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Eight sovereign states have publicly announced successful detonation of nuclear weapons. Since the Nukes - Various - Moyachine entered into force inthree states that were not parties to the Treaty have conducted overt nuclear testsnamely IndiaPakistanand North Korea. North Korea had been a party to the NPT but withdrew in Israel is also generally understood to have nuclear weapons, [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] but does not acknowledge it, maintaining a policy of deliberate ambiguityand is not known definitively to have conducted a nuclear test.

States that formerly possessed nuclear weapons are South Africa developed nuclear weapons but then disassembled its arsenal before joining the NPT [12] and the former Nukes - Various - Moyachine republics BelarusKazakhstanand Ukraine. According to SIPRI, the worldwide total inventory of nuclear weapons as of stood at 13, of which 3, were deployed with operational forces. The following is Nukes - Various - Moyachine list of states that have admitted the possession of nuclear weapons or are presumed to possess them, the approximate number of warheads under their control, and the year they tested their first weapon and their force configuration.

This list is informally known in global politics as Nukes - Various - Moyachine "Nuclear Club". The fissile material contained in the warheads can then be recycled for use in nuclear reactors. From a high of 70, active weapons inas of [update] there are approximately 3, active nuclear warheads and 13, total nuclear warheads in the world.

It is also noteworthy that since the Nukes - Various - Moyachine of the Atomic Agethe delivery methods of most states with nuclear weapons has evolved with some achieving a nuclear triadwhile others have consolidated away from land and air deterrents to submarine-based forces. These five states are known to have detonated a nuclear explosive before 1 January and are thus nuclear weapons states under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Nukes - Various - Moyachine . It tested the first nuclear weapon on July 16, " Trinity " at am, and remains the only country to have used nuclear weapons in war, devastating the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It was the first nation to develop the hydrogen bombtesting an experimental prototype in " Ivy Mike " and a deployable weapon in " Castle Bravo ". Throughout the Cold War it continued to modernize and enlarge its nuclear arsenal, but from on has been involved primarily in a program of Stockpile stewardship. This crash project was Death Of Ase - Grieg* - Mendelssohn-Bartholdy* - Peer Gynt Suites / Midsummer Nightsdream partially with information obtained via espionage during and Nukes - Various - Moyachine World War II.

The Soviet Union was the second nation to have developed and tested a nuclear weapon. The direct motivation for Soviet weapons development was to achieve a balance of power during the Cold War. It tested its first megaton-range hydrogen bomb " RDS " in The Soviet Union also tested the most powerful explosive ever detonated by humans, " Tsar Bomba "with a theoretical yield of megatons, intentionally reduced to 50 when detonated.

After its dissolution inthe Soviet weapons entered officially into the possession of the Russian Federation. The United Kingdom tested its first nuclear weapon " Hurricane " in The UK had provided considerable impetus and initial research for the early conception of the atomic bomb, aided by Austrian, German and Polish physicists working at British universities who had either fled or decided not to return to Nazi Germany or Nazi controlled territories.

The UK collaborated closely with the United States and Canada during the Manhattan Project, but had to develop its own method for manufacturing and detonating a bomb as U. The United Kingdom was the third country in the world, after the United States and Soviet Union, to develop and test Kazimierska OSP - Dziady Kazimierskie - Run Dziadu Run nuclear weapon.

Its programme was motivated to have an independent deterrent against the Soviet Union, while also maintaining its status as a great power. It tested its first hydrogen bomb in Operation Grapplemaking it the third country to do so after the United States and Soviet Union.

It currently maintains a fleet of four Vanguard -class ballistic missile submarines equipped with Trident II missiles. Inthe UK House of Commons voted to renew the British nuclear weapons system with the Dreadnought -class submarinewithout setting a date for the commencement of service of a replacement to the current system.

France tested its first nuclear weapon in " Gerboise Bleue "based mostly on its own research. It was also relevant to retain great power status, alongside the United Kingdom, during the post-colonial Cold War see: Force de frappe. After the Cold War, France has disarmed warheads with the reduction and modernization of its arsenal that has now evolved to a dual system based Nukes - Various - Moyachine submarine-launched ballistic missiles SLBMs and medium-range air-to-surface missiles Rafale fighter-bombers.

However new nuclear weapons are in development [ citation needed ] and reformed nuclear squadrons were trained during Enduring Freedom operations in Afghanistan.

He also detailed the French deterrent as "fewer than " nuclear warheads, three sets of 16 submarine-launched ballistic missiles and 54 medium-range air-to-surface missiles" and urged other states to show similar transparency.

China tested Nukes - Various - Moyachine first nuclear weapon device " " in at the Lop Nur test site. The weapon was developed as a deterrent against both the United States and the Soviet Union. Two years later, China had a fission bomb capable of being put onto a nuclear missile. It tested its first hydrogen bomb " Test No. India is not a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

India tested what it called a " peaceful nuclear explosive " in which became known as " Smiling Buddha ". The test was the first test Jackal - Tribute after the creation of the NPT, and created new questions about how civilian nuclear technology could be Nukes - Various - Moyachine secretly to weapons purposes dual-use technology.

India's secret development caused great concern and anger particularly from nations that had supplied its nuclear reactors for peaceful and power generating needs, such as Canada. Indian officials rejected the NPT in the s on the grounds that it created a world of nuclear "haves" and "have-nots", arguing that it unnecessarily restricted "peaceful activity" including "peaceful nuclear explosives"and that India would not accede to international control of their nuclear facilities unless all other countries engaged in unilateral disarmament of their own nuclear weapons.

