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Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart

Label: Rec In Pause - IRMA 502174-1 • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP • Country: Italy • Genre: Electronic, Reggae, Latin, Funk / Soul • Style: Leftfield, House, Afro-Cuban, Reggae
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For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. This stunning timelapse video depicts a day in the life of one of Britain's most iconic heritage sites, Stonehenge. Video: English Heritage. From the moment famed Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl glimpsed a set of massive stone carvings standing grandly on a platform in a secluded valley of the most isolated islands in the world, he became obsessed with trying to find out who had put them there.

And today, those enormous tiki on Hiva Oa, one of the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, lying between Tahiti and Mexico, are no less breathtaking, and certainly no less of a mystery. They must have weighed many tons. That whodunit came to consume Heyerdahl. The stone wasn't quarried on the island, and none of the residents had any idea who might have had the skills to fashion them, or where they had come from.

As a result, inhe launched his Kon-Tiki expedition, sailing kilometres across the Pacific in a hand-built raft from Peru to French Polynesia in an attempt to show it was possible and to prove South Americans had settled the islands and put them there.

In so doing, he began a debate about the origins of species that Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart still far from over. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media's terms and conditions and privacy policy.

While we now have so much scientific Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart and so many cutting-edge techniques, the world still contains some monumental mysteries that defy all logical explanation.

In Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart , Stonehenge is billed as its greatest Stone Age mystery and has been touted as having been built by the wizard Merlin Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart set up by an alien power as a UFO landing ground, among other theories. Meanwhile, much closer to the modern day, some of the best minds in the world — as well as many of the more average ones — are still brooding over the Kryptos sculpture, a 3.

But pondering these mysteries helps make travelling to these sights, and destinations, even more fascinating. A magnet for mystics from all over the world, the prehistoric stone monuments of Stonehenge have long been believed to possess great spiritual powers.

Every summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, believers — Druids, pagans and fun-seekers alike — gather to greet the sun in ceremonies as varied as they can be bizarre. Built on the Salisbury Plain, about [Act Three, Scene Seven] Sózdan Politséysky Byl Vo Vrémya Onó - Shostakovich* - Galina Vishnevskaya, south-west of London, Stonehenge is thought to have been built in stages from BC, and is still one of England's most popular tourist attractions Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart one of the great wonders of the world.

Theories abound. Some say Merlin brought the stones from Ireland to build the magic stone circle, some say it's a great base for UFOs, Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart hold that it's an ancient calendar, an astronomical chart or a place for worshipping the sun.

Alternatively, its wonderful acoustics could be a clue to a past as some kind of meeting and discussion place, or it could have been a burial ground, with tombs uncovered near the site. Then again, some believe it to have been a destination thought to have special healing powers, with some of the buried skeletons found to have come from far away.

The latest theory from scientists is that Stonehenge could even have been built as a symbol of peace and unity, a kind of Stone-Age twin towers, marking the end of traditional regionalism with the building, and incredible engineering, of the site requiring the work of thousands with some stones brought from as far away as Wales.

Getting There: All of the major airlines operate frequent flights between Sydney and Melbourne to London. See qantas. There are frequent trains from London Waterloo to Salisbury 1. On the site of a temple once used for cannibal festivities, French Polynesia's largest tikis stand in the sunshine.

Once, they were covered by the creepers and vines of the surrounding dense rainforest. Now they've been cleaned and are back surveying their kingdom like the ancient ancestor gods of the valley they're widely supposed to represent.

Carved in rage-red stone, they're almost twice the height of a person and more than twice as wide, and they've been bewitching visitors since the first European ethnologist arrived to examine them in The largest is a stunted man with a giant head and a fierce expression, while a female figure sits close by. This could be his wife — or one of his wives since polygamy was widely practised then.

Another is of a Start Digging - Mark Snow / Louis Febre - Smallville (Score From The Television Series) lying on her stomach, popularly believed to be in a representation of childbirth.

What is equally bewildering is that the tiki are growing in height. Some suppose that everything under the rock platform they're on is growing, lifting them up. Others say it shows their mystical power is strengthening. Later DNA evidence has shown the first inhabitants are more likely to have migrated from Taiwan, but there are still signs that there Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart have been some visitors from the Americas, with the popularity of the sweet potato in both places.

While there are parts of each of the Marquesas' interiors that remain unexplored, there are now good roads around the steep volcanic banks, and often down into the craters, too.

Kattys Theme (Atlantico Ambient Mix) - Biagio Lana - This Is Me I'lpona is a short drive from the Puamau Pier on the north-eastern coast. Getting There: The best way is aboard the freighter-cruiser the Aranui 5 which operates day voyages from Tahiti around the Marquesas. Highlights: As well as the tikis, Hiva Oa is famous as the home of painter Paul Gauguin and Belgian singer Jacques Brel, both of whom are buried at the nearby cemetery.

