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Hajimete No Asa - Nobue Kawana - Nobues Sea

Label: Branco Label - branco-05 • Format: CD Album, Reissue • Country: Japan • Genre: Pop, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk, Indie Pop
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Shokugeki no Soma TV Free! TV Yakitate!! However, because it's so long and shows no sign of stopping, I just can't commit to it. Airbats OAV Not really good The kind of show that entertains while it's running, but when it's over, makes you ask, "Okay DomFortress would certainly go into conniptions over corruption and impurity and other such nonsense.

But that doesn't really matter, because Airbats is an exercise in boredom and forcing Hajimete No Asa - Nobue Kawana - Nobues Sea to slog through each episode. Yeah, there's some Hajimete No Asa - Nobue Kawana - Nobues Sea flying, but the actual stories are a wash-rinse-repeat cycle of love triangles and "can our lovable misfit squadron avoid dissolution, again?

And then the end doesn't manage to survive anything major regarding the military aspects or the romances. There are some laughs to be had, but there's just nothing substantial to get into with this OVA. Police TV Not really good AD Police TV series is a great case study on the classic "laws of anime" and laws of traditional Westerns, but those qualities make it not so effective as a police action-drama.

The problem is that we get this special squad of "Advanced Police" whose main distinction from "Normal Police" is their capability to engage heavily-armed cyborgs with only a pistol and come out victorious by being able to shoot these cyborgs' cores. This leads to many many scenes of our heroes running through barrages of gunfire unscathed and other flights of fallacy as the plot winds through a conspiracy of stealing "Boomers" from Genom corporation and the revelation of some of Genom's true aims.

We do see all the standard "mismatched partner" elements come into play, though. For an older ADV dub, AD Police TV does a fairly good job of keeping Hajimete No Asa - Nobue Kawana - Nobues Sea natural and believable in the acting, though that's partly because the subtitles do a good job of making things less believable.

Animation isn't quite as highly refined and detailed as in the original Bubblegum Crisis OVA, but it gets the job done in portraying a starkly grim Neo Tokyo that isn't dominated by pink hair and 80s pop numbers. Storywise, ADP explores an increasingly thin divide between humans and Boomers. Where other parts of the franchise had humans, Boomers, and pretty much nothing in-between, this OVA deals with humans questioning where their humanity ends in the process of cybernetic implantation.

OVA 3 is a bit of a RoboCop ripoff, but oh well, it works okay. I don't think I ever saw RoboCop back in the day, anyway. I'd never made an active effort to acquire Afro Samurai on my own, but since a friend of mine had it, I figured I'd watch it on a "may as well" basis. The huge production costs are evident in the high-energy fight scenes and even the non-fight scenes, which show heavy amounts of stylization and detail. Basically, it's a triumph of the co-produced hybrid anime, and the result is something that's not quite Japanese despite being animated in Japan and not quite American despite the involvement of Samuel L.

Jackson and the "African-American Western" mood. My favorite bit had to be Afro's "shadow" calling out, "Afro! He's got arrows and grenades and shit!

But for all its flaws, AS is still very much worth watching at least once, if only to see the potential of high budgets and the melding of talents from both sides of the Pacific.

Or just to see how a samurai with nothing more than Filled With The Spirit - Tim Sheppard, Roger WilesTom Elie, Jesus People Singers - The Wind Is Al sword and and afro Ας Βρέχει - Νατάσσα Μποφίλιου beat an enemy carrying an RPG. Afro Samurai: Resurrection movie Good Suffers a bit from being in the movie format, as opposed to the serialized format of the Mon Ombre - Adamo - Voyage Jusquà Toi incarnation.

As a result, the story does feel rather rushed and compressed. But when you've got Samuel L. Jackson being badass and hacking through baddies with a ridiculously overpowered katana, who cares? This movie is also notable for changing the definition of the word "dead," with lines like "Dead him, Afro! That said, I recommend checking it out; you get to see some version of Buddhist spirituality at work, with a bit of comedy as Ikkou gets abused by the girls.

Keitarou would be proud. Aside from the "monk gets super powers when horny" storyline, there really are some good moments that deal with life, death and regrets. Especially episode 9. Prone to lapses into manga-style slideshows from time to time, but that's forgivable for 9LS' payoff: an old-school, nostalgic anthology of mature adult romance.

You won't find anything in the way of recurring characters or over-arching plots, but if you can get attached to characters and their predicaments within a short span of time, there's a lot to like. Some stories are more predictable than others, but it's always nice to see Hajimete No Asa - Nobue Kawana - Nobues Sea with romantic histories and regrets, in contrast to the usual first-love antics we see in anime.

There's also a rich variety of insert songs to frame the action, some in English, some in Japanese. How they got away with using Beatles songs is beyond me. Some will criticize Aoi for being too devoted and subservient, but I think it's an interesting character study on someone who dedicated themselves to an ideal as a child and kept with it no matter what.

The first four and last four episodes are probably the best, as the middle of the Hajimete No Asa - Nobue Kawana - Nobues Sea introduces more girls and some fanservicey comedy.

Even so, the other girls have their moments, and there's enough of Aoi and Kaoru who is not as pathetic as Keitarou and other male leads to make things worth it. As a partial discredit to the writing quality, Enishi marks the first time January when I watched an anime in Japanese with subtitles and thought, "Wow, I can understand a large percentage of what's being said!

Air TV Masterpiece Top 30 see comment in Top 30 Air movie Very good A condensed "re-versioning" of the Air storyline; for a movie, the animation isn't particularly better than the TV series, just different. Some character designs, like Misuzu's, are more "normalized" compared to Air TV. The story is approached in different ways, like placing the medieval flashbacks within Misuzu's historical research, and reducing or eliminating the roles of the secondary girls.

