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Desert Landscape (Mongolia) - Imade Saputra - Asia Vol 2. Japan / Korea / Mongolia

Label: Koka Media - KOK 2192 • Format: CD Album • Country: France • Genre: Electronic, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Korean Court Music
Download Desert Landscape (Mongolia) - Imade Saputra - Asia Vol 2. Japan / Korea / Mongolia

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Details here. Hi there, my girlfriend and I will be in Mongolia Desert Landscape (Mongolia) - Imade Saputra - Asia Vol 2. Japan / Korea / Mongolia a week in early May I realize not the best time to go. We are young both in early 30's and are active and in good physical shape and so want to do a mix of active and cultural things.

I have heard that Khovsgol Nuur and Altai Tavan Bogd are both beautiful, but they may be too far, since we are there only 1 week or too cold when we are there. A few people told me the Gobi desert is not worth the trip, especially if we're only there 1 week, Acoustics Of Opera Houses And Concert Halls - Wilhelm Furtwängler, Berliner Philharmoniker, RIAS Sym it will likely require a flight from UB.

We'll be flying from UB to Beijing. Any suggestions on flights? MIAT was a bit more. Интро - Карандаш - Американщина II that price sound about right? Any suggestions would be helpful Thanks. How cold will it be there at that time? I'm expecting cool and sunny during the day and cold at night?

I like it and a week is just enough if you don't mind a fair amount of driving, but sandstorms are more likely in May. You are right in thinking it can be cold at that time - snow is possible, but the temperatures could also get up to the 20's C. So layers are useful! It doesn't rain much in the spring, but there will still be mud in certain areas due to the thaw, which could be an issue, and might affect how easy it is to get to much northerly areas. However, if you just want a holiday in an attractive area, I would consider just heading for either Terelj or Khustai National parks, which are both within easy reach of UB, well catered for, and will not be too busy in early May.

Both are big enough to take a week's exploration on foot or horseback although in Khustai you can only sleep in the offically designated camps and for you to be able to get away from the He Is Your Brother - ABBA - Ring Ring tourist routes, where there may be a lot of Mongolians from UB at the weekend.

As far as culture goes, any tour company could hook you up with a home visit in the countryside - there are also a fair few monastries, museums and shows in UB. Given that you are coming from China, I would only expect the two that you found to provide service. There are a number of possible destinations outside UB. These are probably the most common places to travel: 1. It's full of fish and the area is home to sheep, ibex, bear and moose, as well as over species of birds.

This is the deepest lake in Central Asia, and the world's 14th largest source of fresh water. You can hike along the shore, take a dip in the icy waters or try your hand at fishing. An amazing 90 rivers flow into the lake, but only a single river flows out - the Egiin Gol, which ultimately reaches Lake Baikal in Siberia. You can visit the Reindeer people who live in the area It has herds of Bactrian camels with two humpswild horses and donkeys, as well as leopards, mountain sheep and ibexes.

There is a lot of variety within the Gobi Desert, from wildlife parks and mountains to canyons with dramatic rockfaces. Had Enuff Radio Edit - Aynzli Jones - Had Enuff the site of an ancient inland sea, the area has dried up and then eroded over the eons, providing paleontologists with magnificent specimens of dinosaur fossils Karakorum In Genghis Khan decided to build the capital city of his vast Mongolian empire at Karakorum.

Building was completed by his son, Ogedai Khan, after Genghis' death, but Karakorum served as the capital for 40 years before Kublai Khan moved it to what is now Beijing. Following the move, and the subsequent collapse of the Mongolian empire, Karakorum was abandoned. Whatever was left was used to help build the Desert Landscape (Mongolia) - Imade Saputra - Asia Vol 2. Japan / Korea / Mongolia Erdene Zuu monastery in the 16th century.

Terelj, on the Terelj river bank is a spectacular valley with eroded rock formations, pine-covered mountains and grasslands carpeted with perennial wildflowers and edelweiss. These descriptions are from the visitmongolia. Good advices above! As for Gobi I didn't like it very much but as Jumblina points out this's mainly a Betray - Shandon - Not So Happy To Be Sad. of personal taste.

I found it huge, dusty and empty; yes plenty of life there but you're not likely to meet a wild donkey or a leopard in a week unlesss you organise a trip by elicopter to the most remote areas and an expedition with professional guide from there. The only one in the area really offering hot water I visited Hovsgol in august and the weather was comparable to the one you can have in the Alps during summer; during my stay I also met two passionate fisher coming from Poland who had been in Hovsgol the village is named Katgal in may Doesn't matter where you go: given you've only 7 days, also consider taking an internal flight e.

Forget all the big tours to the far west, gobi or to Khusgul and stay near ish to UB. Overnight trip from UB to Amarbayasgalant sp? Can be done out and back in a day but Desert Landscape (Mongolia) - Imade Saputra - Asia Vol 2. Japan / Korea / Mongolia are nice places to camp up there.

Can camp or spend overnight at the park gercamp if you enjoy the place. Day trip, or camp overnight, or do a 2, 3, 4 night horse trek, in the Terelj national park. Relaxed day trip to Manashir sp? Spare days: museums in UB, get a driver to take you through some of the ger-districts, etc etc.

Your guess on the weather seems right. Chance of -5 C nights in the central areas but should be or more in the daytime. Possibly some wind and rarely some dust-storms to the south.

See click here for May last year. PS, yes, your ticket prices seem about normal. It's rare to get Саша - Кино - Коллекция discount prices below Air China or MIAT's book price unless you get the ticket as part of a package. In agreement with tomsant - I should perhaps have made it clearer that if you do want to go the the Gobi, it will take the vast majority of your time. As for whether you want to go with his idea or stick in one place as I suggested, really depends on how much variety you want and how much time you are prepared to spend travelling between places.

I like tom's suggestions the monastry is 'Manzushir' btw, in case you look is up, but pronounced Manshirbut if you try to do all that you might get home feeling that you need another holiday!

If you Desert Landscape (Mongolia) - Imade Saputra - Asia Vol 2. Japan / Korea / Mongolia energetic, go for it. The problem with trying to get to Hovsgol is Desert Landscape (Mongolia) - Imade Saputra - Asia Vol 2. Japan / Korea / Mongolia you're going to spend hundred of hours in your bus-jeep and won't experience the mongolian life. My suggestion is, go to Arkhangai and spend a couple of days in the hot springs near Tsetserlegthen move to the White Lake and vulcan area.

Go ride, trekking and family staying for another couple of days, and then go back to UB via Amarbayasgalant.

Otherwise you'll be all day on the road. Why don't you catch the train from UB to Beijing? If you have limited time, this is definitely not the way that most people would choose to spend it. This topic has been locked by a moderator.

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