The Marquesas themselves are astonishingly beautiful: tall mountains, and white beaches. The locals are eager to keep alive their traditional arts, crafts, songs and dance. See also: How to get to the world's most remote paradise. Soaring Transylvania - Death SS - Horror Music Vol.

II - Singles, Outtakes & Rare Tracks - 1997/2007 a tiny plane over the rose desert sands of Nazca, kilometres Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart of the capital Lima, there is a wondrous view of the hundreds of giant images scratched into the earth. From the ground, it's impossible to appreciate their magnitude but, from the air, an incredible kaleidoscope of pale drawings of animals, birds, plants and intricate geometric designs gradually emerges over a site covering about square kilometres.

Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart a hummingbird. And here's a monkey with a fabulously curling tail. A pelican flaps its wings with a span of over metres. One straight line continues, absolutely unwavering, for The mysteries are manifold. How did these images get here? Who drew them, and when? How could they possibly have been Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley - Elvis Presley accurate over such incredible distances?

And, perhaps most intriguingly of all: why? The theories have been just as varied. Others have purported the lines are astronomical charts, pathways between shrines or a map of underground water sources, with ancient aqueducts.

Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart the planes carry sick bags. The memory of those lines stay scarred on visitors' memories just as they do on the desert sands below. There are also tours from Lima. See also: South America: Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart first-timer's guide. When people refer to the Acropolis, do you think of Athens? Well, think again. The Acropolis of Great Zimbabwe may not be quite so visually stunning, but it has a rich history, and an absolute wealth of fables surrounding it.

In the early 16th century, when they were first chanced upon by Portuguese explorers, they were written about as "the work of the devil, for … it does not seem possible to them that they should be the work of man". Later, in the s and s, they were thought to be a possible palace of the Bible's Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. A wooden lintel on the site was said to be Lebanese cedar, brought by the Phoenicians, with the palace thought to replicate the one in Jerusalem.

Others claimed the builders had been either those Phoenicians from the Mediterranean coast around what is today Syria, Lebanon and Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart Israel, or Arabs. Although everyone now knows they were built by the indigenous Shona people, in the Rhodesia of the s and s, the white Government even censored any archaeologists who said Great Zimbabwe would have been built by black Africans, wanting always to portray them as an inferior race incapable of such a feat.

While the mystery of the city continues, it's thought that it Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart once an important trading area, famed during the Middle Ages and afterwards, with beads, porcelain, gold and coins found at the site from as far away as China and Persia. A granite cross could have come from Western missionaries.

Now its Acropolis, on a hilltop, are a mass of granite blocks forming enclosures and passageways, thought once to have been the royal part of the city, home to successive kings and chiefs. To the south is The Great Enclosure, with living quarters and a conical tower while the ruins in the valley are of other homes.

In the 14th century, it was the capital of a flourishing state with a population of more than 10, living on the gold-rich plateaus. It's thought to have been abandoned in because of food shortages. At the site, there's a museum and cultural village with traditional crafts and dancing, and local guides for hire. In Harare, there are plenty of car hires, and it's a four-hour Serengheti - Mysterious Traveller - Afroart to the ruins on the main route to Johannesburg.

Highlights: Apart from Great Zimbabwe, there are the Victoria Falls on the Zambian border, "the smoke that thunders", the magnificent falls with the world's largest sheet of falling water, Push-A-Pella - Richard F. - 100 Acre Wood EP cruises on the Zambezi, Mana Pools with its wealth of wildlife and Lake Kariba with its fishing, canoeing and game drives. See also: Africa's new frontier for safaris.

It's the most puzzling of modern mysteries: a sculpture created for the CIA headquarters in Langley that nobody but its creator has been able to decipher. American artist Jim Sanborn finished the Kryptos sculpture inthe year the Berlin Wall began Like A Feather (Instrumental) - Nikka Costa - Like A Feather fall, and unveiled it in Three have been solved, but the fourth remains an enigma, one of the most famous unsolved codes in the world.

Last year, Sanborn released a second clue to mark both the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and his 69th birthday. So far, however, no one has come any closer to unlocking the riddle, a secret kept by just 67 letters. And even those who thought they knew, probably don't. Later, however, Sanborn said he hadn't given them the right answers ….

Kryptos continues to excite interest far beyond its creator's dreams. From there, you can catch a bus, train or it's a two-hour drive. See also: Inside the museum that hates America. The Inca had no writing and so left no discernible records explaining why it's there, and why it was later abandoned.

See also: Where to unlock the secrets of Machu Picchu. They're the best known structures of the ancient world, yet there's shockingly little known about their construction and their purpose. Many theorise that they're funerary structures of kings, but no evidence has ever been uncovered to support the myriad theories. One of China's top attractions, the hundreds of clay life-size models, discovered inare said to represent an army from years ago, meant to protect Emperor Qin Shi Huang in his journey to the after-life.

But with each figure quite different, scientists are still trying to discover whether they were all based on a single template — or on the real members of the army. Home of the Ark? Photo: Martin Gray. But there are many theories about where it might be.


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