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I Need You (Radio Mix) - G.T. - I Need You


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Oh I love you baby oh, I want to sing a song girl I need you sha-na-na-na-na-na you're what I want Oh girl I need you sha-na-na-na-na-na You're what I want yo' hey check this out! What's it gonna take to get your attention?

You're keeping my mind hanging in suspension. I want you that's what I'm trying to say But for your love night and day I pray. Where have you been all of my life? You are a perfect girlfriend and I want you for my wife. I'm after your heart oh don't you see I'm not out to get your virginity? And I understand why you are playing hard to get But for you girl I have all due respect! So don't reject may I correct let me be the one that you select.

I need you sha-na-na-na-na-na you're what I want oh girl I need you sha-na-na-na-na-na you're what I want oh girl I want you you're what I need oh baby yo' babe Ever Changing Moods - Paul Weller - Studio 150 (DVD) this out!

I never wanted nothing like I want you I don't act so much and you know that's true. I'm just telling you straight and I'm trying to be polite When I met you it was love at first sight. I feel like I'm filling out an application So read my resume and have no hesitation. Every time I see a girl I fall in love again Wish that we could be more than just friends. And I'll be there whenever you take a fall And will live happily ever after all No fussing or fighting we sing a song if you were to cry how we belong.

I think about you from dusk till dawn And the sound of your Studio Banter - The Beach Boys - Unreleased Gems helps me carry on. And that look in your eyes that makes me weep You are a quiet female you hardly ever speak. We may not be good at real romance But I can do my best if I can get my chance. I need you sha-na-na-na-na-na you're what I want oh girl.

Give me a chance to show and prove you baby doll don't front the move. I'm not like the other guys I'm different Like you you know I'm the innocent. I shouldn't tell you this but I keep urging You might not believe it but I'm still a virgin.

Do you want my love? I need to know we're taking this situation too slow. Say yes and I keep a smile on your face But it you say no you're gone without a trace.

And you know that it's your love I need and satisfaction is guaranteed. And you know I want your love so much And I'm singing this song with a M. I need you you're what I want I need you and I gotta have you baby You're what I want I I Need You (Radio Mix) - G.T.

- I Need You you you're what I need oh baby You were sent from heaven above sweet and soft as a dove You're what I want oh girl I need you I love you I love you I love you. I Need You U. Radio Mix B. Open in. I Need You. Radio Mix. I Need You Radio Instrumental. Be Gentle. Mega Mix. Anytime 12" Mix. Hold Me Cem's Dope-Mix. Can We Go On. Shake That Thang. Hold Me. Grab Dat Botre. Rock Bottom. Show More Show Less. In My Eyes.

I Told Y'all. Petey Pablo. Scrub Da Ground. Splack Pack. Dem Franchize Boyz. Don't Rock The Boat. Midnight Star.

Boot The Booty. Wifey Mixed. Don't Blame It On Me. Go 'Head. Da' Butt. Freaky In The Club. Get Retarded. I Won't Tell 3; James Smith. Here I Am Insturmental. DJ Hotday. Freak It. Bankhead I Need You (Radio Mix) - G.T. - I Need You . DJ Razor Cut.

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G.T. Miscellaneous I Need You I need you (3x) Girl, you're treating me like a fool Sometimes you can be so cruel But I know deep down in my heart Your love for me will never part Chorus: I need you to hold on to Tonight's the night Lets get together I feel right when your in sight I know our love will last forever Now, relationships breaking.