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Take It Easy - La Lupe - Too Much!

Label: Caliente - HOT 123 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: UK & Europe • Genre: Latin • Style: Vocal
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From these ambiguous exercises, he went on to the arduous composition of a straightforward short story. Perhaps I only allowed myself to meddle with them as a gimmick; putting a nonexistent fact in their stories, dreaming up the only thing that seems to be real in their profiles. DCM Ogres: A troupe of artists who are prisoners of themselves, the detained wanderers, those consigned to oblivion, the proprietors of madness…. She was like a cloud. But not one of those little, soft, white clouds that look like cotton candy.

In life and on stage she was the other kind. The kind that provokes awe by just looking upon them. Dark, with the impulse to squirt ink at the slightest misstep, and with a belly full of thunder and lightning. Her rain was unforeseen and torrential. And not only does this have to do with the tears, but also with the expletives, the shrieks that sounded like rusty hinges, the high-heeled shoes, bras, wigs, fake nails, earrings, Take It Easy - La Lupe - Too Much!

plastic or not plastic eyelashes, the short Take It Easy - La Lupe - Too Much! , the turbans, capes, tiaras, cheap pearl necklaces, and the punches that were like propeller-blades. When she had worked herself into a frenzy with those white eyes that exuded a trance of heartbreak, she believed her songs, and, as a victim of the spite and hate in every verse, she replied with thunderous footwork against the closest pianist or bongo player, and her delirium represented all the transgressions of the male gender.

Can you imagine finishing a song behind your instrument while some hysterical woman is messing with you? You needed to be very handsome or a lover of art for the sake of art to put up with that kind of extra-musical test.

La Lupe was defined in a thousand different ways. For some, she was a nervous breakdown dressed up as a lady. Guillermo Cabrera del Infante came to categorize her as a phenomenological phenomenon. Perhaps in her birthplace, San Pedrito, a town that was very close to Santiago de Cuba, she was Take It Easy - La Lupe - Too Much!

the crazy girl in the street. There is nothing strange about that: you learn just as much Take It Easy - La Lupe - Too Much! you follow an academic curriculum as you would following the night-life curriculum. La Lupe knew that the stage full of night and shamelessness would be her very own peak where she would preach her own version of the Sermon on the Mount.

There are life accounts that ask for disarray. This seems to be one of those. There was the time when her first husband kicked her out of their trio, Tropicuba, with a pistol in hand and with her nearly naked in the street after he walked in on her with a bartender mid-coitus.

There was also that time in that place called La Red where she attracted the likes of Marlon Brando, Ernest Hemingway, Simone de Beauvoir, Tennessee Williams, Picasso, or Jean-Paul Sartre, all of whom sought the pleasure of witnessing one of her raptures.

Or, better yet, there was the moment of her exile from Cuba in because her brand of slutiness her artistic liberty seemed too counterrevolutionary for Fidel. We took all the attention away from him. It must be said that her arrival was not very easy. And how could she do it? There are videos that show La Lupe beating her breast with a microphone, others that capture her revealing her panties and bra, and there are even some that present her bare-ass pressed up against a wall. The woman would run and slide on her knees as the band continued playing.

Then she would scream, bite her hands until she bled, slap herself with glee, pinch herself everywhere, and tear the curtains down from the stage. Here comes the crazy woman!

Move off to the side, she might hit you! To see the videos from that time is a total experience. The musicians ingeniously maintain the rhythm while she screams, kicks maracas, punches various targets, crows like a possessed rooster, and runs like a lunatic. The modus operandi seemed to be that everyone was just doing their thing at those shows.

But for some strange reason, everything fit together perfectly. The pieces sound solid and the chaos fits like a glove. Because La Lupe was a madwoman on and off the stage. When Tito Puente recruited her into his ranks, she became Take It Easy - La Lupe - Too Much! . And gold was struck. This was the time of the true breaking point. She had no rival. Celia Cruz was the B-side to that album. And Yiyiyi unscrupulously enjoyed her fame. She spent fortunes of pure sin. They say that she showed up unexpectedly, with her blood saturated with drugs, she recorded however she pleased, and everyone had to comply with her whines.

