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He rose to prominence as the lead singer of the Irish rock band the Boomtown Rats in the late s, who achieved popularity at the time of the punk rock movement. Geldof is widely recognised for his activismespecially anti-poverty efforts concerning Africa. A single father, Geldof has also been outspoken for the fathers' rights movement. Geldof was appointed Honorary Knight Commander of Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song Order of the British Empire KBE by Elizabeth IIand is a recipient of the Man of Peace title which recognises individuals who have made "an outstanding contribution to international social justice and peace", among numerous other awards and nominations.

Geldof attended Blackrock Collegewhere he was bullied for being a poor rugby player and for his middle name, Zenon. Returning to Ireland inhe became lead singer of the Boomtown Ratsa rock group closely linked with the punk movement. InThe Boomtown Rats had their first No. Inthey gained Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song attention with their second UK No. Geldof had written it in Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song aftermath of Brenda Ann Spencer 's attempted massacre at an elementary school in San DiegoCalifornia in Its single "Up All Night" was a huge hit in the U.

Geldof became known as a colourful interview subject. The Boomtown Rats' first appearance on Ireland's The Late Late Show saw Geldof as deliberately brusque to host Gay Byrne and during his interview he attacked Irish politicians and the Catholic Church, which he blamed for many of the country's problems.

He responded to nuns in Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song audience who tried to shout him down by saying they had "an easy life with no material worries in return for which they gave themselves body Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song soul to the church". He also criticised Blackrock College. The interview caused uproar, making it impossible for The Boomtown Rats to play in Ireland again.

Geldof left the Boomtown Rats in to launch a solo career and publish his autobiography, Is That It? He also occasionally performed with other artists, such as David Gilmour and Thin Lizzy. Inhe performed at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert with the surviving members of Queen at the old Wembley Stadiumsinging a song he jokingly claimed to have co-written with Mercury, called "Too Late God". The song was actually co-written by Karl Hyde.

Inhe erroneously announced Ian Dury 's death from cancer, possibly due to hoax information from a listener who was disgruntled at the station's change of ownership. Along with U2 's Bono, he has devoted much time since to campaigning for debt relief for developing countries.

Inhe was listed as one of the Greatest Britons in a poll conducted among the general public, [25] despite not being British. After Live 8, Geldof returned to his career as a musician by releasing a box set containing all of his solo albums entitled Great Songs of Indifference — The Anthology — in late Following that release, Geldof toured, albeit with mixed success. In JulyGeldof arrived at Milan 's Arena Civicaa venue capable of holding 12, people, to play a scheduled concert to find that the organisers had not put the tickets on general sale and that only 45 people had shown up.

To offer some compensation for fans, Geldof stopped to sign autographs to those who had shown up. Geldof's first major charity involvement took place in Septemberwhen he performed as a solo artist for Amnesty International 's benefit show The Secret Policeman's Other Ballat the invitation of Amnesty show producer Martin Lewis ; he performed a solo version of "I Don't Like Mondays". Other rock artists had 'planted a seed' and appeared to have affected Geldof in a similar manner. InGeldof responded to a BBC news report from Michael Buerk about the famine in Ethiopia by mobilising the pop world to do something about the images he had seen.

The song was recorded by various artists under the name of Band Aid. In its first week of release, the single became the UK's fastest-seller of all time, Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song the chart at number one and going on to sell over 3 million copies, making it the biggest-selling single in UK history up to that point, a title it held for almost 13 years.

The single was also a major US hit, peaking at number 13 on the Billboard Hot Following this massive success, preparations were started for the biggest rock concerts the world had ever seen, the following summer. In NovemberGeldof announced that he would be forming a further incarnation of Band Aid, to be known as Band Aid 30to record an updated version of the charity singlewith the proceeds going to In Den Nachthimmeln Transilvaniens - Todesweihe - Nachtmahre victims of the Ebola virus in West Africa.

As Geldof began to learn more about the situation, he discovered that one of the main reasons why African nations were in such dire peril was the obligation to make repayments on loans that their countries had taken from Western banks. For every pound donated in aid, ten times as much would have to leave the country in loan repayments. It became obvious that one song was not enough. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia. Thanks to an unprecedented decision by the BBC to clear its schedules for 16 hours of rock music, the event was also broadcast live in the UK on television and radio.

It was one of the most monumental stage shows in history, with Phil Collins flying on Concorde so that he Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song play at both Wembley and Philadelphia on the same day. During the broadcast of Live Aid, Geldof shocked viewers into giving cash by not only twice mouthing profanities but also by slamming his fist on Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song table and ordering them not to go out to the pub but to stay in and watch the show.

Nearly seven hours into the concert in London, Geldof gave an infamous interview in which he used the word fuck. The BBC presenter David Hepworthconducting the interview, had attempted to provide a Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song of addresses to which potential donations should be sent; Geldof interrupted him in mid-flow and shouted: "Fuck the address, let's get the [phone] numbers!

The harrowing video of dying, skeletal children that had been made by photo-journalists setting their films to the tune of " Drive " by The Carscontributed to the concert's success.

Geldof subsequently received an honorary knighthood, at age 34, for his efforts. Much of the money raised by Live Aid went to NGOs (logo Side) Martini Coalition 1 - Arabian Coalition - Barau Ethiopia, some of which were under the influence or control of the Derg military junta.

And come and see me as soon as you get back. The result was the Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song for Africa. Blair invited Geldof and 16 other Commissioners, the majority from Africa and many of them politicians in power, to undertake a year-long study of Africa's problems. They came up with two conclusions: that Africa Dub War (Chapter Four) - Dance Conspiracy - Dub War to change, to improve its governance and combat corruption, and that the rich world needed to support that change in new ways.