The result is a more streamlined, understandable story that plays up the Yukito and Misuzu relationship, with a minor twist on the famous "goal" scene. Air In Summer special Good Sidestory of one of my top favorite anime, featuring a more in-depth look at Ryuuha, Uraha, and Kanna and the adventures and misadventures they have on their travels.

Not outstanding enough on its own to La Bochinchera - Various - Canciones Mi Mama No Me Enseno an excellent anime, but the character animation and background art is perfectly comparable to the high levels found in the TV series. Not recommended if you haven't seen AIR TV through episode 9, mainly because you won't really understand what's going on otherwise.

It's the story of a five-year-old girl who is abandoned by her mother, and for some inexplicable reason, comes to be taken care of by her cousin, Kippei. Unlike most guys in anime, Kippei actually makes the male race look good, Godgun - Floater - Sink expected of a shoujo anime male lead. So with that setup, Ai Baby is equal parts smarmy cuteness and angst, as Yuzuyu is very endearing and you can't help but feel bad for her on numerous occasions.

Plus, we get some romance with Kippei and a serious love interest, who has some sorrows of her own. If you like kids' stuff and cuteness, you'll be pleased, but otherwise, you may be bored. However, Kokoro provides some great eye candy for the guys. Can't blame me for thinking that though, as it's got an exotic summery setting where a guy interacts with numerous girls, eventually winding up with one of them. Even if you don't like that genre, ABS works as a generalized romance anime.

One noteworthy aspect is that the title girl, Ajimu, has "her own thing" going on, independent of the male lead. The downside to that is that the "own thing" is singing and playing the ukulele, so you'll have to tolerate a few insert songs being used over and over again.

It's strange, I remember picking up ABS on the fansub circuit a few years back because I really wanted to see it for some reason. But then it sat around for awhile, even though I had that "gotta see this! When I finally did watch it, I wasn't exactly disappointed.

If anything, ABS is simply unmemorable. It's pleasant, sometimes funny, and occasionally moving. But in the end, I can only give it a 6, because I had to scan back through the episodes to recall anything about the characters or the major plot points. Lots of girls.

What could possibly go wrong? I should have liked this show a lot. But I didn't, as the rating shows. So what went wrong? Really, five sixths of the show are quite good on a "for what they are" basis. Not many of these shows open with secret agents and espionage, so it started strong out of the gate.

Rie Kugimiya's Yuuhi Katagiri is petulantly adorable, and even coined the term "panic-dere" for her fretting over main character Seiji Sawamura Junichi Nagase's mishaps. Accidental first kiss for the win, plus it's cute to see Jun and Yuuhi try to make sense of their convoluted situation while falling for each other at the same time.

Since the director for this show which I refer to as AkaSaka due to the lack of a concise English translation was also in on Ah! My BuddhaYumeriaand School Dayswell-executed fanservice is expected and delivered. Many people drooled over Junichi's sister Minato, but for me, the highest salivation quotient was reached in episode 8, which focused on Tsukasa Kiryuu. Just something about her bright optimism, and her charming and dedicated personality as she pursued her dreams, was enough to make me lament that she was doomed to be a side character in the main story.

And of course, she had significant quantities of tangible assets as well. So what did go wrong? At the risk of spoilers, AkaSaka spent 10 episodes developing characters' actions and reactions, while simultaneously building their Various - Miditation 2: Binary Chill. When you throw all of that Hajimete No Asa - Nobue Kawana - Nobues Sea the window in favor of something shocking and controversial for the sake of shock and controversy, there are bound to be some unhappy campers.

I could respect Rumbling Hearts for the choices that the story and the characters made, because they all proceeded with some degree of logic from what had happened before. Not so with AkaSaka. I might have retained a modicum of respect for the ending if AkaSaka had actually stuck to its guns.

But no, they employed a cop-out that basically said, "You don't have to feel creeped out about this ;- " Maybe that way it wouldn't have been such an epic failure of a WallBanger.

Here's hoping that the upcoming OVA is an alternate ending of some sort. If Akane Maniax weren't associated with Rumbling Heartsit wouldn't get half the attention it does. While it's not bad technically animation and music are at average OVA levels of qualitythe story and the characters are maddening enough that you'll be glad it's Comedienne - Fountains Of Wayne - Out-Of-State Plates three episodes.

The main problem is Gouda Jingouji, who is the most clueless, delusional lead male this side of Love Hajimete No Asa - Nobue Kawana - Nobues Sea 's Keitarou Urashima. And to go along with his delusions, the viewers get a variety of "imagination" scenes, many of which involve giant mecha.

Seasoned viewers will no doubt recognize Gouda's VA Tomokazu Seki from other, better roles, and think "how the mighty have fallen. Funimation is making the right choice in not bringing this one over. I've only ever seen it in English, so I'll have to check watch it again before finalizing comments.

I actually saw this OVA last after viewing Nuku Nuku TV and the Dash OVA, so as a result, the story was familar enough: Ryunousuke comes to live with cat-based androbot, fanservice and various adventures involving Mishima creations gone amok ensue, and at the end Nuku Nuku is confronted with a choice over making the ultimate sacrifice.

The main differences in NN-OVA are that the parents are divorced, with Ryu's mother Akiko wielding Mishima Industries' and giving "custody battle" a new meaning; and that the OVA format gives the episodes a standalone nature, as if every episode were made fearing it would be the last.


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