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Arc Welder/Electrical, Static, Sparks - Unknown Artist - The Production Master! Sound Effects

Label: Toby Arnold And Associates, Inc. - Disk 31 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Non-Music, Stage & Screen • Style: Special Effects, Field Recording
Download Arc Welder/Electrical, Static, Sparks - Unknown Artist - The Production Master! Sound Effects

There were some welding work in process at our Corrugator when an electrical technician, which was visiting Arc Welder/Electrical our department, warned to me don't do the welding work unless I Know - Major Christie - I Know off all the PCs and PLCs otherwise they may damage.

He told Sparks - Unknown Artist - The Production Master! Sound Effects he had faced such mishap but he could not explain me well how it can be possible. In Static lifetime, I've had one pressure transmitter and a dozen or so load cells that were damaged by welding works. The damage occurs when welding current passes through the device. For other devices, it's possible for the welding current to pass through the cables into the PLC inputs.

Then there's the strong magnetic field present in the welding cables. This can induce stray currents into signal cables, damaging equipment or confusing the signals. Electronic items are not affected by flame welding, forge welding or Thermit welding in the same way, as these processes do not involve electric current.

All metal welding and casting processes may give undesirable effects of concentrated heat paths. Many plastic casings and semiconductors do not respond well to high heat inputs.

I would just like to add to your excellent post that the back EMF when using a welding transformer can cause large spikes back on the mains that some possibly badly designed electronics simply do not like Any time there is high current, as in arc welding, a strong EMF field is created.

Computer chips have no protection from EMF unless it is completely shielded such as tempest computers. This is the one disadvantage they have over the old vacuum tubes, which were immune to EMF. The next is the power surges. The welder can significantly affect the power lines on both the hot, and the ground. Although most power supplies have some built in protection, surges will definitely shorten the life of the electronics. Although it's already been covered, I'll throw in my bit to confirm the statements about EMF and computers.

We work with HV on a regular basis and even at very low currents nearby computers can be affected. I've seen lots of weird symptoms like ghost keystrokes, mysterious speaker bleeps, etc. I've even seen Over The Rainbow - Santo & Johnny - Tenderly (Teneramente) PC permanently disabled from arcs being Sparks - Unknown Artist - The Production Master!

Sound Effects yards away. What happens is that the person doing the welder can forget to attach the welder's earth lead to the work. When an arc is struck, the current returns to the welder via the mains Static electrode and the earth wiring to the socket that the welder is plugged into.

These devices may got damaged or malfunction due to induced voltages. So It is advisable to switch off the sofisticated equipment while carryingout welding.

Thanks a lot to all Arc Welder/Electrical friends for posting valuable comments. Now I am cleared what happen during the welding work. More comment than anything. The farther the distance between the arc Static the CPU the better. As long as the machine has a solid ground to the material being welded, you should not see any spikes in voltage through your computer hardware, or at least no more than you get from power fluctuations through the electrical lines in any given city.

I do frequent fabrication changes using a v. MIG welder on Arc Welder/Electrical machines in the auto industry where these lines can not be shut down due to on time production, and I've personally never had a problem.

I can add this: a few months ago, I was the recipient of a state-of-the-art cardiac pacemaker. I was warned to stay well away from electric welding equipment because it could be negatively impacted by such equipment.

I presume a computer would fare no better. Most of the time, damage is caused by bad ground on the welding ground, then the return voltage will try o find a way and it may be through the instrumentation. I agree with jmart23 Bad work lead connections [ rather than ground] causes most of the problems. The item being welded should never be grounded this will avoid stray paths for the welding current to take. Never use the metal structure of the building as a common connection for work leads.

I have seen this many times in factorys. New Post. Comments Format:. Subscribe to Discussion :. CR4 allows you to "subscribe" to a discussion so that you can be notified of new comments to the discussion via email.

Rating Vote:. Score 1 Score 2 Score 3 Score 4 Score 5. Add Vote. Did anyone face such problem? Does anyone explain theoretically how it can be possible?

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Location: In the bothy, 7 chains down the line from Dodman's Lane level crossing, in the nation formerly known as Great Britain, and now disconnecting ["brexit" - ugh] as Little England and Wales not too sure about Wales bit, either. Kettle's on. Is that enough theory, perhaps? Andy Germany. There are a number of problems related to welding next to Computers. Anonymous Poster. One particularly nasty problem can occur when the item being welded is earthed. This has a fairly predictable effect on the wiring Dear friend, when welding is done, So A Echter Boarischer Bua - Maxl Graf - Sterne Unserer Heimat arc of welding generates emi electro magnetic interference which will induce voltages in the drives and PLCs.

I cannot switch off the equipment. Can i found any modern welding machine which will not make this Static It is not real rare however it does happen, just not every time. Go ahead, you might stay lucky? Work lead connections should be placed as close to the weld as is practical.

Keep welding leads away from sensitive electronic sensors etc. Ask a Question Start a Discussion. Next in Forum: Monitored Generator Parameters. Change Mode. Rate this. Comments: Nested. Register to Reply. Posts: Good Answers: Mine All Mine - Various - Roots Of Rock N Roll 1948 Vol.4 Posts: Previous in Forum: problem with discharging circuit. Electrical Engineering: Go.


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