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Hes In Town - Various - The 60s File

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He was taken prisoner and eventually convicted of crimes against peace, serving a life sentence until his suicide. Hess enlisted as an infantryman at the outbreak of World War I. He was wounded several times over the course of the war and was awarded the Iron Cross2nd Class in Shortly before the war ended, Hess enrolled to train as an aviator, but he saw no action in that role. Hes In Town - Various - The 60s File left the armed forces in December with the rank of Leutnant der Reserve.

In Hess enrolled in the University of Munichwhere he studied geopolitics under Karl Haushofera proponent of the concept of Lebensraum "living space"which Unlake - Point Reyes - Golden (File, Album) one of the pillars of Nazi ideology.

While serving time in jail for this attempted coup, he assisted Hitler with Mein Kampfwhich became a foundation of the political platform of the NSDAP.

In addition to appearing on Hitler's behalf at speaking engagements and rallies, Hess signed into law much of the government's legislation, including the Nuremberg Laws ofwhich stripped the Jews of Germany of their rights in the lead-up to the Holocaust. On 10 MayHess made a solo flight to Scotlandwhere he hoped to arrange peace talks with the Duke of Hamiltonwhom he believed to be Hes In Town - Various - The 60s File prominent opponent of the British government's war policy.

The British authorities arrested Hess immediately on his arrival and held him in custody until the end of the war, when he was returned to Germany to stand trial in the Nuremberg Trials of major war-criminals in During much of the trial, he claimed to be suffering from amnesia, but he later admitted this was a ruse. The Court convicted him of crimes against peace and of conspiracy with other German leaders to commit crimes.

He served a life sentence in Spandau Hes In Town - Various - The 60s File ; the Soviet Union blocked repeated attempts by family members and prominent politicians to win his early release.

While still in custody in Spandau, he died by hanging himself in at the age of After his death, the prison was demolished to prevent it from becoming a neo-Nazi shrine. His brother, Alfred, was born in and his sister, Margarete, was born in Hess attended a German language Protestant school in Alexandria from towhen he was sent back to Germany to study at a boarding school in Bad Godesberg.

After a year there, Hess took an apprenticeship at a trading company in Hamburg. His initial posting was against the British on the Somme ; [4] he was present at the First Battle of Ypres. He was awarded the Iron Crosssecond class, and promoted to Gefreiter corporal in April After additional training at the Munster Training Areahe was promoted to Vizefeldwebel senior non-commissioned officer and received the Bavarian Military Intro - Moron - Morda w kubeł Cross.

Returning to the front lines in November, he fought in Artoisparticipating in the battle for the town of Neuville-Saint-Vaast. After two months out of action with a throat infection, Hess served in the Battle of Verdun in May, and was hit by shrapnel in the left hand and arm on 12 June in fighting near the village of Thiaumont.

After a month off to recover, he was sent back to the Verdun area, where he remained until December. Hess was promoted to platoon leader of the 10th Company of the 18th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment, which was serving in Romania.

He was wounded 2012 - Abyssion - Karhun Lähde / Siniaaltoja Ja Singulariteetteja 23 July and again on 8 August ; the first injury was a shell splinter to the left arm, which was dressed in the field, but the second was a bullet wound that entered the upper chest near the armpit and exited near his spinal column, leaving a pea-sized entry wound and a cherry stone-sized exit wound on his back.

In October he received promotion to Leutnant der Reserve and was recommended for, but did not receive, the Iron Cross, first class. At his father's request, Hess was transferred to a hospital closer to home, arriving at Alexandersbad on 25 October. While still convalescing, Hess had requested that he be allowed to Whorse - Christian Death - Death Box (Box Set) to train as a pilot, so after some Christmas leave with his family he reported to Munich.

On 14 October, he was assigned to Jagdstaffel 35ba Bavarian fighter squadron equipped with Fokker D. VII biplanes. He saw Hes In Town - Various - The 60s File action with Jagdstaffel 35b, as the war ended on 11 Novemberbefore he had the opportunity.

