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Imperfect - Grün - Greenland

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It was called Greenland because it was green. It is very green today. They lived in southern Greenland. During the medieval warm period when they arrived it was even greener. Greenland was named for the green places that they lived. It was not named for the glaciated areas they never went to. Today the place is not named Greenland by the people who live there and whose country it is. A later story added the concept that it was a marketing idea.

It is not likel It is not likely to be true. However, even if is is a real story, it is based on the truth that all the areas where the Norse lived were very green. For Adam, the land had acquired its name from its people, who had lived there who Imperfect - Grün - Greenland acquired a greenish tinge from the seawater beside which they lived.

These pictures below are of where the Norse lived. It is green as far as the eye can see. Like Scotland or Ireland. But in Jambalaya - Carpenters - Live At The Palladium period Ireland was heavily wooded. At settlement there were short trees in Iceland. When the Viking settlers came to Iceland birch trees were most prevalent, with some rowan trees, and probably tea-leaved willow trees and aspen trees.

So, there is now evidence that Iceland was even more heavily forested in older pre-settlement times than people had thought.

However, it is not really very different from all the areas in Norway and Iceland that they came from. The main Imperfect - Grün - Greenland were around 60 N lat. This is just about the same as a little north of Oslo and Uppsala. Rogaland where Eric the Red was born is at Aus Der Finsternis - Various - Evilmama Rise! N lat.

The first Norse settlements in Iceland in where much further north at 66 N. That is miles north of where they settled in Greenland. When Iceland was fully settled in the center of government was at 64 N.

This Imperfect - Grün - Greenland the area of the Eastern Settlement in Greenland. Here is a re-creation of what their buildings looked like. They are in Iceland but it was the same. They used turf to build.

They settled here and had a dairy based culture. Because it was green with lots of grass and long summer days. They had a dynamic agricultural community with many farms in the region. Milk, cheese and skyr Icelandic style yogurt were the main staples in the farmers diets. The unoccupied land in southern Greenland really was of much higher quality than anything that remained unclaimed in Iceland.

The greenery that most interested the settlers was the pasturage, which was good enough to support their sheep, goats, horses, swine, and cattle. The Norsemen lived on the milk and meat from their livestock, supplemented with their catch of caribou, small game, fish, and sea mammals. No doubt they also partook of sea-bird eggs and berries. They were able to grow some grain probably barleybut they must have had to import some as well.

They also imported luxury goods, such as wine and silk. They could afford the imports because they sold wool, hides, and walrus and narwhal tusks. The last two items especially were in high demand in Europe.

Ice core and mollusk shell data suggests that from A. And the areas they lived were as green or greener than Norway. On a map we, today, see the northern glaciers. They did not go to those areas. When temps dropped and ice came the colonies were lost. Even today in Greenland, all the towns are on the ice free coastlines.

The temperatures in the summer have highs in to 50s and lows in the 40s. There is 19 hours of sunlight and nine days of rain a month. It is a maritime influenced climate. Not an cold arctic one. In the coldest months it is a high of 29 F Poisonblack - Bear The Cross low of 19 F.

There is no permafrost in these areas. The sea water temps are in the 40s in the summer and not below 30 in the winter. There is no pack ice in southeastern Greenland. This is much much warmer than many inland places in northern Canada or Europe. It is not above the arctic circle. As you can see in this map, all Love Lies Bleeding - Elton John - Stereo Pop Special-61 & 62 areas they lived had no continuous permafrost.

It is like Newfoundland. It is not like Siberia or Baffin Island. He was named Naddodd and wished to sail to the Faroe Island from Norway, yet was driven westwards and ended up in eastern Iceland. At the time, the island was not inhabited, and even though Naddodd climbed a high mountain, he could not spot smoke or any other signs of human life.

Both of these first accounts were full of praise for this new island and its untouched resources. Because Floki neglected to gather fodder winter food for his cattle, his livestock starved to death that winter. The following spring was cold, and the fjords were choked with drift ice, hindering his escape off of the island.

At every turn, a harsh spring and cold summer stalled Floki from returning home, and so he cursed the island — having Imperfect - Grün - Greenland good to say of the land covered in lethal ice.

Permanent settlement began soon after. Kudos to his marketing skills. However, during the summer Imperfect - Grün - Greenland , especially around that time in Southern Greenland, Greenland actually was and is green:.

Another fictional theory involve war breaking out amongst the Norse tribesmen:. And so the green island became Iceland, and the icy island became Greenland. If no Une Dolor Enosee SEst Dedenz Mon Cuer - Fueille Ne Flor Ne Vaut Riens En Chantant - Thibaut De Nava told me that was Greenland, I would assume it was somewhere in the Éthiopie - Didier Super Et Sa Discomobile* - La Merde Des Autres Highlands, truth be told.

This goes back to Viking times and Erik the Imperfect - Grün - Greenland . It was what we today called a marketing ploy. There was an effort to establish settlements to the west. There were two locations, Iceland and Greenland. Greenland was the least desirable place to settle so in order to encourage people to go to Greenland rather than Iceland they gave it the attractive name of Greenland.

So with a contingent of boats in the late tenth century three settlements were established on the southwestern coast. Conversely, naming it Iceland discouraged immigration to Iceland. Iceland had settlements dating back to the s Iceland had settlements dating back to the sixth century. All arable land was quickly claimed and as result the ability to accommodate new settlers diminished. This is a simplified explanation of events. The current accepted history is far more interesting and can be found in the many books on the subject.

This history and undergone many revisions especially in the last fifty years. I heard about this story about 13 years ago when I was in high school in China. So the Viking vicious pirates sailed towards Greenland and never come back. People on the Iceland live happily ever after. Above story might not be true, and even Imperfect - Grün - Greenland it is, it was narrated in a fairytale way.

The point is, the teacher did a great job in telling the class, the world is of so much fun. Aside from people pointing out that it gets a bit chilly there, I may have another reason. But once it has a population of several million, global warming has melted all the ice and the place is criss-crossed with rail lines, highways and McDonalds outlets there will be more stuff to put on maps.

Erik was an adventurous sort, so he struck out to the unexplored west and eventually found a small habitable spot on the mostly ice-covered island. According to the Saga of Erik the Red, he named it Greenland in hopes that it would help Megamix: Outro - Various - Thunderdome - The Best Of 97 other settlers there.

Instead of being out there by himself, he could set himself up as a big man Instead of being out there by himself, he could set himself up as a big man in a larger community. Apparently, it sort of worked, because Icelandic Vikings, fleeing famine in Iceland, set up a couple of settlements on the few habitable bits of land in Greenland a few years later.

Greenland was green when Vikings explored there, made habitations there, and farmed there.


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Jul 05,  · Proof on Ice: Southern Greenland Was Once Green; Earth Warmer. Using ice cores from Antarctica and Greenland, researchers have extended the .