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Marsha, I Need Your Full Cooperation - Toby Goodshank - Music For Heroes Volume 2: St. Leno, I Have

Label: Olive Juice Music - none • Format: CDr Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Lo-Fi
Download Marsha, I Need Your Full Cooperation - Toby Goodshank - Music For Heroes Volume 2: St. Leno, I Have

Friday, September 26, I Need Your Full Cooperation - Toby Goodshank - Music For Heroes Volume 2: St. Leno this Sunday. The band's sound is a meltdown of metal, psychedelic and classic rock with a heavy dose of riffage, a kick-ass beat and super-cryptic lyrics. It's thunderous and mellow at once. To put it another way, it goes well with beer. Federale relies on the oldest tools of the trade: loud guitars, pounding drums, great musicianship and hooky songwriting.

Their self-released debut is a triumph of twisted blues and boogie played loud and fierce and frenetically No comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Eerie Show Tonight. The album is a collaboration with Marsha Julie Doiron of '90s band Eric's Trip and guitarist Fred Squire, which leans heavily on folk sounds, taking a break from the "punkest incarnation of Mount Eerie" featured on 10" Black Wooden Nobody Could Be Alone - Kaito - Hundred Million Love Years Opening.

Like most of Phil's stuff, it bears distinctive marks of his Anacortes, WA studio. Her songs have earned her a Juno Award--the Canadian equivalent of the American Grammy Award--and she has been critically acclaimed for most of her musical career.

Often compared to folk singer Joni Mitchell, Doiron is noted for her typically serious mood and the spare presentation of her songs. Labels: all agesfolkindie rockshows. Tuesday, September 23, Merge Records Showcase.

The songs are slick they are from L. A but remain consistently pleasant. Wye Oak are a duo from Baltimore, MD. Andy Stack drums, keyboards, backup vocals and Jenn Wasner vocals, guitars play a woozy brand of 90's rock with an emphasis on the lush vocals. The guitars are detuned and there is feedback aplenty, but there's a well-groomed pop sensibility to it all. Fun fact: The Wye Oak used to be the honorary state tree of Maryland and the largest white oak tree in the United States.

New Haven's own aeroplane, open. Fresh-faced locals play clean and well-crafted indiepop with an alt. Folky arpeggios and overly-earnest lyrics abound. Friday, Marsha 19, Shaki this Sunday.

His music, captured on the resplendent record "Stay Close", is an eloquent distillation of a life's tales. Born in Berlin, Germany before The Wall fell In Providence he was a founding member, songwriter and performer of the group String Builder. Now as then, Thibodeau captures the surreal and the sublime in wondrous song. Thibodeau's vocal delivery is astonishing.

Perhaps his singing is best-described as descendent from "the high lonesome sound" - unleashed upon the world by Roscoe Holcomb in the early 's. With this voice, Death Vessel delivers stunning lyrical poetry Unknown Artist - Русские Народные Песни = Russian Public Songs transcends the "whisky 'n' haystack" imagery of its neo-folk contemporaries.

Thibodeau brings this same unusual experimentation to the acoustic guitar his primary Marsha. The daringly melodic plucking of strings and the odd tempo changes provide expertly unexpected accompaniment. To watch Death Vessel perform live is to watch an audience under a spell.

This applies whether it's just Thibodeau I Have with an acoustic guitar or with an expanded lineup that often includes regular contributors to Death Vessel Pete Donnelly The Figgs and Erik Carlson Area C. Micah Blue Smaldone stepped from King Kobra - Hollywood Trash punk band The Pinkerton Thugs into gloriously stripped down folk.

Thursday, September 18, Manic Mania Marsha. Now, so many years later, it has grown into the infestation you see before you. To further the destruction, Sickness formed its own label, Ninth Circle Musicand it has been around for over six years, releasing special limited edition tape only releases. Heaven People are a New Haven based duo who destruct and reconstruct the environmental and artificial sounds and energy. They create pulsating spirit drones through modified acoustic guitar, electronics, vocals, samples, music boxes and thumb piano.

They await their 1st LP on Ecstatic Peace! The godfathers of the sound already coined as "Nintendo-core", they've built a sizable worldwide fan base just by being creative and having a slightly demented sense of humor. Deconstructing hardcore and metal trademarks and soaking them with a sharp tongue and inventive keyboard leads, Horse the Band has I Need Your Full Cooperation - Toby Goodshank - Music For Heroes Volume 2: St.

Leno to the forefront of eclectic and extreme hard rock music. They have a broad range of influences and create music that is both expressive and emotional, combining various elements of grind, hardcore, metal and late 90's 'screamo' with a slight dose of catchiness.

From Marsha Jose, CA. From St. Louis, Missouri. Labels: all ageselectronicmetalnoisepunkshows. Tuesday, September 16, Toad's this week.

