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Left & Right - DAngelo - Voodoo

Label: Virgin - 7243 8 48499 1 7,Cheeba Sound - 7243 8 48499 1 7 • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop, Funk / Soul • Style: Soul, Funk, Neo Soul
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Voodoo is the second studio album Left & Right - DAngelo - Voodoo American neo soul singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist D'Angelo.

It was released on January 25,by Virgin Records. D'Angelo recorded the album during and at Electric Lady Studios in New York City, with an extensive line-up of musicians associated with the Soulquarians musical collective.

Produced primarily by the singer, Voodoo features a loose, groove -based funk sound and serves as a departure from the more conventional song structure of his debut album, Brown Sugar Its lyrics explore themes of spirituality, love, sexuality, growth, and fatherhood. Following heavy promotion and public anticipation, the album was met with commercial and critical success.

It debuted at number one on the US Billboardsellingcopies in its first week, and spent 33 weeks on the chart. It was promoted with five singles, including the hit single " Untitled How Does It Feel ", whose music video garnered D'Angelo mainstream attention and controversy. Upon its release, Voodoo received general acclaim from music critics and earned D'Angelo several accolades.

It was named one of the year's best albums by numerous publications. D'Angelo promoted Voodoo with an international supporting tour in late While successful early on, the tour became plagued by concert cancellations and D'Angelo's personal frustrations. Voodoo has since been regarded by music writers as a creative milestone of the neo soul genre during its apex. Following the success of his debut album Brown SugarD'Angelo went into a four and a half year absence from the music scene and releasing solo work.

After spending two years on tour promoting Brown SugarD'Angelo found himself stuck with writer's block. They come from life. So you've got to live to write. It's sad—they've turned black music into a club thing.

In some ways, I feel a responsibility to continue and take the cue from what they were doing musically and vibe on it. That's what I want to do. But I want to do it for this time and this generation". The natural progression of soul, the next step to soul is funk". Producer and drummer Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson issued an essay in that discussed the album's creation and analyzed its songs.

Just have an open mind to new shit. Just give us that. It's not a middle-ground record—you're either going to love it or hate it. In an interview for USA TodayD'Angelo said of the album's title and its meaning, "the myriad Loves And Lights - Cruyff In The Bedroom - Ukiyogunjou found on it can be traced through the blues and back deeper in history through songs sung—in religious [voodoo] ceremonies.

Musically, as he puts it, Voodoo is 'definitely groove-based'". To get to that next level. To push it even further. To work against the floss and the grain and to get even deeper Mighty Like A Rose - Various - Trinidad And Tobago Steelband Music Festival Vol.1 the sound that I'm hearing I'm still developing and growing and still listening to that sound I hear inside my head So this is the first step".

During the initial recording sessions, D'Angelo also worked with personal trainer Mark Jenkinswho was hired to help him get into shape. This guy didn't take no shit. I cannot see D running in Central Parkbut he did [ He wouldn't take no shit. Following the birth of his son, D'Angelo composed the album's first song " Send It On " in at a recording studio in Virginia.

Shortly afterwards, he felt ready to begin the recording for Voodoo. Some of that found itself played out in ghostly ways on Voodoo. Production for the album was conducted in Left & Right - DAngelo - Voodoo generally informal manner and took place at Electric Lady Studios simultaneously with recording for Erykah Badu's Mama's Gun and Common 's Like Water for Chocolate Questlove was the "musical powerhouse" behind several of the Soulquarians' projects during the late s and early s, Say It Again, Pt.

2 - Chick Corea, Chick Corea & Origin - A Week at the Blue Note Voodoo and Things Fall Apart. You'd just come into [the studio's] A Room, you don't even know who has a session, but you call me: 'Who's down there? So you come down, you order some food, sit down and bulls—, watch a movie, and then it's, 'Let's play something'. And I say, 'Who wants this [track]? Audio engineer Russell Elevadowho recorded and mixed Voodooalong with Erykah Badu's Mama's Gun and Common's Like Water for Chocolateused old school recording techniques and vintage mixing gear for the Left & Right - DAngelo - Voodoo in order to achieve the distinct sounds found in classic recorded works.

For Voodoo ' s sessions, D'Angelo appropriated most of the instruments on the album's songs, contributing with drums, electric guitar, keyboards, and percussion. Jimi, Marvin Gaye, all the folks we were gravitating to. I believe they blessed the project". D'Angelo composed all of the bass lines for Voodoo Left & Right - DAngelo - Voodoo sequenced them for Welsh bassist Pino Palladinowhom he had met after being asked to do a duet with B.

King at the time of Voodoo ' s earlier sessions. D'Angelo and his supporting personnel constructed several of the songs' grooves for the album to sit far behind time, directly on top of time, or pressing on the time, making them cluttered and loose in style. A part of the musical collective Soulquarians, Dilla served as a frequent collaborator of theirs.

However, he contributed significantly to Voodoo ' s overall sound, specifically the rhythm and percussion. One of the characteristics of the drumming style implemented in recording the album is its adherence to human timing, as the tracks were mostly programmed mechanically during recording, therefore resulting in the album's intentional sloppiness. The idea was to sound disciplined, but with a total human feel.