On top of it all, she made more money than the very leader of the band. The outcome was what was expected: the expulsion of the troublesome woman. But what is certain is that even though La Lupe was falling, Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio?

(Karaoke Version) - Unknown Artist - Gabba Gabba Karaoke - Kara would take some time to hit rock-bottom. It was a bizarre moment, almost like all the others. Her pronunciation of the Shakespearian language was far removed from what an Oxford professor sounds like. Take It Easy - La Lupe - Too Much! pageant of words flew out of her mouth like a typhoon, whose exoticism always kept the audience interested. Refuge was sought after in psychedelics for the response it produced in the day tripping blabbermouth.

In in the midst of all this it should also be added that the Village Voice prostrated itself before her when they unabashedly published:. She is Janis, Aretha, and Edith Piaf all mixed into one. She sings ballads better than Piaf, and covers songs like the other two singers, but with added insanity. She could make a fortune in the rock scene.

La Lupe Актриса - Валерий Меладзе - Настоящее. / Лучшие Песни devastating, and it looks like she is self-destructing.

This show, which had guests like Lennon, Zappa, or Hendrix, also dedicated an airing Kick - INXS - Kick Yiyiyi. She comes out dressed in gold from head to toe, with a turban, a robe, and a Take It Easy - La Lupe - Too Much! of jewelry of the same color. She looks like the cheap girlfriend of an Oscar.

She also smacks her belly, and shakes her titties like she wants to rid herself of them. Those would be the final stellar moments because everything afterwards was more error than execution.

La Lupe was recruited into the ranks of those who practiced Santeria in New York. And those kinds of things bring baggage. The ogress, as seductive as only she could be, fastened a Chango stone around her waist with a string for good luck. She went out to sing, and halfway through the song the ingenious woman disrobed, and, it must be stated, when she fell her mouth produced a sound that was louder than an explosion but it had nothing to do Im Cryin - Journey - Departure flavor.

They say that the people, after hearing the scream from the woman who fainted, nearly died of laughter. But it seems that she was not at all amused to find out about her forthcoming dismissal from the show due to black magic.

You have to imagine what the person who was once considered a goddess suffered. Especially when you add the fact that her husband, in the throes of schizophrenia, nearly beat her to death with a pipe in their home. Oh, and another thing, before it bleeds into the next paragraph: on one of those days the candles for her saints burned longer than they should have until they produced the mother of all flames in her abode.

But it was all for nothing. Everyone turned their backs towards her. If she had been a mere mortal, like the person writing this, surely she would have played Take It Easy - La Lupe - Too Much!

La Lupe album, and hugged the jukebox to mourn the vindictive act. But her extravagance had its limits. Because that was the day of the fall, while she decorated her home to receive the New Year.

Yes, the fall that left her in a wheelchair and with no hope of moving her feet for the rest of her days. Bad things tend to happen like a downpour, like a rising river. Everybody knows that. Everybody also knows that downpours give way to the sun. Her friends, the singers Blanca Rosa Gil and Xiamora Alfaro, took her to the temple where the miracle happened. It was before the only crowd she ever feared to face in her life that Yiyiyi was brought into the fold.

An Evangelical pastor asked her if she believed in God, placed his hand on her, and released her like you would a sack of potatoes. A vision softly creeping covered the hysteria. The black woman lay on the ground with no hope. Someone, finally, whispered during the sound of silence and asked her how she felt. If you think that Madonna changed her image a lot, what happened afterwards must be explained: the woman dedicated herself to studying scripture, she sang, but only in church, she renounced low-cut clothing, rejected offers for comebacks, and stopped putting make-up on.

She had become a slightly different kind of wild and bizarre woman, the religious kind. You can hear her orgasmic scream in all of them as well as understand the slogan: God is love. They say that she felt like the most fortunate woman alive, even on the night before dying of a heart attack while in a deep sleep.

That happened on a day that was as unusual as herself: February 29, Why are these lives so alluring? Or because they prefer La Lupe over Celia? Could it be that chaos is more interesting than tranquility? Alfonso J. Gustave has received a B. Daniel was the editor-in-chief of Alfaguara in Venezuela. In addition, he is the director and founder of the literary journal Coroto.


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