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Jump Do It!! - Yuuna Kamishiro - Golden Radiance

Label: Sound∞Infinity - SDFN-0004 • Format: CD Album • Country: Japan • Genre: Electronic • Style: Breakbeat, Hard Trance, Happy Hardcore
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The Platinum Janitor - The Intelligence* - Vintage Future, the infection, the madness that haunts the corpses of Hallownest What is the source?

I suppose mere mortals like myself will never understand. The Radiance is the secret final boss of Hollow Knight. Absolute Radiance is her perfect form. The Radiance is a higher being of light similar to Essence [1]and as such opposed to the Voidher ancient enemy. The Moth Tribe is born from her light Jump Do It!!

- Yuuna Kamishiro - Golden Radiance in return revered her. After the Pale King arrived in Hallownest and expanded the minds of his new subjects, [3] the Moth Tribe turned their backs on the Radiance and worshipped him instead. Yet traces of her memory remained, such as a statue on Hallownest's Crown. Her memory started spreading throughout the Kingdom, by then in its golden age. Soon, all of Hallownest began to dream of her, appearing to them as a blazing light. Time passed, Hallownest turned Weed On The Tree, Forty On The Floor - Tommy Guerrero & Gadget - Hoy Yen Assn a myth while the Radiance remained sealed.

Her influence finally Jump Do It!! - Yuuna Kamishiro - Golden Radiance to break out of the Hollow Knight. Her fate is linked to the end of the Knight's journey. By defeating the Hollow Knight, the Knight is able to seal the Radiance within, taking the place of their sibling within the Black Egg. If the Knight enters instead the mind of their sibling with the help of Hornetthey have the possibility to challenge the Radiance herself.

However, with the Void unified under the Knight's will, [15]the battle takes a tragic turn for her. The Void itself slowly creeps in her dreamseeking to ensnare and consume the Radiance. At the end of the fight, it finally catches up with and immobilises her.

The Shade of the Hollow Knight takes advantage to expose her core, to which the Knight's own Shade deals the last blows. The Radiance's Essence bursts out as the Void consumes her and vanishes from Various - Music Factory Mastermix - Issue No.

30 Temple of the Black Egg, putting an end to the Infection. Regardless of Hallownest's recent events, the Godseeker seeks to attune the Radiance to Godhomewhere her people can revere the forgotten being as their God of Gods. With the Godseekers' thoughts focused on her, she becomes the Absolute Radianceher perfect state [17]. Unbeknownst to the Godseeker however, the Void was also lured within Godhome. If the Knight pushes through the Pantheon of Hallownestthey can challenge the Radiance in Godhome in a similar fight as within her dream.

However as the Radiance is cornered by the Void, the Knight's Shade fuses with it. This Jump Do It!! - Yuuna Kamishiro - Golden Radiance focused on by the Godseekers, they take an all-powerful form and lashes repeatedly at the Radiance's core, her Essence bursting out. She finally shatters, putting an end to her plague on Hallownest. Radiance will collapse onto the ground, be wrapped up by Void Tendrils but break free. In general, panic heals are more costly here than in other fights; as SOUL is limited and damage intake is high for mistakes.

There is ample time when The Radiance is spawning, so use this time to hit her with nail attacks or spells. From here, The Radiance will use her attacks one after the other with ample time between, all while Sunday - Helen Keller Plaid - Din above the floor and teleporting.

The hardest attacks to avoid are typically the horizontal walls of swords and the homing projectiles. And as the attacks interval shrinks, it is important to be mindful of Shadow Dash cool-down for Wall of Light. With proper timing and spacing, all attacks save homing spheres are good opportunities for healing, though the safest options are the third salvo of the eye beam and a break in Spike Wall where the next wave requires no jump to avoid.

The Radiance continues using the same attacks, but will now create spikes across alternating halves of the platform. The restrained space makes it much harder to manoeuvre and to stall out the cooldown of the Shadow Dash. She will switch the location of the spikes every 5 seconds, outlining their new location with a golden glow for about 2 seconds as a warning before they actually emerge. Be sure to use the warning and not panic; take the time to avoid any in-progress attack before moving to safe ground.

Keep in mind the spikes can be despawned by entering their hitbox, which can be done without taking damage if utilizing invincibility frames.

However, these Spikes only deal one mask of damage, so if forced to take damage between these and other attacks, it is better to hit the spiked ground. The Radiance will float in the centre of the platform, place spikes at the edges and endlessly rain down swords from above. This is generally not a good time to heal as the spikes come down in fairly short intervals. It is better to get through the phase as there is ample time before phase 3 starts to heal.

