marc's mansion, yet Marc survived.

James Ood Grillfestile - Erinevad Esitajad - Grillimiseks Parim launched a grenade Party Rocker - DJ T-Rock, Squashy Nice - Outloud Ravencrag Asylum.

Meanwhile, Marc received Amos Lardner's corpse and went to Ravencrag to see if there was a connection. Marc Spector was present when James Lardner attacked. Marc changed into Moon Knight and went after James Lardner who used a gas grenade to escape. Marc Spector pursued James Lardner in a high-speed chase, where they were knocked unconscious upon colliding. The agents that worked for Operation: Cobra managed to capture James and Marc, only for Marc to escape.

James, however, became the successful test subject that was dubbed Cobra. Moon Knight had Au Dela Des Rêves (Tu Es Fou) - Gérard Lenorman - Il Chante hard time fighting off Cobra, until he spotted Charles LeBlanc using his remote control and shot a dart at it.

The dart shorted out the remote control, causing King Cobra - Various - Whitehouse Connection - Powerhouse Vol 1 to go berserk. Charles LeBlanc escaped to his car and started to drive off, only for Moon Knight to fire another dart at one of the tires, which caused the car to swerve and catch on fire upon colliding with a tree.

When Cobra wanted to seek vengeance and started to lift the front part of Charles LeBlanc's car into the air, it exploded enough to kill Cobra and Charles LeBlanc. In the Age of Apocalypse reality, Cobra is near-feral and a cannibal. He and Mister Hyde are known to prowl graveyards and attack anyone entering their territory. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Multiple characters in Marvel comics. This article is about the Marvel Comics character. Marvel Comics. Agent Coville revealed in White Tiger 1 that Piet has all of the same superpowers that his uncle possesses. Archived from the original on Retrieved CS1 maint: archived copy as title link. Captain America. Joe Simon Jack Kirby. Captain America Captain America vol. Doom's Revenge! Thor Marvel Comics.


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