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보내지 마세요 = Dont Let Me Down - 키보이스* - 보칼 No.1 키보이스 특선 2집

Label: Universal Record Co. - K-APPLE가20 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: South Korea • Genre: Rock, Pop •
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Kim Barstow 66 - My Uncle The Wolf - Flush Tak was guitarist and naturally leader of the group. Here, it seems better to put aside the question " Who was the first? Because with this question of 'the first' or more properly 'the Origin', the ansters will not is the same according to the questioner's perspectives.

A little remark. S army which settled in South Korea. Also they played at some new venues like 'Music listen Rooms', 'Live Music Salons', or the traditional ones like in Cinema. At that time the concert was held frequently in Cinema Houses.

It was called as 'Cinema Show]. With these latter acts they were known to general 'Korean' public. They were nicknamed as the 'Beatles of Korea' - At that time this meant more similar to a 'cover band of the Beatles'.

Because the stages in 8th Army of U. So generally a Korean group or artist who played there Endless Unceasing Lie - Presence - The Sleeper Awakes + Live a totally unknown figure to general Korean Brown Haired Man - Sava - Labyrinth. And here lies one symbolic fact concerning the popular culture in general thatthe period of their debuts coincides with that of the birth of the 'Weekly Magazine'.

But Kim Hong Tak had launched his career of guitarist in a rock group. According to the memories of its members, the group was found in the winter of 'the five young guys' all belonged to the Wha-Yange Entertainment Inc.

For the connoisseurs, they were all 'top-class' musicians from the leading groups of that time. Wha-Yang Entertainment Inc. So ends a 'Boy' period of Key Boys, comes a new era of the 'He'. So the picture is about the Ebonys. ALthough it was released inthe recording tracks by Key Boys is the ones by the early Key Boys till Often called the Korean Yardbirds, their music ranged from tepid covers of American songs to fuzzy psych freakouts.

During this time they recorded over 8 albums, this one being a compilation of their three albums that they recorded for Universal. The first track starts with a heavy guitar intro which I remember from somewhere?

We still hear some organ improvisation being added in between. The beat harmonies sung here are nice too. The second track has dance rhythms produced by bass, organ and drums. The nice beat styled harmonies are continued, trumpet solos are used too, and organ arrangements occur too. Two times a female backing choir is added to the dominant male harmony vocals. The third track, introduced by wordless female vocals, a samba rhythm and organ seems to be inspired on a Korean folk melody.

The rhythmic bells played here are a bit belly-dance like. The song is sung with beat harmonies. We also hear some soprano sax? The song is repeated by electric guitar. Also the next track sounds like a Korean melody, arranged by electric guitars, some flute and some strings of course nice close harmonies. It has some nice small fuzz solos too.

The next track sound a bit more mainstream lullabybut it has beautiful flute arrangements too, with some strings and small organ melody leads. The album concludes with something very special. It starts in a traditional, acoustic way with a meditative native-? Then percussion is added, clearly in a Korean way.

An electric guitar plays in a traditional way. Female singers added make the finishing touch to conclude with powerfully. This is a nice album to trace, it has lots of elements that will please the listeners, with well performed and creatively interpreted beat, psych and crossovers ideas. Seoul Rec. To take as an example, the first track with harmony vocals, female background singers, relaxed drum, bass and organ and trumpet solos, should be the same as track 2 of the LP but the final mix might be just a little bit different.

This is followed by a vocal harmony and fuzz guitar driven track, which is track 5 from the original LP. The 5th track for instance, a vocal harmony driven song with electric piano and strings, with relaxed drum and bass, fitting well with the previous tracks. In the same style and another bonus is the 6th track, accompanied by fuzz guitar, which remains for a while in the bass area and later shows some more improvisation, and with organ, drum and bass rhythms.

Also the tenth track is an extra addition, in the same style of harmony vocals, and with a pretty, happy rhythm.

The last bonus track, track 11, is 보내지 마세요 = Dont Let Me Down - 키보이스* - 보칼 No.1 키보이스 특선 2집 by acoustic rhythm guitars and some warm exotic picking, and with some organ and is sung with the same attractive vocal harmony singing. It is more acoustic compared to the other songs.

Most recent LP reissues :. SIDE 1. SIDE 2 1. Rough translations of the above article, with the help of Google Translate :. This record is the first and the oldest Korean group sound ever known. Digging for the origins of early group sounds in Korea, it provides an important starting point for evaluating its early sounds.

