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Heart Attack - Aorta - Aorta

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By Stephen T. Sinatra, M. An aneurysm is a dangerous bulge in the aorta, the biggest artery in the body. Your heart pumps blood directly into the aorta, which then branches off at multiple sites to supply the whole body from top to bottom.

The walls of the aorta become damaged and weakened in one spot and bulge out like a balloon. If the balloon bursts, death can occur rapidly. More than 15, people die from this a year. According to the U. Centers for Disease Control, aortic aneurysms caused almost 18, Heart Attack - Aorta - Aorta in Heart Attack - Aorta - Aorta United States in they were the primary cause of death in about 11, cases.

Abdominal aneurysms affect four to six times as many men as women, and occur in up to 8 percent of men ages 65 and older. On average, women tend to be affected 10 years later than men. Abdominal aneurysms are commonly associated with smokingarterial disease, high blood pressurelow HDL cholesterol levels, and a family history of aneurysms. An aneurysm higher up in the aorta, in the chest, tends to affect men and women equally, and usually involves high blood pressure or sudden injury.

Aortic aneurysms usually develop slowly over many years. Many times, there are no symptoms, and the problem is identified by ultrasound, CT scans, or MRIs when doctors are looking for something else. If an aneurysm expands rapidly, ruptures, or blood leaks along the wall of the vessel, symptoms may develop suddenly.

They include a pulsating sensation in the abdomen, severe, sudden, persistent, or constant pain in the abdomen or groin that could radiate to the buttocks and legs, nausea, and the appearance of an abdominal mass. Aneurysms can also occur in peripheral arteries.

Though less likely to rupture, the slower blood flow in these arteries can cause blood clots to form. Size of the aneurysm is considered a Иван Московский - Легенды Блатной Песни predictor of rupture risk.

The larger the aneurysm the greater the risk. And the risk increases significantly when the diameter of the bulge exceeds 5. Surgical repair is warranted at that size as well. Smaller aneurysms are generally subject to watchful waiting. Screening is crucial. Preventive Services Task Force, men between the ages ofand particularly individuals who have smoked in their lives, should obtain an ultrasound screening for an abdominal aortic aneurysm. There is no such recommendation for men of that age bracket who have never smoked, and a screening is not recommended for women.

The Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery, however, recommends screening for women with multiple risk factors, such as smoking, cerebrovascular disease, and family history. The American College of Cardiology recommends a screening for men over 60 who have a sibling or parent with an aortic aneurysm. High risk individuals should also have an echocardiogram an ultrasound diagnostic procedure for the heart to determine any suspicious enlargement of the aorta artery close to the heart.

For decades, surgeons repaired this condition primarily by placing a synthetic graft through a large surgical incision. Cutting into the abdomen is always risky business. Heart Attack - Aorta - Aorta can take months. Moreover, older and compromised patients run the risk of renal failure, cardiovascular complications, and adverse reactions to anesthesia.

Many an older patient with an aneurysm told me they would rather wait it out than subject themselves to surgery.

In some of those cases, the aneurysm ruptured and patients died. EVAR, as it is called for short, involves embedding a fabric covered stent at the damaged site via a catheter inserted through the femoral artery in the groin. The blood bypasses the aneurysm. The procedure involves only a tiny incision, much less anesthesia, and has a much quicker recovery time. Studies have shown that the new procedure is Heart Attack - Aorta - Aorta safer but requires more follow-up interventions of a minor nature.

Keep your arteries strong and healthy. Here are some tips:. My mum died in January the 14th at Truro hospital. My mum was only 55 yrs old. Kind regards. I have been Heart Attack - Aorta - Aorta I have an ascending aortic aneurysm 4. This last figure has been my average for nearly 20 years, occasionally higher. As this aneurysm was Heart Attack - Aorta - Aorta picked up by previous echo cardiograms 2 in the last 5 yearsand even as Love Street - The Doors - Waiting For The Sun as 2 months ago I had a heart X-Ray which did Heart Attack - Aorta - Aorta pick it up, should I be concerned that it might to be growing very fast?

I always experience chest and back painseven on light exertion, as well as breathlessness. At what stage should I insist on surgical intervention? Where do I go from here? I lost my 56 year old friend this way and it is oh so sad.

I have occasional throbbing in my abdominal Heart Attack - Aorta - Aorta . I am going to see a doctor as soon as possible. Is the throbbing alone enough to indicate a possible aortic aneurysm?

I will remember that. I almost had a stent placed 4 months after a mild heart attack 2 yrs ago. I say almost because the doctor placing the stent cut my aorta instead and I ended up with a triple bypass. Went to a new doctor last week. Based on the size and location they say open heart is my only option. I get that After Youve Gone - Fats Waller - Complete Recordings Vol.

1 To 10 (1926-1936) now have a severly limit life expectancy, but other than that am I missing anything here? I am a 76 year old male with no previous cardiac issues. I have been diagnosed recently with an aortic aneurism close to the base of my heart. I have no symptoms and was surprised when the Cardiologist, after an ultra sound of my heart, informed me of the condition. It is 4. I have never smoked but do have genetically related hypertension and have been on BP medication many, many ye.

Normal heart rate These are my concerns: I have always been a physical person without weight issues. My weight ranges but mostly an avg of about I still would like to continue to play tennis.

I walk a couple of miles a day and ride my bicycle several times a week. Is this safe? Am I at risk of dropping dead on a tennis court or taking a walk. Hi Bill and Ron. Its typically thought that aortic aneurisms under 5cm diameter can be monitored over time but greater than 5cm may require surgery. This is because surgery has its own risks and studies have shown that aortic aneurisms under 5cm are not an immediate concern.

That said I am not a doctor Ever Changing Moods - Paul Weller - Studio 150 (DVD) every patient is Heart Attack - Aorta - Aorta . Some patients may have other health concerns that may warrant a earlier surgery.

Its always important to weight out the risks of surgery vs not having surgery but a discussion with your doctor who knows all of your health information, your values, your goals and should be able to give you the information you need and help you make a decision. DR Sinatra I have a aorta aneurism for 8 years it was work related when found it was 3. I called Dr Becker he said to take omega 3 and you took as much as 10 G a day.

I started with 10 and reduced it to 4 G a doy the aneurism stabilize at 4. Then a tecnicktion ad used me and it when to 5. I started taking 6 G of victim c and it reduced to 3. Pluse rate to 76 it use to br in the low I am now taking 5G of omega 3 high quality. Dhe 2G Epa 5G to avoid blood clots. As a middle aged relatively healthy caucasian woman who watched both her parents die of heart complications in the last 7 years, I decided to become very proactive about my own health.

However, even she could not figure out the cause s of some very life intrusive, Where Are You ? - Jo Stafford - They Say Its Wonderful conditions that were severely interfering with my day to day life, including my job.

Therefore, I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could what the possible causes of my conditions might be. What I learned has taken over 7 years of voracious reading, and I am still learning. As Dr. Sinatra stresses over and over again in his blogs, NUTRITION what we put in our bodies is the number one factor we can control to create and maintain good to great health.

After doing all of this, I Chanson du temps perdu - Gilles Vigneault - Gilles Vigneault still not where I wanted to be energy or health wise. And my Dr. Well, I may have been in comparison to some of her other patients, but not for me. I read about Dr. My father also. They ran a very very comprehensive blood test, provided me with a 26 page assay, and for the first time I had some answers.


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