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Brutal Ground - The Mostly Dead - The Day They Turned Us All Into Slaves


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The step in between Non-Lethal K. It took Jesus three days to come Back from the Deadbut for your party members all it takes is for you to fork over the cash. The procedure is relatively common in in-game mechanics, but possibly restricted to the wealthy.

It's the general feel of the plot that is affected. Some writers feel that this cheapens death too much, or complicates Plotline Deathso they don't use this trope. On the other hand, it avoids the problems a Non-Lethal K. Occasionally, a writer may put in guidelines to explain the difference between Only Mostly Dead and All Dead.

This could be the Brutal Ground - The Mostly Dead - The Day They Turned Us All Into Slaves of time that passed since death the soul was still in the Afterlife Antechamberor amount of damage to the body Chunky Salsa Rule is virtually always All Dead without Deus ex Machina.

If you inflict a genuine Character Death and they're still "alive" in a manner of speaking, then you need to make them Deader Than Dead. Contrast with Almost Dead Guywho is presumed to be a lost cause. Traditionally, if the characters believe the Almost Dead Guy can be saved, it is only due to Genre Blindnessand angsting will soon ensue.

Not to be confused with Not Quite Dead. This may lead it to be a Disney Death. If this triggers something that was supposed to occur upon the character's death, it's the Revival Loophole. Given that this is a Death Tropethere may be unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

Miracle Max: It just so happens that your friend here is only mostly dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Now, all dead, well, with all dead, there's usually only one thing that you can do. Inigo Montoya: What's that? Miracle Max: Go through his clothes and look for loose change. This is the first episode that shows he is Made of Iron.

Ash uses Pikachu as a Magical Defibrillator a lot. It happens again in the Lavender Tower episode, where he actually becomes a ghost for a short period of time. Celebi in the fourth movie. It takes the combined effort of every other version of it in every time period to bring it back. Horrifically averted with Zoroark in the 14th movie. It is blatantly clear that she really was fully dead and that Celebi's actions were a full resurrection instead of a simple healing.

In Delicious in Dungeonthere's some kind of hard limit on how long a body can lie around before being revived, but the magic Tahdon Sinut - Meiju Suvas - Tahdon Sinut / Oot Paha do so seems plentiful and non-costly, at least in the dungeon itself. In fact, it seems to be an aspect of the dungeon itself, it cannot be done outside a dungeon. Heaven forbid you get shattered after you're petrified.

As such, goat or pig meat is used. This also means that deep dungeon resurrections of such a kind are nigh impossible for this reason and one other: While souls are chained to bodies after death, the bonds weaken over time, creating Spirits.

Although Ryozanpaku's ridiculously good medicine manages a revival, there are some other serious consequences that continue for quite some time. Perhaps ironically, the early series used Apachai doing this to Kenichi as a Running Gagshowing Apachai's problems with the concept of "Holding Back".

The 4Kids dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! If they spend too long in the Shadow Realm, however, their minds will be completely lost. This is implied to be what happened to Marik's father in the original, he was murdered with a knife. Turns out Tenma's soul is still barely connected to his body due to the flower bracelet his childhood friend gave him. In Narutothis happens to both Naruto by having the nine tails extracted and Sasuke by old-fashioned sword to the chestalmost simultaneously, courtesy of Madara Uchiha.

Naruto's heart literally stops and Sakura has to pump it herself to keep him alive while they find a way to save him. Hayate the Combat Butler parodies this in an anime filler episode. Risa dies in battle against a slimebut continues Brutal Ground - The Mostly Dead - The Day They Turned Us All Into Slaves hop around in a coffin after Izumi and Miki; taken to Up to Eleven later on with the coffin gaining equipment and weapons that Risa couldn't possibly use.

At the climax of Fullmetal AlchemistFather actually succeeds in his goal and absorbs the souls of everyone in Amestris not currently in his sanctum. However, Hohenheim reveals that he had prepared a reverse transmutation circle using the Soon - Ella Fitzgerald - Sings Gershwin shadow from the eclipseand dots made of his own Philosopher's Stone soulsso that even if Father had the souls, the minds were still functioning as a link to their bodiesand ensured the souls would be pulled back to their owners, meaning that the seemingly dead inhabitants which were technically still saveable even in that situation, provided rapid action was taken returned to life when the aforementioned failsafe activated itself automatically.

As the narrator mentions, however, he's at Death's door instead of fully dead and he got better eventually. Frederica from Coffin Princess Chaikaa massive armoured dragon who spends most of her time disguised as a cute little girl, has impressive healing powers and "dies" quite often, but supposedly would die permanently if her brain were destroyed.

Naturally, she does eventually get impaled through the head. Brutal Ground - The Mostly Dead - The Day They Turned Us All Into Slaves the other heroes find Brutal Ground - The Mostly Dead - The Day They Turned Us All Into Slaves seemingly lifeless body, a Brutal Ground - The Mostly Dead - The Day They Turned Us All Into Slaves version of her disguised self rips its way out of her chest.

