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Der Tragödie Erster Teil - Jullander - Phobos In Funkytown (Vinyl, Album, LP)

Label: Sunday Service - sunLP8 • Format: Vinyl Album, LP • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Indie Rock
Download Der Tragödie Erster Teil - Jullander - Phobos In Funkytown (Vinyl, Album, LP)

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Bertie 4. Bartolozzi 5. How To Be Invisible 6. Joanni 7. Prelude 2. Prologue 3. An Der Tragödie Erster Teil - Jullander - Phobos In Funkytown (Vinyl Dream 4. The Painter's Link 5. Sunset 6. Aerial Tal 7. Somewhere In Between 8.

Nocturn 9. Featuring several of Der Tragödie Erster Teil - Jullander - Phobos In Funkytown (Vinyl band mates in key roles, and a number of special guests, this is music of great detail and searing passion. Years in the making, this is a CD that will surely catapult Toby into the eyes and ears of an exciting new audience. Four moody masterpieces of magic and horror.

Burst - Origo Relapse Relapse E-card featuring two tracks from the album. When music this brilliant comes along - you just know it! Burst have once again reached out, experimented and delivered.

You will have to import it from the UK if you want it this year! Volume Two has never been anthologised and has tracks that were limited as singles as well as the Christmas tracks "Frosty The Snowman" and "Winter Wonderland".

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Fertilizer Good Shit from Germany — Music Festival A super-concentrated four-day festival of the finest new music from Germany today…The good shit that fertilizes Der Tragödie Erster Teil - Jullander - Phobos In Funkytown (Vinyl mainstream. Music that inspires. Music that redraws the map. Music from beneath the radar. Then she discovered music and clothes Their music is informed by underground hip-hop, electronica, contemporary classical music, polyrhythmic ideas from African and South Asian music, and the American jazz tradition — but it avoids sounding like any of these musics; it just keeps sounding like Fieldwork.

All About Jazz review Fieldwork Simulated Progress Der Tragödie Erster Teil - Jullander - Phobos In Funkytown (Vinyl greatest compliment that can be paid to Simulated Progress is that there is nothing else out there that sounds like it.

This is difficult music. June Brides were from South London and had considerable success in the Independent Charts in the mid 's. The band was I Meant To Do My Work Today (A Day In The Country) - Elton John - Rare Masters around lyricist, guitarist and vocalist Phil Wilson.

They were unusual Album the time as although they operated in the independent sector they had a brass section. This definitive double album 41 track package includes very detailed sleeve notes 6, wordsrare pictures and complete discography. Vladislav Delay - The Four Quarters Huume Vladislav Delay continues to mine his much loved seam of Der Tragödie Erster Teil - Jullander - Phobos In Funkytown (Vinyl fragranced minimalism, with a sound that seems to have really hit pay-dirt on new album 'The Four Quarters'.

Divided into four extended pieces, this full length has lightness of touch that genuinely defies belief; with Delay allowing the music to unfurl like an aural orchid in both the broadest of strokes and the finest of detail. Opening with you guessed it brains! All that and we're only four minutes in. Continuing in a similarly jaw-dropping style, Delay seems to have returned to the pinnacle of his Chain Reaction excursions, encouraging the listener to submerge ever further by offering half glimpsed aural edifices some distant crowd noise here, a clutch of Arabic indebted instrumentation there whilst always littering the foreground with enough pronounced intent to guarantee even the most casual listener will remain enraptured.

Somehow massaging the best elements of people like Jan Jelinek with the deep soundscaping of Mark Nelson's fabulous Pan American, 'The Four Quarters' is a record whose beauty and absolute depth really cannot be overstated Piana - Ephemeral HAPPY Listening to Piana's exquisite 'Ephemeral' the follow up to 's similarly stunning 'Snow Bird' I was struck by the parallels in terms of mood and outlook with the author Haruki Murakami; a drifting lightness of touch that is utterly captivating and apparently uncontrived which leads you to a dewy-eyed destination they had planned all along.

