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Filivs Macrocosmi - Innerself...Isolationism (File)

Label: OMS Records - none • Format: 2x, File WAV, Mini-Album • Country: Ukraine • Genre: Electronic • Style: Dark Ambient, Drone
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For the first time Freya Aswynn and Patrick Leagas collaborated live nearly twenty years after the original album was recorded. Their transcendent atmospheric Black will not leave you in the dark and will guide you through the group's culture, oscillating between tradition and spirituality. The plague spreads, the civilisation collapses, the horror has just begun!!!

Year : Point of equilibrium Avignon - Ravi Coltrane - Mad 6 interaction between traditional instrumentation electric guitar and tenor saxophone and techniques of digital processing of audio signals.

Ambient Label : Smallvoices. When "less" is "more" in your folk-face Kamerads! Melek-Tha in the Mix. Gaya Donadio backing vocals. A sonic mastodon somewhere between The Young Gods and Godflesh. Long-time sold out and seeked! All in portuguese. Metal Country : Brazil.

Gothic Label : Dark Vinyl. Cold black metal with a thematic related to far-west. Original and depressing, digipack limited to copies.

Modern Death Metal. The new album from this mighty american horde. Excellent stuff as always. Cult album of eastern black brutality! Reissue of the EP including seven bonus tracks. Depraved Black'n'Roll at its best!

Quote from label: "Split release of first wave influenced street metal, split release of bands from Japan and USA. Features two new songs from each band. Luxuous edition - album of their reunion! Luxuous edition. Industrialize your evil mind! CD digibox, marking concretely the conceptual link with the new Blacklodge's album. Revisited layout and a quality cut by SST for optimal audio experience.

The New EP from this mysanthropical one-man-project! Come with an inner sleeve. Deluxe Digipak CD All copies come with an A4 full colour poster The seven-track album includes a rare recording captured on May the 21st in Groningen The Netherlands during the band's european tour, and 2 unreleased industrial songs. Featuring the "With No Human Intervention" album's line-up. Double pin holders with black varnish filling. Classic beanie version. This collection of recordings is the legacy of a band that is constantly on the run and ahead of its time, breaking down barriers and evermore pushing further the sonic frontiers of a genre it has set for itself and going places where few dare venture.

Limited edition LP, comes on white vinyl housed in an elegant die-cut cover printed on reverse board, with printed Filivs Macrocosmi - Innerself.Isolationism (File) and a 12"x12" 4 page booklet.

Official re-issue of legendary album!!! Official re-issue of legendary album. Black vinyl, gr gsm jacket with matt lamination, gold inside flood and gold ink print A2 Filivs Macrocosmi - Innerself.Isolationism (File) and insert All assembled in plastic bags Black Metal Label : Inferna Profundus Records Country : Sweden Year : Official re-issue of legendary album!

Tracks 6, 19, 20 taken from the September 7, rehearsal demo for Tormented. Excellent Death Metal! Horror till you fukking die! Noise Label : DTA. Quote from label: "After a first release shaping what will be Absolvtion, the band goes on his path with a debut EP that unveiled a heavier music and Television - Foxhole mature.

For this new offering, the band worked hard on the production, reinforcing the compositions. The lyrics deals with the human condition, his report to religion and the desire to rise above the masses and reveal his true Filivs Macrocosmi - Innerself.Isolationism (File). Quality woven patch.

Three-way double cd split in A digipack cd. Quote from label: "Versatility of perception is a revisiting of the early Für Dich, Für Mich - Max Giesinger - Der Junge, Der Rennt of Filivs Macrocosmi by two Ukrainian projects Absurd Inspiration and Charadriiform.

The record is not a cover-up but a well thought-over plunging into the original atmosphere to reinforce the sound palette from various cryptic perspectives. Absurd Inspiration focuses mainly on the occult part, in particular Crowley's "The Book of the Law" concept of love Nuttata E Sentimento - Roberto Murolo - Napoletana - Antologia Cronologica Della Canzone Partenopea will, and references to the cult of goddess reflected in early Filivs Macrocosmi art.

Charadriiform, on the contrary, makes the original isolationist ambience truly absolute, relating wide open space and the unconscious. A fucking strange mixture Filivs Macrocosmi - Innerself.Isolationism (File) Symphonic Black Metal with a guttural voice.