She had, apparently, shapeshifted her real brain into a spare bodyso that she could fake her death if necessary. She grows back to 'normal' size shortly no pun intended. All of the comatose students come back for the Side:Hope series finale. In addition, Side:Hope reveals that Kyoko Kirigiri, previously thought to have died during the Final Killing Game, was also in this state, and she is fully revived off-screen during the episode. It's revealed this is what really happened to Mavis in Fairy Tail.

While Zeref's Curse of Ankhselam was able to "kill" her due to his love for herbecause she suffered from the same Curse her immortality ended up putting her in a state between life and death rather than truly killing Back To The Desert - Fossil Aerosol Mining Project - About Your Belief like he thought.

However, it took her years before her consciousness was able to regain enough strength to manifest as an astral projection, and at that point her body was trapped inside a powerful stasis Lacrima crystal and had become the container for a potentially-infinite magical source of energy in addition to having the same Walking Wasteland powers as Im So Tired - Various - The Blues White Album, so letting herself out wasn't exactly an option.

Spoofed, as many things are, in Konosuba. In episode 6, Darkness starts to wax lyrical about the people killed in the battle with Verdia. But then Aqua casts resurrect on them all. Comic Books. In Detective Comics 64, " The Joker Walks the Last Mile", this is part of a plan for the Joker: after he is fried by the electric chair for all of his past offenses, his henchmen quickly retrieve Getting There (Is Half The Fun) - The Hydromatics - Parts Unknown body from the prison morgue and bring him Back from the Dead with a life serum within 15 minutes in order to keep him from slipping off from "only Drai Kon Na Oso - Eddy Assan - Wortoe No Dé dead" to "all dead".

Once he is revived, he walks away a free man Black Panther was once killed during a battle with Erik Killmonger. Though his friends were able to just barely resuscitate his body, it took Moon Knight venturing into the afterlife to actually bring his spirit back to the realm of the living.

However, the Fugatiod detects faint signs of life and realizes that he's just barely alive. Wonder Woman : When the Amazons revert to clay statues due to the Olympians withdrawing their magic from them their breathing and measurable life funtions cease but they're not considered fully dead.

Films — Live-Action. It's also played with a little. Her body is laid out on a table, with the sunlight shining on her through a window. Jarrell is told that as long as the sunlight touches her, she can be revived by the Golden Childbut if he takes too long, it'll be too late. After defeating Numspa and saving the Child, Jarrell notices sadly that the sunbeam has already moved past Kee Nang's body.

Then the Golden Child walks over, props Kee Nang's foot back up into the sunlight, and revives her. The Invisible : Nick thought he was dead until he saw a bird hit a window, and its spirit stuck around only until its body finally died. Cue the race to find Nick's body. According to Congothe ghost tribe has different levels of dead presumably including catatonia as a condition where the spirit has left the body [death] yet the body still breathes.

Only the last level is dead-dead. A grieving couple bring back their dead daughter after lying about the length of time since the death. Hilarity ensues. In the movie Brutal Ground - The Mostly Dead - The Day They Turned Us All Into Slaves CodeColter Stevens is not quite dead yet.

Mentioned in The Wizard of Oz as Munchkinland does not begin full celebrations until it's definitely confirmed that the Witch of the East is dead even though a house fell on herimplying that the Munchkins have run into this trope before: As coroner I must aver I've thoroughly examined her And she's not only merely dead, She's really most sincerely dead.

The Wheel of Time has several levels of being dead. Most people die and their souls are eventually reincarnated sans memories. The Dark One can also resurrect followers of his who die normally.

Big heroes are bound to the Pattern and between incarnations they inhabit the World of Dreams where they retain memories of their past lives. When they're reincarnated, their new lives tend to be just as heroic as their past ones. Finally there's people who die via balefirewhich kills you retroactively. Their souls can still be reincarnated according to Word of Godbut they can't be resurrected by the Dark One. However, as a consequence of killing you before it hits you, anyone who was killed by you after your adjusted time of death gets unkilled, with some funny memories of dying.

About the only Final Death shown is dying while in the World of Dreams. Dying there removes you from the Pattern so you can't be reincarnated. Everyone is fitted with a brain backup implant called a cortical stack at birth. As long as it's intact, a person who dies can be resurrected into another body provided they can fork up the cash for it. The eponymous Skulduggery Pleasant is this trope entirely. He was human but was killed in agony by Serpine during the war, then was burned and put in a bag - but it turned out through Necromancer power that we find out about in Book 6 that he was only Mostly Dead, and as such was able to pull himself together and continue fighting.

Mortal Coil has Valkyrie become mostly dead in order to have her true name sealedin one of the single creepiest bits of the series.


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A failed revolt by Denmark Vesey to steal arms and lead slaves to freedom. It failed due to loyal slaves. The revolt scarred the South, and made them even more coercive on the manners of slavery.