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Metal Forest - Rich. St. John - Thru His Eyes

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December 20, by the old calendar by the new calendar the date will be January 2, marks the th anniversary of the day of repose of the great Russian luminary, the righteous priest St. John of Kronstadt. John occupies a special place in the list of saints, being of great significance not only in spiritual terms, but also on a historical plane, having been sent by the Lord as erstwhile Jonah was to Nineveh, in order to prophesy to the Russian people and to the whole world the coming universal cataclysm and the onset of apostasy, i.

On October 19,in the far north of Russia, a weak and sickly child, named John Ioannwas born in the family of Ilia Sergiyev, church reader in the village of Sura in the Archangelsk province.

From his earliest years Vanya went with his father to their poor and humble church, served in the altar, loved the service books, became very pious. His favorite book was the Holy Gospel. All Somebody Someone - Korn - Issues this became Pig City I - Burning Love - Rotten Thing To Say firm religious foundation for the boy in his later long and glorious life in Christ.

Learning came very hard to Vanya in his childhood, which sorrowed him greatly, but also served to spur him on to especially fervent prayers to God for help. And a miracle occurred! Once, during his sojourn in his religious school, after a fervent prayer during the night, the boy experienced a sudden shiver all over his body, and it was as though a curtain fell from his eyes, as though his mental sight opened up, and he experienced lightness and joy in his soul.

After that night the boy immediately began reading with great ease, began to comprehend and memorize everything with the greatest facility. He finished his school at the top of his class, graduated from the Archangelsk Seminary in first place, and entered the St. Petersburg Religious Academy. His spiritual development proceeded even more successfully. In the academy St.

John dreamed of missionary work among the native tribes of North America and Siberia; however, observation showed that the residents of St. Petersburg did not know Christ any better than the aborigines of other countries. While pondering his aspirations, St. John repeatedly saw a childhood vision: Metal Forest - Rich. St. John - Thru His Eyes saw himself as a priest in a certain cathedral and accepted it as a sign from above.

After graduating from the academy inSt. John was ordained a priest. Upon first entering the St. Andrew Cathedral in Kronstadt, to which he had been assigned, he stood stock-still on the threshold: this was the very church that had been revealed to him many years before in his childhood vision! John spent the rest of his life and pastoral activity in Kronstadt. Many people even forgot St. After graduating from the academy, St.

Glory to Thee, O Lord! But I wish to know more. My spirit thirsts for knowledge. My heart is not satisfied, not sated. But already from the very first days of his priesthood St. John began his spiritual labor of engaging in charitable deeds of love, deliberately keeping them secret. Although afterwards he would say that he was not leading an ascetic life, these words were spoken by him out of deep humility. In reality, while concealing from people his spiritual feats, St.

John was the greatest ascetic, and he began implementing the knowledge of conquering the self from the first days of his priesthood. Prayer and fasting constituted the foundation of his spiritual labors, as well as abstinence, and that not only in food, but also in all emotions. The daily serving of the liturgy alone, which St. John took on as a rule, required extensive fasting according to Orthodox church rule.

However, St. John did not limit himself to daily services, constant prayer at all times and in all places, divine contemplation, fasting, and abstinence.

From his first days as a priest he dedicated himself to serving the poor and the destitute, always sought them out and found them, helped them, took care of the ill, comforted those in despair, bringing to all not only the words of Christ, but also His living love and light. John, virginal to the end of his days, would say to his wife Elizabeth.

Daily St. John went among the poor and the destitute of Kronstadt, spoke with them, comforted them, looked after the sick, and helped them financially according to his resources. Actually not even according to resources, but way beyond them, for quite often the young pastor came home without his overcoat or boots, having given them away to the poor. All of this became a habit, a rule; but such a life gave rise to attacks upon St. John from all sides. He was chastised by his own family, he was mocked by others, he was berated by his spiritual superiors.

