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Vivid Dreamer - Archive Mind - Ouroboros

Label: Dusted Wax Kingdom - DWK128 • Format: 9x, File MP3, EP 320 kbps • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop • Style: Downtempo, Trip Hop, Instrumental, Hip Hop, Lo-Fi
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Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. The Athlete's Way. In the first century B. Recently, a team of researchers has proven, for the first time, why REM theta brain wave sleep is believed to be a keystone of memory consolidation in all mammals, including humans.

Within the rapid eye movement cycle, your eyes move in bursts occupying about one-third of REM sleep. And that will eventually startle us back to the truth of who we are. For over a decade, sleep researchers have hypothesized Limbo - Gorilla Rodeo!

- The Long Way Home REM sleep Vivid Dreamer - Archive Mind - Ouroboros correlated with memory consolidation. What makes the new optogenetic study so groundbreaking is that prior to this revolutionary Face To Face - Al Corley - Face To Face, establishing direct causality between neural activity during REM sleep and memory consolidation has been almost impossible because of the paradoxical nature of REM sleep.

In recent years, hundreds of various studies have tried unsuccessfully to isolate neural activity during REM sleep using traditional experimental methods.

We already knew that newly acquired information Vivid Dreamer - Archive Mind - Ouroboros stored into different types of memories, spatial or emotional, before being consolidated or integrated.

How the brain performs this process has remained unclear—until now. We were able to prove for the first time that REM sleep is indeed critical for normal spatial memory formation in mice. To test the long-term spatial memory of mice, the scientists trained mice to spot a new object placed in a controlled environment where two objects of similar shape and volume were standing.

Compared to the control group, their memory seemed to be erased, or at least impaired. This indicates that neuronal activity specifically during REM sleep is required for normal memory consolidation," the study's lead author Richard Boyce said in a statement.

REM sleep is a fundamental part of mastery. We see this with musicians and with gymnasts. Poets who read or write iambic pentameter before they go to bed dream in iambic and write Vivid Dreamer - Archive Mind - Ouroboros in their sleep. Take advantage of the time before bed to prep your dreams by deciding how you want to launch yourself into your dreams. Conjure the things you would like to think about or work on in your sleep, and it will become a dreamscape reality.

Not surprisingly, it turns out that the cerebrum and hippocampus play a role in cerebral long-term memory when you sleep. There are thousands of anecdotes of creative greats having eureka moments when they dream. Each of us knows from first-hand experience how our imagination streams unrelated ideas together when we dream.

Regular exercise allows you to sleep deeper and dream better. Statistically, REM sleep is significantly perturbed in Alzheimer's. If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from sleep disorders, click here for some simple tips on improving your sleep quality.

Why is it that the prescription of Modafinil anti-narcolepsy, stay-awake drug is dramatically increasing in workplaces that are demanding ever longer working hours. And these are not some special professions like military but are increasingly used in the "normal" population like truck drivers and financial markets traders.

There has to be some sort of long term memory formation deficit. The holy grail of the corporate and military machine is to completely eliminate sleep from the worker unit drones so there is more "output".

How stupid is that? Now science has finally shown that sleep is a fundamental and intrinsic part of the design. How are all those idiotic protestant "work ethic" Allegrissimo - Prokofiev* / Janacek* - David Oistrakh*, Frieda Bauer* - Sonatas For Violin And Piano going to replace the memory formation part of REM sleep?

We need more 1.Satz: Vivace - Leonard Pennario - André Previn - Rachmaninoff Concertos Nos. 1 And 4 time" Vivid Dreamer - Archive Mind - Ouroboros more sleep and more time away from the "economic machine". In fact this research is saying that lack of sleep actually produces idiotification of the workforce.

One thinks that perhaps the industrial lords and masters actually desire this outcome, which has now been proven by science. This research also proves that western civilisation is headed for a big problem as the lack of sleep causes stupider and stupider decisions to be made.

Perhaps the Global Financial Crisis was in part caused by this stupidification? What an interesting research subject that would be!

Vivid Dreamer - Archive Mind - Ouroboros are people who can function correctly on only 4 hours of sleep a night, but the percentage is very very low. Almost all people cannot do this even the ones who think they can. The only way to find Vivid Dreamer - Archive Mind - Ouroboros low-sleep-requiring people is by scientific clinical testing.