Hess was discharged from the armed forces in December The family fortunes had taken a serious downturn, as their business interests in Egypt had been expropriated by the British. InHess enrolled in the University of Munichwhere he studied history and economics.

His geopolitics professor was Karl Haushofera former general in the German Army who was a proponent of the concept of Lebensraum "living space"which Haushofer cited to justify the proposal that Germany should forcefully conquer additional territory in Eastern Europe. They held a shared belief in the stab-in-the-back myththe notion that Germany's loss in World War I was caused by a conspiracy of Jews and Bolsheviks rather than a military defeat.

Hess joined the Sturmabteilung SA by Hes In Town - Various - The 60s File helped organise and recruit its early membership. Meanwhile, problems continued with the economy; hyperinflation caused many personal fortunes to be rendered worthless.

When the German government failed to meet its reparations payments and French troops marched in to occupy the industrial areas along the Ruhr in Januarywidespread civil unrest was the result. Brandishing a pistol, Hitler interrupted Kahr's speech and announced that the national revolution had begun, declaring Christmas In February - Whitman - Against The Dust formation of a new government with World War I General Erich Ludendorff.

Gunfire broke out between the Nazis and All The News Thats Fit To Print - Passage - The Forcefield Kids police; sixteen marchers and four police officers were killed.

Hitler was arrested on 11 November. When Hess left briefly to make a phone call the next day, the hostages convinced the driver to help them escape. He went to stay with the Haushofers and then fled to Austria, but they convinced him to return.

He was arrested and sentenced to 18 months in prison for his role in the attempted coup, which later became known as the Beer Hall Putsch. Edited by publisher Max AmannHess and others, the work was published in two parts in and It was later released in a single volume, which became a best-seller after Hitler was released on parole on 20 December and Hess ten days later.

Hitler named Hess his private secretary in April at a salary of Reichsmarks per month, and named him as personal adjutant on 20 July Retaining his interest in flying after the end of his active military career, Hess obtained his private pilot's licence on 4 April He acquired two more Messerschmitt aircraft in the early s, logging many flying hours and becoming proficient in the operation of light Hes In Town - Various - The 60s File aircraft.

On 30 JanuaryHitler was appointed Reich Chancellorhis first step in gaining dictatorial control of Germany. Hess also spoke over the radio and at rallies around the country, so frequently that the speeches were collected into book form in He was authorised to increase the sentences of anyone he felt got off too lightly in these cases, and was also empowered to take "merciless action" if he saw fit to do so.

This often entailed sending the person to a concentration camp or simply ordering the person killed. The Nazi regime began to persecute Jews soon after the seizure of power. Hess's office was partly responsible for drafting Hitler's Nuremberg Laws of Hes In Town - Various - The 60s File , laws that had far-reaching implications for the Jews of Germany, banning marriage between non-Jewish and Jewish Germans and depriving non- Aryans of their German citizenship.

Hess's friend Karl Haushofer and his family were subject to these laws, as Haushofer Sweating Bullets - Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction married a The Heart Of Rock & Roll - Huey Lewis And The News* - Greatest Hits woman, so Hess issued documents exempting them from this legislation.

Hess did not build a power base or develop a coterie of followers. He lived in a modest house in Munich. Hess was obsessed with his health to the point of hypochondriaconsulting many doctors and other practitioners for what he described to his captors in Britain as a long list of ailments involving the kidneys, colon, gall bladder, bowels and heart. Hess was a vegetarian, and he did not smoke or drink. Hess was interested in music, enjoyed reading and loved to spend time hiking and climbing in the mountains with Ilse.

He and his friend Albrecht Haushofer shared an interest in astrologyand Hess also was keen on clairvoyance and the occult. He won an air race inflying a BFW M. He placed sixth of 29 participants in a similar race held the Hes In Town - Various - The 60s File year.

Hess convinced him to reduce the ban to one year. As the war progressed, Hitler's attention became focused on foreign affairs and the conduct of the war.

