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ドリーム Dream - Satoru Oda And His Group* - You And The Night And The Music


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So much of the show has been fraught with tension that when Saki and Satoru finally reunited with the rest of the gang, the sense of relief really connected with me. And the moment when they learned their juryokus could be returned was a small moment of triumph in a show where the emotion rarely appears, and the jubilation of the kids was infectious. However short-lived it was. On the narrative side, the twisting motives of the queerats were the main draw of ドリーム Dream - Satoru Oda And His Group* - You And The Night And The Music episode.

Why he continued to follow Saki and Satoru after accomplishing this objective is unclear, but his stalking presence takes on an unnerving quality here, especially after seeing his nature in the episode. The cinematography and script has been brilliant in this regard, introducing us to the intriguing premise of a cryptic prologue and cloistered village, before going on to tease and unravel details in ドリーム Dream - Satoru Oda And His Group* - You And The Night And The Music amounts every episode, making every morsel of world-building and exposition something to anticipate and savor.

On hindsight however, the constant teasing has definitely led to some very Sacrilege - Behind The Realms Of Madness foreshadowing. Among these was one that caught my attention especially after watching episode 7, where Saki and Satoru had a sudden realization about the missing children.

The show barely acknowledges nor connects the details in previous episodes, such as of the 2 close classmates disappearing, or when Saki brought up a similar question about her elementary classmates and was met with shifty glances from Satoru. The thing is that with its consistent and largely watertight direction Shin Sekai Yori has made it seem that everything was planned from the get-go.

Putting aside the controversial stylistic changes of episode 05, some of these complains only became Blues On My Mind - Blue Mitchell - Out Of The Blue to me in a few moments of Stick It Tight - Various - ABC Dance Party latest episodes.

And while the transitions in the last few episodes — and especially episode 07 — have been excessive, there are only a few moment where there was any awkwardness about them, such as with the trippy dream sequence last episode, or the snapshot reunion of the kids.

Otherwise, the cinematography generally gives me the impression of a smart, snappy production that keeps the audience immerse. I loved this episode! The whole ambiguous behaviour of Squealer really had me on the edge of my seat. Every time he led them somewhere I thought he was trying to get them killed, i.

None of them looked like Shunthat is why I think it is his hand she is holding. It never, ever is. There is a reason why it is called a trope, my friend, a rather dreadful one if I may add. If anything, it probably will be about homosexuality, hinted or not. NOT BL. Silly me. Not sexually.

Kaji Yuuki strikes again not even the males can stop themselves We Are Lovers - Camouflage - Live In Dresden time. SatoruxShun… this might work. Look at that pic. Just saying. The scene transitions were weird this episode. I suppose they were trying to end the arc ASAP for the time-skip. Kiromaru is pretty badass and noble for a rat-person. Of course the kids go back home and pretend nothing has happened, but now they have full knowledge that their world is more than they thought.

I wonder how they are going to deal with it. Also somehow The Giant Hornet clan beat three thousand Ground Spiders with 3 boat load of solders……how? It seems the anime is rushed because it tries to keep pace with the flow of the novel and still tries to cram itself into 24?

In the novel, this and the previous episodes have delved more into the wars between the rats and their strategy and tactics along with the battle depictions Kiroumaru brought an army, not three boatful of soldiers. Those are important because they are there not only to entertain readers but also to kind of give an analogy to ancient human society like Greek city-states.

Interesting that you should mention the river boat scene, because that was the one I kept thinking about when writing the post. Though I can imagine people were put off by the sudden jump, but it worked brilliantly for me. Seems possible, but I personally doubt that given how there was a large period where the kids were knocked out helpless. And he had an entire army to back him up.

Again, I inclined to believe this goes back to nobility and gratitude, or maybe even a show of his own individuality going against the orders. I actually think that Satoru was experiencing death feedback. After using his cantus so many times it looks like it was much more than fatigue that he was dealing with. I am not sure why it would be less intense than the feedback in Raijin but from my perspective the effects Nice try, Sunshine!

- Second-Hand Furniture - Nice try, Sunshine EP were being shown by Satoru were both fatigue and a death feedback. In case of Rijin, Saki explained that the death feedback got worse because Rijin killed the Queerats in the distance where they look vaguely human.

When Satoru killed them, he either was near them, thus clearly recognizing their non-human features, or killed them without seeing them e. I think Satoru just suffered from a combination of not enough sleep and the fatigue from overusing his cantus. Kiromaru head looks like a wolf IMO. And honestly, Squeeler unique patterned eye sometimes looks scary to me… So there the possibility tht the higher up get those Queerat to ドリーム Dream - Satoru Oda And His Group* - You And The Night And The Music the dirty jobs eh….

A bit off topic, but there quite an info on the creatures of SSY in its chinese wikipedia page. The details are in the spoiler. They will pretend to incubate the fake egg to trick predators to eat it. When it expand to a certain size, it own bone will act as flint to cause explosion. Those queerat are evolved from mole rat.

I got tht right! Btw is it OK tht I mention it now? The anime might or might not tell us abt it…. A good episode. From the speculation above with pigeon and bat messages, the adults may have an inkling what happened, but I bet the False Minoshiro part was kept out of it. Who is the final kingpin of the conspiracy of the village? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment.

Magi — Well the kids clearly call them fusen inu … so balloon dog. Squealer for scariest character of …. It is quite the surprise since his hair seems naturally straight-flat pre-time-skip.

Be interesting with the time skip. It is poisonous and have unpleasant smell so its only ドリーム Dream - Satoru Oda And His Group* - You And The Night And The Music is tiger crab. It has a lot more colour variation than the one shown.

You do know the time jumps approximately only 2 years of their current age right? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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