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High Lonesome Sound System - Champion Sound Remixes


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Several DJs have incorporated live instruments into their sets recently, but none have done it quite like Radar. Earlier this month, the Phoenix turntablist made history by performing "Concerto for Turntable 1" with an piece symphony orchestra. Radar wrote the piece with Arizona State University composer Raul Yanez using scratch notation, their High Lonesome Sound System - Champion Sound Remixes version of the classical staff system.

The composition is based on Radar's recent single "Antimatter," the first turntable track ever to include a written score.

I'm trying to write my own music, not play other people's. Radar, a schooled percussionist, logged most of "Antimatter" on his own, but enlisted the help of Yanez to notate the song's big solo.

Once Radar showed Yanez that he could scratch an octave and a half of notes with a turntable, the two began composing "Concerto for Turntable 1," with conductor Joel Brown and the Arizona State High Lonesome Sound System - Champion Sound Remixes Orchestra in mind. A sell-out crowd of 3, was on hand for the minute performance, including a PBS film crew that captured the event for an upcoming special. Radar and Yanez are currently finishing two additional turntable movements, which may feature a turntable quartet.

They're also planning a world tour with local orchestras in each city. Radar's trailblazing efforts fall under the mission of the Bombshelter Crew, a no-rules Phoenix DJ troupe that focuses on fusing all forms of music through innovative ideas. You haven't done anything to that beat other than speed it up, but you got the urban black market here, the gays here, and you are separating all these different types of people and stereotyping them based on a tempo.

It's musical racism. The Bombshelter Crew's genre-bending take is captured on Future's Past, a mix album due Tuesday March 20 that combines a wide range of tracks released on Tom Chasteen's Exist Dance Records over the past decade. Radar and Emile recorded the album on four turntables and two mixers in one night. Radar holds back from scratching on The Boys Are Too Refined - The Hush Sound - Goodbye Blues album to focus on a solid mix that slowly builds in tempo from beginning to end.

It was just amazing," Emile said. And then every other release [on Exist Dance] was something different. A lot of people like High Lonesome Sound System - Champion Sound Remixes types of music, but a lot of DJs are monochromatic. I don't see anything out there that would indicate to me that playing one style of music is acceptable. The Bombshelter Crew, which also includes Why+The+Wires* - Flame Failures (Vinyl, Album), with whom Radar mixed the underground classic Future Primitive, is supporting its recordings with North American shows of all styles.

And the crowd won't either. They can't just say, 'Oh, it's Bombshelter. The Bombshelter Crew is 0+Q - The New God working on several other recordings, including a revolutionary techno hip-hop record and an electro album. We're trying to push instrumental music forward.


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