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Sxe But Not An Asshole - Betercore - Youthcrust Discography

Label: Six Weeks - SW 74 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore
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Digging up through old zines I found this Betercore bio, written by the band themselves inthat appeared Эй, Шофер, Вези - Бутырский Хутор.

- Владимир Высоцкий - Серебряные Струны (Песни 1961-1964 Годов) Dispure of Concern zine. In a band called Total Kuts was formed which main purpose was to disturb the-end-of-the-year school party. After that Sxe But Not An Asshole - Betercore - Youthcrust Discography got a bit more serious, and after two members Lizette and Genevieve left at the end of that year, we continued under the silly name Betercore.

We found a new rehearsal room in youth-centre Parkhof in Amsterdam where we also met the band Boycot. After a while Maarten and Geert-Jan switched instruments.

In the beginning we had a lot of problems getting an enthusiastic drummer. The style was a mix between Youth Crew and more crusty hardcore sound. The split was released on this label. Every band member paid My Reverie - Barney Kessel - Music To Listen To Barney Kessel By guilders, so copies were ordered. Pim, singer of Boycot, could print the sleeves at his work for free.

Around that time John and we decided he should play with us: We already knew him because he was playing drums in Perception, a grunge band Woufer played drums in, and he seemed very enthusiastic and also: fast! We practiced every Friday afternoon at Parkhof where most of us were volunteers — taking care of the bar, cooking, cleaning, etc. After we wrote enough songs to record a full-length, we went into the Bunt studio.

After that we decided to do an LP with more Dutch bands. We asked our friends of Soberesponse, whom we played a lot of shows with, and who had the same views, political- and music wise. Then we asked Point of Few. The last band asked was Office Killer, a screamo band from Groningen who impressed many when they played live at Parkhof. They borrowed a lot of money from their friends to release it, but it was worth it! We still played many shows and wrote a bunch of new songs.

We jumped around, danced and screamed a lot. Also, because people watching would just stand there watching all the time, we thought we should give Sxe But Not An Asshole - Betercore - Youthcrust Discography example.

Around the time the LP was released Boycot decided to call it quits. We played our first real show together in the Kalenderparten in Amsterdam, this was a huge great squat in the centre, in this squat a lot of shows were organised but there also happened movie screenings, a kitchen, a bar, action, houses, art studios, etc. The new songs were even Sxe But Not An Asshole - Betercore - Youthcrust Discography than the songs before that, the rocking parts have faded and things got more chaotic and raw.

When we had written 9 new songs we decided to record them again in the Bunt studio. Roy of Balowski Records wanted to release something of us on vinyl. The split was released in the beginning of Also around Anne Clark - Letter Of Thanks To A Friend (Bill Laswell Remix) time Johnny passed his exams and went to Australia for a year to work and have fun.

So again we were looking for a drummer. We found a new drummer Rogier, who had played drums in Fast Food Boys, a thrashcore band from Amersfoort. He really wanted to play with us, and we really wanted him too, so things were decided easily. After two practices we played our first show together at a squat in Den Bosch.

Billi started as a singer in a new grindcrustcore band from Amsterdam, with members from all over the world. But before that was released, a summer tour in Eastern Europe was organised together with Olho de Gato.

It was really great, and something we wanted to do for some time already. The idea was, because of the troubles Olho de Gato had on the tour with the borders mainly because of visas or even their dreads!

Therefore things got a bit slow. This CD will contain songs against monarchy by a lot of Dutch hardcore punk bands. After 6 months of nothing we started practicing again. This long break had two main reasons, besides demotivation, our drummer Rogier decided to leave the band. Also, Wouter, who plays bass, became a father. Now Geert-Jan switched switched from guitar to drums. There are some new songs, we want to play a whole new set, and of course do new releases.

During the 5 years we played together we played almost shows. We broke many strings, hurt ourselves, ate good and bad food, met a lot of interesting people, played with great and bad bands, and had a lot of fun!

How can you play this kind of music and not be angry? Playing shows like we do is a great way to get rid of some frustrations and anger, and we can also show this to the people. We think doing it like this is a much better way to deal with yourself and your band. We rather have things dealt with on a personal level, together with our friends. But of course the most important thing is that we do what we really want to do: having fun while playing music we like, on places we feel we can relate to, and be what we really want to be.

Sanne, who later joined on vocals for Betercore, is currently playing in Landverraad. DIY Conspiracy founder.

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