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Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City


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Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City United Against Apartheid was a protest group founded by activist and performer Steven Van Zandt and record producer Arthur Baker to protest against apartheid in South Africa. The group produced the song " Sun City " and the album Sun City that year, which is considered a notable anti-apartheid song. Sun City was a place where the South African government allowed entertainment that was banned in most of the country.

In protest of apartheid, an international boycott by performers continued for years, although some, such as Queenignored it. Van Zandt became interested in writing a song about Sun City to Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City parallels with the plight of Native Americans.

When Van Zandt was finished writing " Sun City ", he, Schechter and producer Arthur Baker spent the next several months searching for artists to participate in the project. Van Zandt initially declined to invite Springsteen, not wanting to take Mary Jane - Rick James - Greatest Hits of their friendship, but Schechter had no problem asking and Springsteen accepted the invitation.

Van Zandt was also shy about calling legendary jazz artist Miles Davis. Schechter initiated the contact and Davis also accepted. These artists also vowed never to perform at Sun City, because to do so would in their minds seem to be an acceptance of apartheid. Lucky and Paul introduced a new camera technology to work alongside the 16mm crews, the one-piece camera - Panasonic 's Recam format for extensive handheld coverage of two days of the artists in the streets of Manhattan as well as a rendition of "Sun City" in Washington Square Park.

One of the most notable shots was caught when Bono gave a huge kiss on the cheek to one of the Fat Boys, in his signature yellow satin jacket and red hat.

During the course of the film, Schechter asks the artists to explain their involvement in the project in their own words: "Sun City's become a symbol Various - Auteur Labels Object Music 1978-1981 a society which is very oppressive and denies basic rights to the majority of its citizens," said Jackson Browne.

Most of them had publicists who staged their media appearances. They weren't used to cameras poking them in the face. Bruce Springsteen at first turned down my request for an interview, but just as I was walking away from him dejected, he ran after me and agreed to say a few words for the documentary. Steven and Arthur [Baker] insisted I not approach him with a camera. Don't mess with him when he's playing Through the glass I could see Steve and Arthur, heads in hands, convinced that I had blown it.

Miles smiled. In addition to "Sun City," a number of other songs were recorded, making up the album Sun City. For a time Van Zandt and Baker were Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City the record without Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City record company or any outside financial support.

Van Zandt financed much of it while producer Arthur Baker notable for his work with Afrika Bambaataa and New Order donated studio time. Manhattan Records, under Bruce Lundvall's direction, came on board, acquiring rights to the recording and enabling Van Zandt and Baker to pay some of the bills. Also, some New York's top recording engineers, studio musicians and recording studios donated their time as well as the artists who participated in recording Sun City.

Nelson and Tina B. Schechter's connections with ABC News posed some risks. I knew I couldn't propose a story about Sun City either, because I had stepped over the line and become part of the story. I tried and mostly succeeded in keeping my name out of the papers and my mug out of the video. I worked even harder at ABC, producing more stories than many of my colleagues, so I couldn't be accused of slacking off. Only about half of American radio stations played "Sun City," [ citation needed ] with some objecting to the lyrics' explicit criticism of President Ronald Reagan 's policy of " constructive engagement.

Meanwhile, "Sun City" was a major success in countries where there was little or no radio station resistance to the record or its messages, reaching 4 in Australia, 10 [7] in Canada, 3 in The Netherlands [8] and 21 in the UK. Van Zandt and Schechter also struggled to get the documentary seen. Public Broadcasting Service PBS refused to broadcast the non-profit film "The Making of Sun City" even though it won the International Documentary Association 's top honors in ; PBS claimed the featured artists were also involved in making the film and were therefore "self-promoting.

The film included updates about the Sun City resort and apartheid as well as the success of the Sun City video. The album and single raised more than a million U. The record never achieved the financial success of " We Are the World ," although Oliver Tambo and the ANC's school in Tanzania "was sure happy when we gave them a big check," according to Schechter.

With the end of the apartheid regime in and the reintegration of Sun City and other former nominally-independent regions into the South African state, "Sun City" ceased to be a contemporary protest and became a historical document. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Other aspects. Times LIVE. Retrieved December 5, Retrieved September Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City , Retrieved 12 September New York: Seven Stories Press. Library and Archives Canada. January 25, Archived from Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City original on October 11, London: Guinness World Records Limited.

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