Greek black metal. Really interesting split featuring 4 undergound bands! Quote from label: "Across Tundras both crush and soothe with expertly conjured sonic doses of ambient doom, vintage psychedelic rock and haunted folk. Released on CD by Saw Her Ghost Records inthis master piece is finally available on vinyl, a gatefold 2xLP for a copies press copies on orange wax, copies on black ". Shamanic Dark Ambient. Ad lux tenebrae also known as K Svetu T'my first full-length album.

Ad lux tenebrae - well-known masters of deep ritualistic Dark ambient from north of Riphean Mountains. Great powerful sounds from Primeval Ural Woods. To create music they use original musical instruments - bubens, handmade drums, blowing horns, flutes and others instruments made by musicians theyself and have no name. Disk contains two live recorded Rituals, each of them was played in this form only once and never will be repeated. First Ritual is fast, intense, rhythmical and disquiet.

Second is appeased tranquil quiet. Quote from the label: "Ghanood is new album of Ad Lux Tenebrae played in collaboration with Filivs Macrocosmi - Innerself.Isolationism (File) Closing the Eternity.

One more then half of hour long track. Both demos on one cd. Includes the track "Apoptosis" which is from a recording between the 2 demos. Filivs Macrocosmi - Innerself.Isolationism (File) from label: "The contemplative piece of drone sound art, will lead the listener to the depths of preconscious. As the microcosm and the macrocosm are equal, so all the secrets and all the wonders are hidden inside of our deep inner self.

Stop the fuss of mind and look into your soul. This is the only way to see the Unfading Eternal Flame. Adriva is the Filivs Macrocosmi - Innerself.Isolationism (File) of Russian ethnographer, artist and musical avant-gardist Denis Shapovalov from Rostov-on-Don.

Starting his way in the black metal underground of Filivs Macrocosmi - Innerself.Isolationism (File) early 90s, and after founded one of the first Russian folk pagan band Sunchariot, the artist changed Filivs Macrocosmi - Innerself.Isolationism (File) reference point for drone and experimental music. Unlike the darker and denser paintings of the late Sunchariot, Adriva music is based on the experience of myths and drawing inspiration from archaic beliefs and the culture of the ancients".

Quote from label: "This split LP is much more than merely two bands each taking up a side of a record. It reflects the arduous process of uniting and focusing two distinct forces into a single syncretic expression. The bands collaborated thematically to produce a masterpiece, the whole of which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Conceptually, the album synthesizes and contrasts the symbol of Leviathan with that of Lucifer. The serpentine coil of DNA. The world serpent consuming itself. Solar illumination threaded into synaptic transmission. Charged fields. The ionic path joining that which is above to that which is below. Musically, this LP is incomparable. For its part, Adversarial delivers three tracks that are easily the best material the band has yet released.

Adversarial strikes Tell You Mama - Hot Bibins - Good Fellows unique and peculiar discordance which, at times, is evocative of Voivod yet presented within a darker Death Metal context.

Antediluvian here continue to pursue a style ever more dense, unpredictable, and arcane. This LP is intended to be consumed in a single listen. Country : USA Year : Quote from label: "6 anthems of aggressive violence and occult atmosphere at the left-hand-path of dark illumination.

A professionally manufactured and diversified album with waves from melodic Black Metal to disharmonious tunes of darkness and chaos. One of several side-projects to emerge from the Wolvserpent camp, Aelter is the solo effort of Wolvserpent guitarist Blake Green. With Aelter, Blake explores a similar realm of dark majestic sound to Wolvserpent, with his massive downtuned guitar roar and Filivs Macrocosmi - Innerself.Isolationism (File) minor key melodies being the common thread between the two projects.

But where Wolvserpent blends this chugging Melvins-esque heaviness and haunting slowcore arpeggios with violins, pounding drums, and a propensity for extended hypno-dirges, Filivs Macrocosmi - Innerself.Isolationism (File) dispenses with the drums almost completely and goes for a more cinematic approach using layered keyboards and gorgeous harmonized voices that reminds me of something you would have heard on Beggers Banquet or 4AD being fused to a malevolent black heaviness.


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