That meant doubling aid, delivering debt cancellation, and reforming trade rules. The Commission drew up a detailed plan of how that could be done. It reported in March To force the issue Geldof decided to create a new international lobby for Africa with eight simultaneous concerts around the world to put pressure on the G8. He called it Live 8. The Commission's recommendations later became the blueprint for the G8 Gleneagles African debt and aid package.

Geldof is a member of the Africa Progress Panel APPa group of ten distinguished individuals who advocate at the highest levels for equitable and sustainable development in Africa. Every year, the Panel releases a report, the Africa Progress Report, that outlines an issue of immediate importance to the continent and suggests a set Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song associated policies.

On 31 MarchGeldof and Ure announced the Live 8 project, to raise awareness of issues that burden Africa, including government debt, trade barriers, hunger, and AIDS issues. Geldof organised ten concerts on 2 July in large cities throughout the industrialised world. They featured musicians from different genres and locations around the world.

The cities Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song Live 8 concerts were played were in industrialised countries, and drew huge crowds. The concerts were free, and were scheduled just days before world leaders gathered in Gleneaglesfor the G8 La Voce - Toni Moretto - Il Sole Dagli Occhi summit, on 6 July.

Although part of the campaign " Make Poverty History " MPHLive 8 was accused by John Hilary, then a senior executive of the campaign, of hijacking MPH by planning its concerts on the same day as the march in Edinburghwhich was said to be the biggest social justice march in Scottish history.

Geldof was also criticised for the lack of African acts performing at Live 8. In the lead-up to the G8 summit, Geldof, who had been a member of Tony Blair's Commission for Africa on Blood Embrace This Soil - Lathspell - Torn Cold Void the Gleneagles recommendations were largely based, [43] labelled Kumi Naidoo 's criticism of the summit "a disgrace". There were also accusations that Live 8 gave unqualified support to the personal and political agendas of Tony Blair and Gordon Brownparticularly in the lead up to an election.

Though many felt that it was the British politicians who had accepted Geldof's agenda, rather than the other way round, this led to accusations that Geldof had compromised his cause. Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song promises made for Africa at the Gleneagles summit, were widely praised: "the greatest summit for Africa ever" Kofi Annan"an important, if incomplete, boost to the development prospects of the poorest countries" economist Jeffrey Sachs or "a major breakthrough on debt" Kevin Wakins, former head of research at Oxfam.

But many aid agencies pronounced their disappointment with the outcome, feeling that the strict conditions imposed on African countries for accepting debt relief left them little better off than before.

The New Internationalist scathingly stated, since becoming prominent in the salvation of Africa, "Geldof has re-released the entire back catalogue of the Boomtown Rats. Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher became one of the more vocal skeptics about the impact of Live 8, citing his belief that rock stars have less influence over world leaders than popular culture may believe.

His explanation was:. Correct Join The Mevolution - mclusky - Undress For Success if I'm wrong, but are they hoping that one of these guys from the G8 is on a quick minute break at Gleneagles and sees Annie Lennox singing " Sweet Dreams " and thinks, 'Fuck me, she might have a point there, you 只知道此刻愛妳 - Various - 香港男巨星金曲 Brand responded by saying "It's no wonder Bob Geldof knows so much about famine — he's been dining out on ' I Don't Like Mondays ' for 30 years".

During mid-Novembera local for-profit organisation, Diversity Work, invited Geldof to Melbourne, to speak about Third World poverty and the failure of governments to combat the crisis. Christian Vega, a sex workers' rights activist and a member of Victoria 's peer-only Victorian Sex Industry Network VIXENblamed speakers including Geldof for their Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song of pejorative language, which perpetuated the very stigmas that are among the key barriers to HIV prevention.

Let's call it as it is. It seemed that 8 Miles was trying to avoid taxes that would have otherwise gone to the African governments and people the company aimed to help. Geldof declined to comment. ByGeldof had established Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song as a businessman through co-ownership of the TV production company Planet 24which featured early morning television with The Big Breakfast.

Planet 24 was sold to Carlton Bob Geldof - A Gospel Song in In April a new entertainment formats company, Pretend, was launched. As of [update]he has been patron of the Exeter Entrepreneurs Society at the University of Exeter.

Geldof is chairman of 8 Miles, a private equity firm active in Africa. Inhe became a founding partner of Groupcall, [73] which specialises in providing communication software and data extraction tools to the educationpublic and business sectors. InGeldof appeared in an advertisement opposing the possibility of the United Kingdom joining the single EU currencysaying it was "not anti-European to be against the euro".

Induring a visit to EthiopiaGeldof praised U. President George W. In DecemberGeldof agreed to give advice on global poverty to the Conservative Party. Geldof was a vocal supporter of the unsuccessful campaign for the UK to vote "Remain" in the referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union.

Shortly before the vote, in what was described as the "most surreal day in British politics ever", [82] Geldof led a flotilla on the River Thames to attack an opposition flotilla led by Eurosceptic politician Blue Christmas - The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys Christmas Album Farage.

He said the EU was "a mess" but warned Britain's young people had their futures "taken from them" as a result of the referendum.

From Januaryuntil sometime inGeldof listened very closely to Father's Rights campaigners, and it was reported that he had sacks of mail arriving at his door on a daily basis from fathers who were unhappy with the British family courts. He said, "I am heartbroken. I just cannot believe what happens to people, what is done to them in the name of the law. He has also called for The Children Act to be repealed and his latest statement to Father's Rights campaigners was, "It's not in my nature to shut up".

In March expressed concern about rising population and falling water levels in Arab countries. He noted that populations had risen by an average of 1.


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