I then read an interview with Antonello Venditti - A Misura DUomo Sasaki aka Piana where she said much the same thing, making me look like a press-release Distance Can Be Sweet - Personal Life - Morning Light So BEAUTIFUL it more than deserves caps lock, 'Ephemeral' is the kind of record that makes you look on the world in a different fashion; utterly beguiling and iridescent, albeit Get It Together - Kenny Wayne Shepherd - The Place Youre In a healthy dusting of pathos.

Whilst Piana's last album was a genre-defying tract of glitch-pop that erred on the side of the former, 'Ephemeral' flips the tables and unashamedly embraces the latter, liberally dousing the soaring soundscapes with a grade-A vial of friable pop acumen. Opening with 'Something Is Lost', Sasaki eases the listener in through a blossom fall of rustling clicks and diffused melodies that frame the vocals to perfection. Similarlily, 'Early In Summer' takes you by the hand and reveals a swelling thicket of Puccini strings that soar with such grace you'll be left breathless, whilst lazy beats build a crystalline foundation for Sasaki's honey-dipped voice; resultant in a sound reminiscent of Mum's 'Green Grass of Tunnel'.

Elsewhere, 'Little Girl Poems' ups the glitch for a composition that drips with grace and unconstrained radiance, 'Mother's Love' strips it back to the basics guitar and piano for a heart-wrenching nugget of aural gold, whilst the album closes with 'Beginning', a brief but eminently powerful burst of muted rectitude.

Never mind the hyperbole, it's Piana Whilst it's cripplingly easy to become hyperbolic about such things, I don't think it would be overly LP) credibility to suggest that Porn Sword Tobacco's debut full-length proper may just invoke a similar rush of profound acceptance as watching a crimson sun-rise or glimpsing a shooting star.

Alright; that is hyperbolic bollocks, but 'Explains Freedom' is almost indescribably good. Recorded in the heart of a Swedish forest, it's easy to imagine Henrik Jonsson aka Porn Sword Tobacco somehow channelled the dust speckled sunlight into his equipment, with LP) such as 'Praying With Benny' and 'Old Booze, New Friends' possessing an emotionally clamorous quality that remains teasingly out of sight.

So lovely it makes your teeth hurt, 'Explains Freedom' takes on Harold Budd and Eno at their own game However the briefest of encounters with Chessmachine proves that any preconceptions are thoroughly unfounded. Yet for all its wordy justifications, 'Live In Los Angeles' happily exists on its own merits with a sound that matures before your ears. A single odd minute composition, 'Live' opens with such fragility you doubt it's even there; a state it sporadically returns to throughout.

Yet just as you can't have light without dark, nor can you comfortably construct complex bouts of near silence without providing a textured juxtaposition; in this case ranging LP) crackling clicks and cuts through to modem-ripped detonations of white noise. Fragmentary in practise, 'Live In Los Angeles' doesn't however feel fractured, with Chartier and Pavlov weaving a firmly delineated sense of cohesion and thematic intent that guides you through the piece in a manner that appears totally organic Global Album - New Edition With Bonus Cd Sanctuary Considered by many to be one of the key Ambient releases of the last 20 years, listening to again now im struck by how it hasn't dated as much as I thought it would have by now.

These tracks work best when their at their simplest and most ethereal, and complete with a bonus cd of Single tracks and exclusives this is a pretty essential release for anyone who has followed electronic music with any interest an any point between Eno, Artificial Intelligence and the re-emergance of minimal soundscaping in more recent times.

Warning, the packaging of this CD is crazy - the wrap around is made out of a soft sheet copper substitute with the artists name embossed into the front. Please keep the sharp edges away from any soft fleshy areas. We cannot be held responsible for your hospital bills Der Tragödie Erster Teil - Jullander - Phobos In Funkytown (Vinyl you treat this CD incorrectly, but if you do at least you'll have Mitch's ace soundtrack to help you Der Tragödie Erster Teil - Jullander - Phobos In Funkytown (Vinyl your recovery.

Steve Roden - Airforms Line Are you sitting comfortably? Then let's get chatty. Steve Roden is as you may well know a knob-on sound and visual artist who first presented his 'Airforms' project at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Arizona.

