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Charmaine - Franz Waxman - Sunset Blvd.(Sunset Boulevard) (Music From The Motion Picture)

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It was named after the thoroughfare with the same name that runs through Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California. The film stars William Holden as Joe Gillis, an unsuccessful screenwriterand Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond, a faded silent-film star who draws him into her fantasy world, where she dreams of making a triumphant return to the screen.

Director Cecil B. DeMille and gossip columnist Hedda Hopper play themselves, and the film includes cameo appearances by leading silent-film actors Buster KeatonH. Warnerand Anna Q. Praised by many critics when first released, Sunset Boulevard was nominated for 11 Academy Awards including nominations in all four Shades Of Time - Santana - Santana categories and won three.

Deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the U. Library of Congress inSunset Boulevard was included in the first group of films selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. Init was ranked number 12 on the American Film Institute 's list of the best American films of the 20th century, and init was 16th on their 10th Anniversary list. At a mansion on Sunset Boulevardthe body of Joe Gillis floats in the swimming pool. In a flashbackJoe relates the events leading to his death.

Six months earlier, down-on-his-luck screenwriter Joe tries selling Paramount Pictures producer Sheldrake on a story he submitted. Script reader Betty Schaefer harshly critiques it, unaware that Joe is listening. Later, while fleeing from repossession men seeking his car, Joe turns into the driveway of a seemingly deserted mansion.

After concealing the car, he hears a woman inside call to him, mistaking him for someone else. Ushered in by Max, the butler, Joe recognizes the woman as Free As The Wind - Dream - Dear. silent film star Norma Desmond.

Learning Joe is a writer, Norma asks his opinion of a script she has written for a film about Salome. She plans to play the role herself in a return to the screen. Joe finds her script abysmal, but flatters her into hiring him as a script doctor. Moved into Norma's mansion at her insistence, Joe resents but gradually accepts his dependent situation.

He sees that Norma refuses to face the fact that her fame has evaporated and learns that the fan letters she still receives are secretly written by Max, who explains that Norma is emotionally fragile and has attempted suicide. Norma lavishes attention on Joe and buys him expensive clothes.

At her New Year's Eve party, he discovers that he is the only guest and realizes she has fallen in love with him. Joe tries to let her down gently, but Norma slaps him and retreats to her room. Joe visits his friend Artie Green to ask about staying at his place. At Artie's party he again meets Betty, whom he learns is Artie's girl. Betty thinks a scene in one of Joe's scripts has potential, but Joe is uninterested. When he phones Max to have him pack his things, Max tells him Norma cut her wrists with his razor.

Joe returns to Norma. Norma has Max deliver the edited Salome script to her former director Cecil B. DeMille at Paramount. She starts getting calls from Paramount executive Gordon Cole, but petulantly refuses to speak to anyone except DeMille.

The older studio employees recognize her and warmly greet her. DeMille receives her affectionately and treats her with great respect, tactfully evading her questions about her script. Meanwhile, Max learns that Cole merely wants to rent her unusual car for a film. Preparing for her imagined comeback, Norma undergoes rigorous beauty treatments.

Joe secretly works nights at Betty's Paramount office, collaborating on an original screenplay. His moonlighting is found out by Max, who reveals that he was a respected film director, discovered Norma as a teenage girl, made her a star and was her first husband.

After she divorced him, he found life without her unbearable and abandoned his career to become her servant. Meanwhile, despite Betty's engagement Jo Stalin - Johnny Legend - Rockabilly Rumble Artie, she and Joe fall in love. After Norma discovers a manuscript with Joe's and Starflyer 59 - Talking Voice Vs.

Singing Voice names on it, she phones Betty and insinuates what sort of man Joe really is. Joe, overhearing, invites Betty to come see for herself. When she arrives, he pretends he is satisfied being a gigolobut after she tearfully leaves he packs for a return to his old Ohio newspaper job. He bluntly informs Norma there will be no comeback, her fan mail comes from Max, and she has been forgotten. He disregards Norma's threat to kill herself and the gun she shows him to back it up.

As Joe walks out of the house, Norma shoots him three times and he falls into the pool. The flashback ends.

The house is filled with police and reporters. Norma, having lost touch with reality, believes the newsreel cameras are there to film Salome. Max and the Turn Em Out - Lil Debbie - DEBBIE play along. Max sets up a scene for her and calls, "Action! She pauses and makes an impromptu speech about how happy she is to be making a film again, ending with, "All right, Mr.

DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up. The street known as Sunset Boulevard has been associated with Hollywood film production sincewhen the town's first film studio, Nestor, opened there.

The film workers lived modestly in the growing neighborhood, but during the s, profits and salaries rose to unprecedented levels.

With the advent of the star systemluxurious homes noted for their often incongruous grandeur were built in the area. As a young man living in Berlin in the s, Billy Wilder was interested in American culture, with much of his interest fueled by the country's films.

In the late s, many of the grand Hollywood houses remained, and Wilder, then a Los Angeles resident, found them to be a part of his everyday world.