Questlove also acknowledged J Dilla's influence over the recording sessions for Voodoo. He might program barswith absolutely no looping or quantizing The time is wrong! Questlove later said that the duet failed to materialize due to "too many middle Left & Right - DAngelo - Voodoo [ However, Hill declined and the track ended up as a place-holder for the rough mix of the album. Voodoo incorporates musical elements of jazz, funk, hip hop, blues, and soul, [41] as well as ambient music with a musical layer shaped by guitar-based funk.

It is a complex, intricate collection of songs that, like voodoo, is simultaneously secular and spiritual, sensual and sacred, earthbound and ethereal".

While most musical compositions rely on tension and release, which can be produced by factors such as soft verses and loud choruses, gradual buildup, subtle tension within verses or over the course of the bridge, or harmonic tension High Today - Turbulent Soundscape - Wake The Fkuc Up chords that provides space for improvisation, D'Angelo's arrangements for Voodoo subdivide the Left & Right - DAngelo - Voodoo into each of the songs' moments.

For lack of a less cliched word, it's entirely 'feel'". Yo, I can't even understand half the shit that D'Angelo be saying. That nigga sounds like Bobby McFerrin on opium'. And I'd say, 'You're right. Neither can I. But I am drawn to figure out what it is that he's saying. His vocal collaging intrigues me'". D'Angelo and his crew also utilized a hip hop production style, Left & Right - DAngelo - Voodoo often subordinates song structure to a stable foundation for a rapper's delivery and flow.

Jay Dee helped to bring out the album's dirty sound and encouraged the false Slider - Various - 50 and the nonquantized sound of the record". The opening track "Playa Playa" features basketball metaphors and gospel overtones, [50] which accompany the track's slow funk and jazz vibe.

The sparse funk song "Chicken Grease" has lyrics advising against acting "uptight", Left & Right - DAngelo - Voodoo [50] and it features D'Angelo referencing the line "I know you got soul" from Eric B. This is the second best thing". The philosophical album closer "Africa" celebrates D'Angelo's heritage, while reaffirming his contemporary mission in life.

Edward Alford 's guitar work for "Africa" as "backward guitar solos at least they sound backward ". The album's release was preceded by several delays, which Lords Of The Ring - Styx - Pieces Of Eight primarily caused by the folding of D'Angelo's former label EMI Records and legal troubles with his management. A press release for Voodoo was issued in January, discussing the album's experimental edge and the anticipation for its release.

It called Voodoo "the CD that D'Angelo was put on this earth to create" and "quite literally the record that much of the universal soul nation has been feenin for. The release of In Times Like These - Arlo Guthrie, The University Of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra - In Times Like Th controversial "Untitled How Does It Feel " music video prior to the album's release has often been cited as having the greatest Left & Right - DAngelo - Voodoo impact.

According to writer Keith M. Harris, it portrayed D'Angelo's "discursive play with masculinity and blackness". The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard chart, [86] sellingcopies in its first week. By mid, the album had reached sales of 1. Despite its success, Voodoo did not achieve his debut album's sales performance nor generate the single-oriented success D'Angelo's label had envisioned.

D'Angelo, muscularly cut and glistening, is shot from the hips up, naked, with just enough shown to prompt a slow burning desire in most any woman who sees it. The video alone could make the song one of the biggest of the coming year". Voodoo received rave reviews from contemporary music critics[53] who dubbed it a "masterpiece" and D'Angelo's greatest work.

To simply call D'Angelo's work neo-classic soul, as per corporate diktat, would be reductive, for that would be to ignore the elements of vaudeville jazzMemphis hornsragtime bluesfunk and bass grooves, not to mention hip-hop, that slip Orange Juice - The Orange Juice of every pore of these 13 haunted songs.

Club commented that the album "often recalls the muddier bits of Sly Stone's later works [ Despite perceiving a "heavy-handed emphasis on groove over melody" and "self-indulgent" song durations, Miles Marshall Lewis of The Village Voice viewed the album as a progression for D'Angelo and compared it to Prince's acclaimed Sign o' the Timesnoting that the latter album was initially perceived by most critics as "uneven". However, some critics Left & Right - DAngelo - Voodoo it inconsistent.

The result is superb smoke, but smoke nonetheless". InRolling Stone ranked the album number on its list of The Greatest Albums of All Time ; [26] it was ranked number in a revised list in Following Voodoo ' s release, D'Angelo embarked on his second international tour in support of the album, The Voodoo Tour.

D'Angelo's wardrobe during the tour included tank tops, black leather pants, and boots. One man is in a deacon 's robe, another in a long cape with a knit ski cap that says FBI.


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Playa Playa Lyrics. “Voodoo” is the mighty D'angelo’s second studio album, and is widely regarded as his most famous one. With his hit single “untitled (how does it feel)”, this album came out on January 25, Songs rage from topics such as the devil in our everyday lives, Makin love, and a great deal of spirituality is exploded on this record.