It is because it is the first record of the domestic group sound announced by its release. At the time of this record release, the band consisted of a Singer, lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar and drums. This was the lineup they already have since autumnmainly playing a kind of surf sound.

Key boys started its activities upon the Eighth Army stage, as a cover band. Songs and performances of Beach Boys and Beatles were their theme of practice and were soon the main repertoire on stage. In the United States, through the '50s baby 보내지 마세요 = Dont Let Me Down - 키보이스* - 보칼 No.1 키보이스 특선 2집 generation, in the affluent' 60s, teenagers seeking leisure and play via the California sound, or 'West Coast sound', this was enthusiastically supported. This global wave was brought over by the younger US troops who have come to Korea, forming the naturally song request and repertoire of Keyboys.

On the record sleeve, the band however is referred to as the "Korean Beatles". The influence of the Beatles on the rock groups of each country was omnipresent. It was a great opportunity to sing and play with just three guitars and drums. This approach quickly changed the shape of the world group sound in a flash. The five-men keyboard band arrangements were also initially composed of guitars, drums and vocals. Later, Og Sung Bin was in charge of the electronic organ, the keyboard, but his initial arrangement 보내지 마세요 = Dont Let Me Down - 키보이스* - 보칼 No.1 키보이스 특선 2집 been reserved for the Rhythm Guitar the 2nd Guitar.

In its original setting, the keyboard does not appear in this record. Naturally, also he himself made his debut on the 8th show, in which he always dreamed of creating a rock group sound. During the marine military band's service, he spent my vacation with his friends and further dreamed of a rock group. At the time, Yoon Peregrine - Slow Life - Bear a young singer full of flirtatious songs that made his way to the Eighth Army stage singing his favorite pop songs.

This created a superb lineup with some of the most distinctive individuals of Korean rock groups. Artists at the time of the 8th US often at the end of 보내지 마세요 = Dont Let Me Down - 키보이스* - 보칼 No.1 키보이스 특선 2집 name had the name 'key' or Ki- to it.

Shun Jung-hyun, for instance who led the post-Lanczos, and 'Jackie' and 'Hikishin' Another founding member got the name 'Toki' While leading the first generation of Korean rock, Key Boys entered the US 8th Army stage Fall In Love With Me - Various - Slaves Of New York it belonged to or was led by 'Daeyoung', who supplied all of the US 8th Army show singers.

Of course, they also performed on the stage once or twice in the name of 'Song Young-Ran and Key Boys', but apart from 'Rock and Kids', both teams acted separately.

InKim later will joins 'Corey's Kittons' and goes to America. The keyboys had an innovative sound at the time with a record on a domestic record label, this shows an original sound of the '60s. This album provided a bridge to other areas while coming from common stage performances, centring on covering the popular song repertoire that Keyboys enjoyed at the Eighth Army stage at the time.

At the time, the young composer Kim Young-kwang finally created a rock-style song in our country, which adds extra value of importance to this record. In addition, this attempt alone is very meaningful in the history of Korean rock group sound. From the cover repertoires with which the band showed their talents at the 8th Army stage, this includes the 'Kangaroo Hunting', which is an adaptation of 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sports'.

It shows the performances and singing talents of So Begins The Task (Remixed Demo Version) - Stephen Stills - Carry On who shaped the 8th Army stage without regret.

Not only does the members have excellent playing skills, but they also offer perfect harmonies to the vocals of Brother Cha Chung-kak's cousin who leads in unison the songs throughout the music. In 'Speedy Gonzales', Yoon also shows his unbearable showmanship as an entertainer. This record was recorded at Jangchung Studio in At that time, recording technology was not possible to 'edit'.

On the other hand, it is a kind of luck and bonus idea that in this case we are sure you can listen to their skills close to how they performed live. Singers who participated in this album but are not listed on the record sleeve are Song Young - Ran and Song Ki - young. Another noteworthy piece is the "Jeongdongbo" which is recorded at the end of the album.

This is the only chance to hear the original score as it was created. Singer Song Ki-young, who previously released "I am the only night" and "The girl in dream", is revealed to be the main character being the lead vocals in Song Young-Ran's hit album released later.

Singer Song Ki-gyu has not released photos of his face anywhere. Roughly Love Come Down - Evelyn King - Love Come Down with the help of Google Translate:. Key Boys are being called The Korean [Beatles] or [Beach Boys] and are Korea's first group sound band that crossed boundaries by performing a rock sound!

Gate Fold jacket restored from the original original record sleeve.


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