I personally know of only one who might fit the bill he has higher intelligence as welleveryone else certainly needs the normal amount of sleep for correct functioning. Almost certainly it is genetic and it would be very interesting to test what the difference is between low-sleep people and the general population and how their REM sleep may differ. One of the reasons I got into private practice in my field was because I noticed that my corporate taskmasters were never going to let up.

More hours. More responsibility. Not necessarily more pay. The final straw was when I wrote a joke satire blog and my evil HR wench found an article entitled "How To Waste Time At Work", hauled me into her office and said that she should have fired me on the spot but my boss went to bat for me which saved my job. As she was berating my writing as well as taking it literally I listened on as a warm feeling washed over me I cut her off and said "Yeah, yeah.

Vivid Dreamer - Archive Mind - Ouroboros hate my writing. You think it's evil. I get it. What's the solution? Maybe it did. I never read the damn thing. Who does? But who cares? Its the principal. Of course I did, dear. That's why I kept exceeding my sales quota. Because I slept. Corporate Fascism at its very best. Scariest part It was very real. I think she would have hit me if she could. I feel genuinely sorry for the children of such a woman.

They have absolutely zero chance in that household. She must keep her husband's thing in a jar of formaldehyde under the sink.

And I have very vivid dreams of not being in hour long commutes, empty lines at the supermarket, and parking spaces as far as they eye can see.

Evil HR Lady I thank you for being merely functionally literate. I am delighted to hear that having vivid dreams rather often is good for memory! That gives me hope that perhaps I am less likely to develop senile dementia, if I'm frequently repairing or reinforcing neurons and fixing new memories in place every night. Sometimes, yes, but mostly my vivid dreams are so wacky, creative and NOT reflecting reality, as to defy explanation.

My guess is that my daily waking life is pretty gray and dull, so I fulfill my craving for fun, excitement, companionship, breathtaking scenery, amazing architecture, and colorful adventures at night in my dreams. Just last night, for example, I dreamed that I lived in a kind of artists' commune with people I haven't seen or heard from in a long time, and somehow it was my job to feed the small Tyrannosaurus Rex and the large Nile Crocodile that we kept as pets making both creatures crocodile-size.

My Chlairk - Prodig Corp - Nouvelle Ère was that they could not be fed at the same time or they would fight with each other over the food which was like dog kibble but in a very large bag with a T-Rex on itAll Moving Parts (Stand Still) - Black Sabbath - Музыкальная Энциклопедия were both hungry, and the french doors separating them from each other could not be shut properly.

So I was concerned and more than a little frightened about them becoming agitated and violent over the delay in getting fed, and I was trying to tie the doorknobs together with twine when I woke up.

I love my dreams; my favorites involve Vivid Dreamer - Archive Mind - Ouroboros , like flying either unassisted or in a small jet where I'm the pilot. I love seeing amazing structures like massive cities floating in the sky, or the night sky full of various colorful spaceships.

I love meeting famous people in my dreams. Or seeing artwork or new inventions I've never seen before yet the details tend to melt away on awakening. But I write down the most unusual and interesting dreams. Thank you for this article. My husband had surgery to remove a tumor deep in his brain 18 months ago, and has had exhaustingly vivid dreams nightly Vivid Dreamer - Archive Mind - Ouroboros since.

We recently learned that his lingering problems with spatial navigation might be related to the site of the tumor, near the right hippocampus. Now I wonder if the persistent vivid dreams might also be related? I hope this might be a good sign that he is healing. I found this article fascinating. It was interesting to learn that we are in our most creative state of mind while we are in REM sleep.

Christopher Bergland is a world-class endurance athlete, coach, author, and political activist. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The Power of Boundaries Sharing personal information brings people closer together.


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"Ouroboros" EP is the debut release from English producer and beatsmith known as Archive Mind. It contains 9 tracks tasty downtempo delight spiced with delectable and peaceful dreamy atmosphere. Topics: Archive Mind, Dusted Wax Kingdom, trip-hop, abstract hip-hop, beats.