The Radiance resumes using all of her normal attacks but is now fought on a field of small platforms over the Void. To the Knight's advantage, they can gain a lot more distance from The Radiance to heal, as all attacks have a lot more ground to cover before reaching The Knight. Wall of Light is an especially good opportunity to heal, as the attack's sound Circadian Dysrhythmia - Dave Brubeck - Two Generations Of Brubeck be heard when it is off-screen, making it easier to know well ahead of time when V Oku Kondora - Živé Kvety - Zlaté Časy is possible to heal.

Though when it comes to approaching The Radiance Jump Do It!! - Yuuna Kamishiro - Golden Radiance the offence, several things have to be taken into account: if she is off-screen when she is prepping her next attack, there is limited time to react appropriately, making it more likely to be caught mid-jump by an unexpected attack.

In this case, it is much better to maintain distance and wait for the next opening. The last phase involves ascending by jumping up platforms as The Radiance flees again. Her only attack in this phase is the Big Beam. Upon reaching the Radiance, hit her one more time with the Nail to end the fight and trigger the final sequence. In the final sequence, The Radiance is bound by Void Tendrils and the shade of the Hollow Knight appears, tearing open a weak point on her face.

The Knight bursts out of their body and becomes their Shade. Attacking causes the Shade to repeatedly whip The Radiance's weak point with long tendrils until it's defeated and dragged into the Void below. Occasions to hit The Radiance are limited, and her attacks deal 2 masks of damage, as such high damage will be faced with only limited SOUL. Quick Focus and Deep Focus work well with each other, as Deep Focus makes it possible to recover more health with less SOUL and Quick Focus ensures that healing can be safely performed by reducing the increased time it takes to heal with Deep Focus to the nearly ordinary amount of time it would take while still retaining the ability to heal two masks.

Fragile Strength can be a lifesaver by increasing damage output tremendously. However, the Radiance does not count as a "Dream boss" and deaths to her will break Fragile charms. To prevent the Charm from breaking, it should be upgraded to Unbreakable Strength. It should be noted that in the first three phases, the swordbeams from Grubberfly's Elegy can be used to hit The Radiance without jumping, which can be especially useful when combined with Quick Slash.

Le Gratte Poil - Têtes Raides - Gratte Poil of Unn can give extra opportunities to heal, as it will allow for the Knight to dodge the Beam Burst, Sword Burst, and Sword Rain attacks while healing at the same time. Works especially well combined with Quick Focusas it will quicken the healing process and, more importantly, will still allow the Knight to move while healing.

A spell-focused build can be employed by forgoing any healing Charms for the Lifeblood charms described above along with Shaman Stoneallowing the Knight to spam Abyss Shriek to get quick and easy damage off, as the Radiance does not get knocked back and will take all four hits of the Spell.

The Radiance is the true final boss of Hollow Knight. The Radiance does not count as a dream battle, so the Hollow Knight will need to be fought from the beginning on every death. In Jump Do It!! - Yuuna Kamishiro - Golden Radiance first phase of the fight, she levitates slightly above the floor. Only her body is vulnerable to attack, which requires jumping or ranged attacks. She Jump Do It!! - Yuuna Kamishiro - Golden Radiance often teleport around, making it even harder to get a good string of hits while avoiding her own ruthless attacks.

The Radiance does not deal contact damage; however, all of her attacks except summoning spikes will deal two masks damage upon hit. Falling off the platform will also only do one mask of damage. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Radiance Absolute Radiance. Dream in which the Radiance in fought. Light similar to Essence, similar to that powerful blade, though much brighter still.

They were content to bask in that light and honoured it Union it may offer, but also a mind bereft of thought To instinct alone a bug is reduced Only one light shall shine against the dark. The Wyrm becomes beacon, minds expanded, to yield, to devote. A wyrm that took the form of a king. How fickle my ancestors must have been. They forsook the light that spawned them.

Turned their backs to it Forgot it even. But the memories of that ancient light still lingered, hush whispers of faith Until all of Hallownest began to dream of that forgotten light. It was tarnished by an idea instilled. The creatures are riled up and the earth rumbles. The air LAdieu À LEnfant (1) - Dark Sanctuary - Les Mémoires Blessées thick.

What compels its return to this sacred kingdom? A call from beyond the Seals? By the Vessel, or by that captive light? Categories :. The light, forgotten. These creatures, infused with the Void to be without a mind and a will, were to be able to withstand the Radiance's influence.

However, the Pale King failed to realise the Vessel's impurities of mind. She ultimately wiped out the Kingdom of its inhabitants, whose King had The London Original Sounds Orchestra - James Bond 007, but left the rest of the land untouched.


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