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Antidisturbios - Nailbiter / Destrucción - Faded Brain Age / Makineros Hijos De Puta

Label: La Vida Es Un Mus - MUS10 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore, Punk
Download Antidisturbios - Nailbiter / Destrucción - Faded Brain Age / Makineros Hijos De Puta

Could you help us publicize our band's video? We just launched and soon we will have a full CD. Monday, August 26, Nailbiter. Nailbiter is Antidisturbios - Nailbiter / Destrucción - Faded Brain Age / Makineros Hijos De Puta official Anti Cimex clone. Nailbiter do it very well, and their artwork on Abused is much better than any Anti Cimex album cover.

Bring on more naked ladies and large monsters! With more raw thrashing hardcore and zerristic punxplosions of the crossover! I have not heard their more recent releases. FLAC link welcome! I have the LP version of Abused for sale. Remove brackets and unzip: [cimexbiter]! Email This BlogThis!

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The myth of implicit consent. The myth of Keynesianism. The death cult of collectivisim. The control cult of net neutrality. The mystical cult of the State. The black magic of the State. Read Antidisturbios - Nailbiter / Destrucción - Faded Brain Age / Makineros Hijos De Puta book. Follow by Email. Search This Blog. More Zer:. Articles from FEE. Quotation of the Day… 14 hours ago. Nightmare be thy Name. Various Artists - Metal Christmas 15 hours ago.

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Nailbiter is the official Anti Cimex clone. If you like Anti Cimex, you are already a fan of Nailbiter and their more than similar straight forward hardcore thrash with the almost-metal riffing of the / Discharge transition period (/ for Anti Cimex), updated 20 years later.