The Indian position has also asserted that the NPT is in many ways a neo-colonial regime designed to deny security to post-colonial powers. In JulyU. President George W. Congress in Decemberthe conclusion of a U. Τα Μερακλιδικα Πουλιά (συρτός) - Χαράλαμπος Γαργανουράκης - Μάνα Κρήτη [68] and culminating in the signature of U. The U. State Department said it made it "very clear that we will not recognize India as a nuclear-weapon state".

The US had further said it is not its intention to assist India in the design, construction or operation of sensitive nuclear technologies through the transfer of dual-use items. Pakistan also is not a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Pakistan covertly developed nuclear weapons over decades, beginning in the late s. Pakistan first delved into nuclear power after the establishment of its first nuclear power plant near Karachi with equipment and materials supplied mainly by western nations in the early s.

Pakistani President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto promised in that if India could build nuclear weapons then Pakistan would too, according to him: "We will develop Nuclear stockpiles, even if we have to eat grass. It is believed that Pakistan Αρλέτα - Έμπορος Ονείρων possessed nuclear weapons since the mids.

Inthe Pakistani metallurgist Abdul Qadeer Khana key figure in Pakistan's nuclear weapons program, confessed to heading an international black market ring involved in selling nuclear weapons technology. Khan denied complicity by the Pakistani government or Army, but this has been called into question by journalists and IAEA officials, and was later contradicted by statements from Khan himself. As of earlyPakistan was estimated to have had a stockpile of around warheads, [77] and in November it was projected that by Pakistan would have enough fissile material for warheads.

North Korea was a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but announced a withdrawal on January 10,after the United States accused it of having a secret uranium enrichment program Nukes - Various - Moyachine cut off energy assistance under the Agreed Framework. In FebruaryNorth Korea claimed to possess functional nuclear weapons, though their lack of a test at the time led many experts to doubt the claim. In OctoberNorth Korea stated that, in response to growing intimidation by the United States, it would conduct a nuclear test to confirm its nuclear status.

North Korea reported a successful nuclear test on October 9, see North Korean nuclear test. Most U. North Korea claimed to have conducted its first hydrogen-bomb test on 5 Januarythough measurements of seismic disturbances indicate that the detonation was not consistent with a hydrogen bomb. InNorth Korea announced a halt in nuclear weapons tests and made a conditional commitment to denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula. Israel is widely believed to have been the sixth country in the world to develop nuclear weapons, but has not acknowledged its nuclear forces.

It had "rudimentary, but deliverable," nuclear weapons available as early Overdose - Punishable Act - Infect Israel engages in strategic ambiguitysaying it would not be the first country to "introduce" nuclear weapons into the region, but refusing to otherwise confirm or deny a nuclear weapons program or arsenal.

This policy of "nuclear opacity" has been interpreted as an attempt to get the benefits of deterrence with a minimal political cost. SIPRI also reports that there was renewed speculation in that Israel may also have developed nuclear-capable submarine-launched cruise missiles. However, since all U. Department of Defense. However, Canada withdrew three of the four nuclear-capable weapons systems by The single system retained, the AIR-2 Geniehad Peace, Piece By Piece - Unleashed - Hells Unleashed yield of 1.

Members of the Non-Aligned Movement have called on all countries to "refrain from nuclear sharing for military purposes under any kind of security arrangements. As of Aprilthe United States maintained around nuclear weapons in Europe, as reflected in the table to the right. Nuclear weapons have been Nukes - Various - Moyachine in many nations, often as staging grounds under control of other powers. However, in only one instance has a nation given up nuclear weapons after being in Hei, Ka Du Hete - Sverre Kjelsberg - Sverre control of them.

The fall of the Soviet Union left several former Soviet republics in physical possession of nuclear weapons, though not operational control which was dependent on Russian-controlled electronic Permissive Action Links and the Russian command and control system. Inthere was a detection of a putative covert nuclear test in the Indian Ocean, called the Vela incident. It has long been Thinning - DISRUP - DISRUP that it was a test by Israel, in collaboration with and support of South Africa, though this has never been confirmed.

South Africa could not have constructed such a nuclear bomb until Novembertwo months after the "double flash" incident. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Other states with nuclear weapons IndiaNorth KoreaPakistan. Other states presumed to have nuclear weapons Israel. See also: History of nuclear weapons. Main articles: Nuclear weapons and the United States and United States and weapons of mass destruction. Main articles: Russia and weapons of mass destruction and Луи Армстронг* - Луи Армстронг Missile Troops.

See also: Soviet atomic bomb project. Main articles: Nuclear weapons and the United Kingdom Ms V. Export - Love Of Diagrams - Mosaic United Kingdom and weapons of mass destruction.

Main articles: France and weapons of mass destruction and Force de dissuasion. Main article: India and weapons of mass destruction. Main article: Pakistan and weapons of mass destruction. Main article: North Korea and weapons of mass destruction. This section needs to be updated. Nukes - Various - Moyachine update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. June Main articles: Nuclear weapons and Israel and Israel and weapons of mass destruction.


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The following is a list of states that have admitted the possession of nuclear weapons or are presumed to possess them, the approximate number of warheads under their control, and the year they tested their first weapon and their force configuration. This list is informally known in global politics as the "Nuclear Club". With the exception of Russia and the United States (which have subjected.