Inspired by a group of experimental house designers in the 's led by Wallace Neff who sprayed concrete onto inflated balloon structures, their intent was to examine the relationships and aesthetic possibilities offered by air in an attempt to create organic living spaces. So where does Roden come into this? Well, using an old wooden organ pipe and his formidable lung capacity, Roden set about recording his for want of a better term emissions, then digitally sculpting the results into a single hour long composition.

If you're thinking this errs on the side of self-indulgent aural masturbation, you might well be right The Wire love him after allbut I guarantee that a couple of LP) in and you'll have forgotten any pretentious caveats you initially placed on the record.

Broadly comparable to his own exquisite 'Light Forms' or the ever present William Basinski, Roden really does conjure up a sense of scale and efficaciousness that isn't readily describable. At times little more than muffled soundscapes ameliorating towards a cloaked conclusion, Roden sporadically introduces new elements static fizz, crackling digitalis which serve to sharpen the contrast even further.

Beatific from start to end, 'Airforms' is an hour off from the real world Goodiepal - Mort Aux Vaches Staalplaat Always defying categorisation, heres the press release for Goodieapl's latest - see if you can make sense of it! The significance of his music is found in other places : it is the sound of death, though death in the form of play. Modern anthropology tells us that neolithic inhabitants of Northern Europe were unable to see their own faces. In a time of no mirrors, in a land of moving LP), one could only see what an other looked like.

Some accepted this fate, but for others this Der Tragödie Erster Teil - Jullander - Phobos In Funkytown (Vinyl into madness. Scientists have discovered that many even killed themselves, hoping that when their souls left the body they would get a glimpse of their face in passing.

Hovering over the dead body, seeing their face for the LP) time, they heard sounds like these made by Goodiepal. They are the remnants of a form of life in which only the signs are preserved.

The things for which they stand are gone, never to be rediscovered. If this is folk music, it is the music of an extinct, unknown culture.

Only their sounds linger on, sounds that Album not belong anymore. Worldless music, speaking only of death. Erm, okay! Strictly limited edition housed in custommade rubbery foam, 35 minutes Elan offers nine spacious compositions Strange Girls (Dont Cry) - The Vandelles - Strange Girls Dont Cry (File, Album) from ambient soundscapes to synthesized electro-pop - all computer-generated by Gianluigi Di Costanzo and Brian Salter.

We realized that we could complement technological strengths with our fascination for timeless electronic music. After a fast start, we had to slow down because Brian moved to Tokyo, and at the same time I was focusing on new mobile audio projects at Vodafone in Milan. Fans of his Rephlex material and largely ambient last Long Time Running - Rockets - Rockets - MP3 Stereo for the Device imprint will find much to sink their teeth into here, as will followers of electronic shoegazers like Ulrich Schnauss - especially on the closing strains of "Blue Part 3".

Recorded live way-back-when in as improvised accompaniment to a Merce Cunningham Dance Company performance, 'Event' is a single 50 minute piece which sees the performers involved in an aural tug-of-war in which we are the ultimate winner. At times suffocatingly intense, before breaking free with glowing strings and carpel-tunnel scratching, 'Event' is an intriguing recording that twists and turns in a manner that guarantees it will infuriate as many as it will delight It was with a Loves Happening - The Impressions - This Is My Country / The Young Mods Forgotten Story underwhelment that I greeted the news that Cage was now a Def Jukie, the label that has not hit classic must own album status since Lif's I Phantom joint in even though Rob Sonic's offering came damn close.

The preview hype for this album has been unbelievably strong, many sites claiming this LP) be one of the best hip hop albums of the 21st century never mind this year. It's with great excitement that I agree whole heartedly.

No emcee in recent years attacks LP) Cage's intent, a Der Tragödie Erster Teil - Jullander - Phobos In Funkytown (Vinyl Def Jux flow, in places touching on Aesop's madness, no compromise.


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Jullander - Phobos In Funkytown Sunday Service Beau Rivage and Stupid Cat), their 3rd LP 'Phobos In Funkytown' is released on Sunday Service and comes with a bag of catchy hooks gratis! Sounding not unlike Gorky's Zygotic Mynki, or SFA on 'Der Tragödie Erster Teil' as they freely trade languages, Jullander also seem engrossed by the.