He was called a fool-for-Christ. The diocesan administration forbad his salary to be given into his hands because, upon receiving it, he gave it away to the poor to the very last pennycalled him in for explanations. But St. John bravely endured all these trials without changing his lifestyle. And with the help of God Metal Forest - Rich. St. John - Thru His Eyes triumphed over everyone and everything, and for all the things for which in the first years of priesthood he had been mocked, abused, maligned, and persecuted, — he was subsequently glorified, as it became understood that he was a true disciple of Christ, a genuine pastor who gave his life for his people.

John to have been able to mollify those to whom he reached out — the beggars of Kronstadt, most of whom had been sent out of the Metal Forest - Rich. St. John - Thru His Eyes for drunkenness and begging. Here St. John was met not only with rudeness, but often with hostility, enmity, aggravation. Now I Fake Ass Bustas - Playa G - Pimp Sh*t an old man, but I still remember well the first time I saw batyushka.

I had a family, two children. I worked and drank. The family went hungry. My wife quietly begged on the side. We lived in a ramshackle hut. One day I came home not too drunk and saw a young priest sitting inside, holding my son in his arms and saying something to him very lovingly. The child listened to him quite intently. I lowered my eyes, while he continued to look at me, looking straight into my soul.

He began to talk. I cannot even hope to reproduce all that he said. He spoke about my hut being like paradise, because wherever there are children, all is light and warmth there, and that I should not trade this paradise for the smoky atmosphere of a bar.

Such was the faith in Christ and the love with which St. John burned from day to day, from year to year, without a single thought for human glory and other Metal Forest - Rich. St. John - Thru His Eyes vanity, preaching the light yoke of Christ to hard-working and burdened people, abnegating his own self, wearing himself out with fasting and prayer, drawing upon himself hostility and aggravation from envious and hardhearted people. In addition, St. John was a wonderful Metal Forest - Rich.

St. John - Thru His Eyes . He set himself the rule of reading a sermon at every service. He did not seek eloquence, but spoke simply and often without any special preparation. His sermons had a strong effect on the common people. In reading these sermons in print, one is struck by their depth of thought, extraordinary theological learning, and simplicity and power of each word.

All thoughts, all deeds, each minute of his life were committed by St. John to the glory of God, so that it was not surprising that his sermons were endowed with the strength of Christ.

Thus through St. John — through his prayers and fasting, through his love-filled deeds, and through his inspired words — the light of Christ illuminated the embittered and wretched Russian people.

In turn, these wretched people were the first witnesses of his miraculous healings. The vagrants of Kronstadt were the first to discover St.

John, who was still hidden from the world at that time. The gift of miracle-working made St. John renowned far beyond the bounds of Russia. It is totally impossible to Metal Forest - Rich. St. John - Thru His Eyes all his miracles, a considerable number of which concerned the poor and illiterate people, who were unable to describe or publish what they had seen.

Moreover, not all the press was sympathetic to St. John either. Nevertheless, many of his miracles were recorded and retained in memory. The gravest illnesses, before which medical people stood in total helplessness, were healed by his prayers and placing of hands. The healings usually took place secretly privatelybut sometimes the miracles occurred also in the presence of a multitude of people. John healed all those who appealed to him, including Moslems, Jews, foreigners from France, Italy, Switzerland, America, and other countries.

There remains an exact report of St. He described it to his fellow priests as follows: he once received an appeal to pray for a sick person; St. John revered for La Tremenda - Various - Razor Shock - The Shockraving Hardcore Collection righteousness this was the above-mentioned Paraskeva and demanded that St.

John pray for the absolute healing of Wenn Die Strandkörbe Wackeln - Andy & Bernd* - Es Brennt Ein Licht Für Dich sick person. However, the old woman insisted and believed in the power of my prayer. He became well… Another time the healing occurred again after my prayers. From the lives of the saints we know that the gift of miracle-working was given by God to His saints as a reward for their great Metal Forest - Rich.

St. John - Thru His Eyes , their prayerful endeavors, their fasting, deeds of love, compassion.


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