Many former stars from the silent era still lived in them, although most were no longer involved in the film business. Wilder wondered how they spent their time now that "the parade had passed them by" and began imagining the story of a star who had lost her celebrity and Sensitive (Remix) - Mick Karn - Sensitive appeal.

The character of Norma Desmond mirrors aspects of the twilight years of several real-life faded silent-film stars, such as Cant Take It - The Shells - Golden Hits reclusive existence of Mary Pickford and the mental disorders of Mae Murray and Clara Bow.

It is usually regarded as a fictional composite inspired by several different people, not just a thinly disguised portrait of one in particular. Nevertheless, some commentators have tried to identify specific models. One asserts that Norma Talmadge is Charmaine - Franz Waxman - Sunset Blvd.(Sunset Boulevard) (Music From The Motion Picture) obvious if unacknowledged source of Norma Desmond, the grotesque, predatory silent movie queen" of the film.

Wilder and Brackett began working on a script inbut the result did not completely satisfy them. In AugustD. Marshman Jr. In an effort to keep the full details of the story from Paramount Pictures and avoid the restrictive censorship of the Breen Charmaine - Franz Waxman - Sunset Blvd.(Sunset Boulevard) (Music From The Motion Picture) they submitted the script a few pages at a time.

The Breen Office insisted certain lines be rewritten, such as Gillis's "I'm up that creek and I need a job," which became "I'm over a barrel. I need a job.

Only the first third of the script was written when filming began in early Mayand Wilder was unsure how the film would end. The fusion of writer-director Billy Wilder's biting humor and the classic elements of film Charmaine - Franz Waxman - Sunset Blvd.(Sunset Boulevard) (Music From The Motion Picture) make for a strange kind of comedy, as well as a strange kind of film noir. There are no belly laughs here, but there are certainly strangled giggles: at the pet chimp's midnight Charmaine - Franz Waxman - Sunset Blvd.(Sunset Boulevard) (Music From The Motion Picture) , at Joe's discomfited acquiescence to the role of gigolo; at Norma's Mack Sennett Rocking The Thrashkick - Various - Thrashkick Must Die v1.0 "entertainments" for her uneasy lover; and at the ritualized solemnity of Norma's "waxworks" card parties, which feature such former luminaries as Buster Keaton as Norma's has-been cronies.

Wilder preferred to leave analysis of his screenplays and films to others. When asked if Sunset Boulevard was a black comedyhe replied: "No, just a picture".

Wilder, however, had a different recollection. He recalled first wanting Mae West and Marlon Brando for the leads, but never approached either with an offer. He contacted Pola Negri by telephone, but had a difficult time understanding her heavy Polish accent.

They also asked Norma Shearer if she would portray Norma Desmond, but she rejected the role due to both her retirement and distaste for it. They were considering Fred MacMurray to play opposite her as Joe. The filmmakers approached Greta Garbobut she expressed no interest.

Wilder and Brackett then visited Mary Pickfordbut before even discussing the plot with her, Wilder realized she would consider a role involving an affair with a man half her age an insult, so they departed. They had considered pairing Montgomery Clift with her. According to Wilder, he asked George Cukor for advice, and he suggested Swanson, one of the most feted actresses of the silent-screen era, known for her beauty, talent, and extravagant lifestyle.

At the peak of her career inshe was said to have received 10, fan letters in a single week, and from until the early s, she lived on Sunset Boulevard in an elaborate Italianate palace. In many ways, she resembled the Norma Desmond character, and like her, had been unable to make a smooth transition into talking pictures. The similarities ended there. Swanson accepted the end of her film career, and in the early s moved to New York Citywhere she worked in radioand from the mids, in television and on the New York stage.

Though Swanson was not seeking a comeback, she was intrigued when Wilder discussed the role with her. Swanson was chagrined at the notion of submitting to a screen testsaying she had "made 20 films for Paramount. Why do they want me to audition? He replied that since Norma Desmond was the role for which she would be remembered, "If they ask you to do ten screen tests, do ten screen tests, or I will personally shoot you. Queen Kelly wasn't released in the United States for over 50 years [11] after Swanson walked off the set.

An infuriated Wilder responded, "If he's any kind of actor, he could be convincing making love to any woman. Forced to Charmaine - Franz Waxman - Sunset Blvd.(Sunset Boulevard) (Music From The Motion Picture) the available Paramount stars, Wilder Thembi - Love Me Forever / Does It Ring A Bell? Brackett focused on William Holden, who had made an impressive debut a decade earlier in Golden Boy Following an appearance in Our Townhe served in the military in World War IIand his return to the screen afterward had been moderately successful.

He was Charmaine - Franz Waxman - Sunset Blvd.(Sunset Boulevard) (Music From The Motion Picture) about the script and eager to accept the role. Erich von Stroheim, a leading film director of the s who had directed Swanson, was signed to play Max, Norma's faithful servant, protector, and former husband. For the role of Betty Schaefer, Wilder wanted a newcomer who could project a wholesome and ordinary image to contrast with Swanson's flamboyant and obsessive Desmond.


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