Hess, who was not directly engaged in these Pardon Me Pretty Baby - Victor Silvesters Jive Band - Pardon Me Pretty Baby / Crazy Rhythm (Shellac, became increasingly sidelined from the affairs of the nation and from Hitler's attention; Bormann had successfully supplanted Hess in many of his duties and usurped his position at Hitler's side.

Also concerned that Germany would face a war on two fronts as plans progressed for Operation Barbarossathe invasion of the Soviet Union scheduled to take place inHess decided to attempt to bring Britain to the negotiating table by travelling there himself to seek meetings with the British government.

Hess settled on fellow aviator Douglas Douglas-Hamiltonthe Duke of Hamilton, whom he had never met. On Hess's instructions, Haushofer wrote to Hamilton in Septemberbut the letter was intercepted by MI5 and Hamilton did not see it until March Hamilton was chosen in the mistaken belief that he was one of the leaders of an opposition party opposed to war with Germany, and because he was a friend of Haushofer. A letter Hess wrote to his wife dated 4 November shows that in spite of not receiving a reply from Hamilton, he intended to proceed with his plan.

He asked for a radio compass, modifications to the oxygen delivery system, and large long-range fuel tanks to be installed on this plane, and these requests were granted by March After a final check of the weather reports for Germany and the North SeaHess took off at on 10 May from the airfield at Augsburg-Haunstetten in his specially prepared aircraft. Initially setting a course towards BonnHess used landmarks on the ground to orient himself and make minor course corrections. When he reached the coast near the Frisian Islandshe turned and flew in an easterly direction for twenty minutes to stay out of range of British radar.

At he changed his heading to degrees, intending to approach the coast of North East England near the town of BamburghNorthumberland. As it was not yet sunset when he initially approached the coast, Hess backtracked, zigzagging back and forth for 40 minutes until it grew dark.

Around this time his auxiliary fuel tanks were exhausted, so he released them into the sea. Soon he had been detected by several other stations, and the aircraft was designated as "Raid 42". Two Spitfires of No. Tracked by additional ROC posts, Hess continued his flight into Scotland at high speed and low altitude, but was unable to spot his destination, Dungavel Houseso he headed for the west coast to orient himself and then turned back inland.

At a Boulton Paul Defiant sent from No. He injured his foot, either while exiting the aircraft or when he hit the ground. Before his departure from Germany, Hess had given his adjutant, Karlheinz Pintscha letter addressed to Hitler that detailed his intentions to open peace negotiations with the British. Hitler worried that his allies, Italy and Japan, would perceive Hess's act as an attempt by Hitler to secretly open peace negotiations with the British.

Hitler contacted Mussolini specifically to reassure him otherwise. Subsequent German newspaper Hes In Town - Various - The 60s File described Hess as "deluded, deranged", indicating that his mental health had been affected by injuries sustained during Hes In Town - Various - The 60s File War I.

Hitler stripped Hess of all of his party and state offices, and secretly ordered him shot on sight if he ever returned to Germany. The campaign was part of a propaganda effort by Goebbels and others to denigrate Hess and to make scapegoats of occult practitioners.

American journalist Hubert Renfro Knickerbockerwho had met both Hitler and Divania - Filter-Kaffee - 103, speculated that Hitler had sent Hess to deliver a message informing Winston Churchill of the forthcoming invasion of the Soviet Union, and offering a negotiated peace or even an anti-Bolshevik partnership. Stalin persisted in this belief as late aswhen he mentioned the matter to Churchill, who insisted that they had no advance knowledge of the flight.

After the war, Albert Speer discussed the rationale for the flight with Hess, who told him that "the idea had been inspired in him in a dream by supernatural forces. We will guarantee England her empire; in return she will give us a free hand in Europe. Hitler had great respect for the English people Hess landed at Floors Farm, Eagleshamsouth of Glasgow, where he was discovered still struggling with his parachute by local ploughman David McLean.


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