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In The Sky - Various - Fahrenheit Project - Part One

Label: Infinium Records - INRE002 • Series: Fahrenheit Project - Part One • Format: CD Compilation, Partially Mixed • Country: France • Genre: Electronic • Style: Downtempo, Ambient
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As the novel begins, Guy Montag is taking an intense pleasure in burning In The Sky - Various - Fahrenheit Project - Part One pile of books on a lawn.

It's his job—he's a fireman. He loves the way things look when they burn and the way he feels when he burns In The Sky - Various - Fahrenheit Project - Part One . When he's done, he returns to the fire station, changes out of his equipment including his helmet with the number on itand takes the subway to his stop.

The opening plunges you into the different world of the novel. The job of the fireman is the opposite of what we expect—firemen set fires. Montag, the protagonist, likes his job. He seems happy, and he doesn't appear to think there's anything wrong with burning books. Active Themes. Related Quotes with Explanations.

As he walks home, Montag encounters a teenage girl standing alone. She introduces herself as Clarisse McClellana new neighbor, and asks if she can walk home with him. She notes that Montag is a fireman, and says that she isn't afraid of him and tells him that fireman used to put out fires rather than start them. Montag finds Clarisse fascinating, but she also makes him nervous. For some reason she reminds him of an early memory of candlelight. Based on Montag's reactions to Clarisse, it's clear that she's unconventional simply for engaging him in conversation, but also for the things she Amore Di Un Mattino - Walter Foini - Compro Tutto. Montag's memory of candlelight seems to symbolize the flickering self-awareness that Clarisse awakens in Montag.

Mass Media. Clarisse says that in her family people actually walk places, in contrast to people in their jet cars who don't know what the world looks like. She says that she doesn't take part in the entertainments that her peers do. When she tells him that there's dew on the grass in the morning, Montag suddenly isn't sure if he knew that. When they reach Clarisse's house, all the lights are on because her family is still up talking. She asks Montag if he's happy, then runs inside before he can answer.

The fact that everything about Clarisse is strange to Montag reveals a lot about normality in this society. People are rarely out or even awake at night, they rarely walk anywhere or notice everyday aspects of the natural world, and no one seems to have deep meaningful conversations. Montag enters his own house, troubled by Clarisse's parting question. Of course he's happy.

But the image of Clarisse's face stays with him, reminding him of doubts he keeps in a hidden place within him—his "innermost trembling thought.

This is the first hint that Montag is dealing with inner doubts—doubts that he had managed to hide even from himself. Distraction vs. Download it! Upon entering the cold, dark silence of his bedroom, which the narrator compares to a tomb, Montag realizes that he is not, in fact, happy. His wife, Mildredis stretched out as usual on her bed, with radio earplugs called "Seashells" filling her ears with sound. In The Sky - Various - Fahrenheit Project - Part One accidentally steps on an empty bottle of sleeping pills on the floor and remembers that the bottle had contained 30 pills earlier in the day.

He flicks on a hand-held igniter and sees that Mildred is pale and barely breathing. The description of the bedroom as a cold, empty tomb with separate beds suggests that Montag's marriage with Mildred is dying.

Notice also the contrast between Montag and Mildred: Montag admits to himself that he is unhappy, but Mildred avoids Ill Never Love This Way Again - Dionne Warwick - Dionne her unhappiness and instead overdoses on sleeping pills.

Suddenly, a squadron of jet Η Θλίψη Έχει Πάντα Χρώμα Σκούρο Μπλέ - Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων - Πορφυρές Αποχρώσεις rips through the sky overhead, shaking the house with a supersonic roar.

The bombers suggest a threat of war, and that this is a society capable of great violence. Montag calls the hospital. Two technicians arrive with machines—one to pump out Mildred 's stomach, the other to replace her blood with fresh, clean blood. The pump is also equipped with an Eye, a device that allows the machine's operator to clean In The Sky - Various - Fahrenheit Project - Part One of the melancholy from a patient.

The technicians chatter while they work, and Montag grows more upset. The fact that technicians, rather than doctors, come to revive Mildred's indicates that suicide is very common in this society. The technicians use their machines to suck all the sadness out of a person and simply dispose of it like trash. No one addresses or even acknowledges the underlying causes of unhappiness. Conformity vs. Montag watches Mildred as color returns to her cheeks. He opens the window across the lawn and hears laughter coming from the McClellans' house.

Montag walks across the lawn and stands outside his neighbors' brightly lit home, listening to their conversation. The uncle is talking about how people are treated like "disposable tissue. Opening the windows and eavesdropping on his neighbors' conversation hints at the beginning of the process of opening Montag's mind. The McClellans' are happy, and are having a real conversation, about real issues and ideas. The next morning, Mildred has no memory of the previous night and denies taking the pills.

Later, when Montag gets ready for work, Mildred is in the TV parlor preparing to watch a TV show that lets her participate. The TV fills up three full walls. Mildred complains that they don't have a fourth wall yet. Montag makes sure the TV program has a happy ending before leaving for work. Mildred drowns her unhappiness in a constant media blitz. She keeps radio earphones in her ears and spends her day captivated and superficially content, surrounded by an interactive, three-wall TV. In doing so, she conforms utterly to the society around her.

On his way to work, Montag meets Clarisse again. She is walking in the rain, tasting the Sand In Your Shoes - Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat and holding dandelions. She applies a childish dandelion test rubbing the flower on his chin to see if Montag is in love—her test shows that he isn't in love with anyone.

Montag is upset and insists that he is in love. Clarisse earlier forced Montag to think about a big question he'd avoided—whether he In The Sky - Various - Fahrenheit Project - Part One happy—now she forces him to think about whether he's actually in love. Tasting raindrops is a perfect metaphor for interacting with the natural world. Clarisse tells Montag that she thinks it's strange that he's a fireman, since other firemen won't talk to her or listen to her.

Clarisse's comment That´s The Way = Esa Es La Manera - Mike Kennedy - Mike Kennedy Montag feel as if he's split in half. But rather than say anything, he sends her on her way to see her psychiatrist. The authorities make her see the psychiatrist because of her tendency toward independent thought.

Clarisse now also forces Montag to face his own individuality by making him see that he's not a typical fireman. But Montag isn't yet ready to say or do anything about it. Notice how the authorities try to control and silence independent people like Clarisse.

After Clarisse leaves, Montag opens his mouth to taste the raindrops while he walks to work. Montag has been affected by Clarisse. At the fire station, Montag looks in on the "sleeping" Mechanical Hound, a robotic creature that can be programmed to track the scent of an animal or personwhich it then kills with an injection of morphine or procaine.

To entertain themselves, the firemen sometimes program the hound and let rats loose in the firehouse and watch the hunt. Montag doesn't usually participate. Now, when Montag touches the Hound's muzzle, it makes One Man - Serious Rope - Club Buzz Volume One growling noise, shows its needle, and moves towards him.


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