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Although notable for his musical inventions, Arion is chiefly remembered for the fantastic myth of his kidnapping by pirates and miraculous rescue by dolphinsa folktale motif. Herodotus 1. However J. Sleeman observes of the dithyramb, or circular chorus, "It is first mentioned by Archilochus c BC … Arion flourished at least 50 years later … probably gave it a more artistic form, adding a chorus of 50 people, personating satyrs… who danced around an altar of Dionysus.

He was doubtless the first to introduce the dithyramb into Corinth". According to Arion - Various - Future Sound Of. ' account of the Lydian empire under the Mermnads[5] Arion attended a musical competition in Sicilywhich he won. On his return trip from Tarentumwhose onomastic founder has a similar story, avaricious sailors plotted to kill Arion and steal the rich prizes he carried home.

Arion was given the choice of suicide with a proper burial on land, or being thrown in the sea to perish. Neither prospect appealed to Arion: as Robin Lane Fox observes, "No Greek would swim out into the deep from a boat for pleasure. Playing his kitharaArion sang a praise to Apollothe god of poetry, and his song attracted a number of dolphins around the ship. Some argue that the Dolphins were sent by Apollo to rescue Arion. When he reached land, being eager for his journey, he failed to return the dolphin to the sea and it perished there.

He told his misfortunes to Perianderthe Tyrant of Corinth, who ordered the dolphin to be buried, and monument raised to it. Shortly after, word came to Periander that the ship on which Arion had sailed had been brought to Corinth by a storm. He ordered the crew to be led Goodnight My Someone - Jimmy Giuffre - The Complete Capitol & Atlantic Recordings Of Jimmy Giuffre him, and inquired about Arion, but they replied that he Arion - Various - Future Sound Of.

died and that they had buried him. The tyrant replied: "Tomorrow you will swear to that at the Dolphin's monument. Ballad - Shiv Kumar Sharma* - Music Of The Mountains the tyrant had brought them there, and ordered them to swear by the departed spirit Spellemann - DagsTur - Ikea Paradiso the dolphin that Arion was dead, Arion came out of Arion - Various - Future Sound Of.

monument. In amazement, wondering by what divinity he had been saved, they were silent. The tyrant ordered them to be crucified at the monument of the dolphin. Apollo, because of Arion's skill with the kithara, placed him and the dolphin among the stars.

The story as Herodotus tells it was taken up in other literature. Augustine of Hippo [11] asserted that pagans "believed in what they read in their own books" and took Arion to be a historical individual. From what is told in ancient Greek scripts, Arion, although favored by Apollois the son of Poseidon and Ino.

The episode may be seen as a doublet of the fate of Melicerteswhere the leap into the sea was that of his mother, Ino.

Another parallel is the myth of Dionysus and the sailors, related in the Homeric Hymns : Tyrrhenian pirates try to lash the god to the mast, but the wood itself starts to sprout and the mast is entwined with ivy like the god's thyrsus ; the sailors leap into the sea and are transformed into dolphins. This is especially interesting because Arion is credited with the invention of the dithyramba dionysiac song. In light of the above parallels, Walter Burkert interprets the story as a significant development in the history of Dionysiac cult: "Released from this gloomy background, the cheerful and liberating legend of the sixth century further developed the image of the dolphin-rider under the colors of the renewed cult of Dionysus.

Bowra Arion - Various - Future Sound Of. tied the myth to the period following the expulsion from Corinth of the aristocratic Bacchiadaewho traced their descent from Dionysus: "the cult of the god had to develop new and Arion - Various - Future Sound Of.

democratic forms. Stewart Flory [19] identified Herodotus' characteristic use of the episode in a historicising context as an example of what Flory calls his "brave gestures", a man faced with death performs with calm dignity some spirited but unnecessary gesture that demonstrates contempt for danger. Letitia Elizabeth Landon 's poem Arion examines and illustrates the story of his return to Greece.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Orion. For other uses, see Arion disambiguation. Arion, a poem by L. Dithyramb Tragedy and Comedy. Second edition revised by T. Webster, Oxford: Oxford University Press, BB, and B, B Sleeman, ed. Herodotus Book I. Bietenholz, Historia and Fabula: myths and legends in historical thought from antiquity to the Modern Age Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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