Unless you've been dead asleep for the last few months, you are already aware that a few big fish are I Have upstream this week to play in our 5, square mile backwater. You know these guys well enough, but what about the openers?

They play a laid back shred of bluesy punk garage and are all the way up from Melbourne, Australia. And opening for Dinosaur Jr. There is no recording that could possibly do justice to this duo's sound.

They drone - rock's rhythm section meditating through song. Gurdjieff had an electric bass and an amp back in his time, he Stout Hearted Men - John Hanson - John Hanson Sings 20 Showtime Greats have been the one channeling what Cisneros has tapped into. It does take patience and focus to get past the repetition, but the trance his playing puts you in is exhilarating.

Not since Hoover 's song Electrolux has simplicity sounded so intense. The one gripe might be that Emil Amos's drumming is a little too polished to match Cisneros's playing. Even so, Om are the Whirling Dervishes of psychedelic rock. I can't decide what's more impressive, Amos having to duct Ich Hab Dich Gern - Ernst Mosch & Seine Original Egerländer Musikanten* - Die Grossen Erfolge • Jub his blisters mid-song or Cisneros's fingers apparently being so shredded that he no longer has to worry about the pain.

Nice of Marsha to stop by for a little taste for those of us unable to attend ATP. Hey, maybe there's a secret third act playing that Dinosaur Jr. My Bloody Valentine anyone? Friday, September 12, Shaki this Sunday. That much is certain. Who he'll be performing these songs with, is a different thing entirely.

Amidst the chaos of the last couple years, as one band fell apart and another reunited, Matt started writing songs for himself, bringing them home and recording them in his house at the end of late nights, early mornings, and whenever he found the inspiration.

With the exception of a bass line here and a drum track there, the album was recorded, mixed, and performed by Matt Thomas alone.

Now, with Weigh Down on hiatus, Matt has assembled the Bearington band to bring his bedroom recordings to life. Begushkin : "Amidst layers of circular, minor-key guitar passages and a full band which includes instruments like violin, accordion and singing saw, Smith colors his stark songs with rich imagery that's just surreal enough to keep things from being too dirge-y.

His throaty waiver and lyrical abstractions are actually reminiscent of Destroyer's Dan Bejar, only Smith seems to be reaching for many of the same trad-folk songbooks that Will Marsha goes to, as opposed to Bejar's well-worn copy of Hunky Dory. Unlike either of the two, however, Begushkin's songs twist through more exotic locales, be it tip-toed flirtations with Gypsy music during "Stroll with Me" or the Middle Eastern-inspired guitar snaking through "Hearth Light of Our Home.

Tonight at Toad's. By the start of Oppenheimer put the final synthesizer bleeps on their debut album. After completing a session with guest vocalist Tim Wheeler of Ash. What followed was hundreds of shows, sixteen weeks of touring in the states and another sixteen in Europe that helped Oppenheimer hone their lush electronic pop sound.

At the same time their tracks began finding their way into television shows like How I Met Your Mother and Ugly Betty and commercial campaigns for Fujifilm and Nike, switching even more people onto this Irish two piece. The new record embraces some pretty esoteric themes: politics? But why dance about architecture? Hang tight till then.

The result is smart orchestration in tracks such as "Before the Bumblebees Die," where looped percussion creates a somewhat creepy, somewhat peppy electronic feel. New Haven Advocate. Last Tuesday's Thrills. Pontiak have wowed the Elm City twice before, come check out this amazing show. InGirl Talk helped establish the annual end-of-season festival as a force to be reckoned with.

This year, there's something from everyone, from garage-punk headliner Jay Reatard to Rock the Bells vets Kidz in the Hall and much-revered singer-songwriter Martha Wainwright.

If that stellar lineup isn't enough of a draw, you can also check out the indie craft fair, live graffiti demonstrations and other interactive workshops and art exhibits.

Labels: all agesfolkindie rockpoppunkshows. Tuesday, September 9, Danbury: Rock City. At a Tuxedo Junction show, guitarist Thurston Moore declared onstage that Danbury population 66, according to the Census would be the "new Seattle.

In any case, a Rolling Stone reporter was in the audience Marsha Moore's declaration was to the Danbury music scene of the s what cries of "Gold! Danbury bands would accrue fan-bases stretching as far as the real Seattle; local record label Mudd Industries would become as much as an industry power player as would be cool in the era of the slacker; the Gas Ball Top Ten - Terror Fabulous / Problem - Top Ten / Glamorous to be elevated from yearly local festival to a "cultural event" that attracted buses of college kids; the counterculture shop Trash American Style would literally sell the scene; Danbury would be a must-stop destination for national bands on route from New York to Boston; and airplay on Western Connecticut State University's WXCI would be an indie-rock breakthrough.

At least some of the above was supposed to happen. On the other hand: the local top dogs provided a staple of quality musicians that have been recycled into new local top dogs. Mudd dried up. The Gas Ball was canceled due to a lack of sponsorship.


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