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My Saviors Love - Bill Pearce With The Dick Anthony Orchestra - Trombone

Label: Word - WST-8045-LP,Word - WST 8045 LP • Format: Vinyl LP, Stereo • Country: US • Genre: Jazz, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Religious
Download My Saviors Love - Bill Pearce With The Dick Anthony Orchestra - Trombone

Pearce was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvaniaon May 20, He gave the message, his mother played the piano and sang. Bill, along with his brother and sister played together in a brass trio. However, Cupid Shot Me - Fate - Cruisin For A Bruisin Pearce started out with a totally different instrument in the beginning. I did not take to that instrument at all, and it just frustrated the dickens out of My Saviors Love - Bill Pearce With The Dick Anthony Orchestra - Trombone . I finally got angry enough to throw it down on my mattress hard enough that I slightly bent it, so we had a repair bill to start out with.

The clarinet would be repaired at the local music shop and Bill's band teacher suggested that he might try a different instrument, the trombone. At ten years old, Bill got his first trombone, " He began practicing with the aid of an old Victrola and a 78 rpm of John Phillip Sousa marches.

His music teacher would come by once a week, and for his first lesson, tied the slide on his trombone so that Bill could not use it.

The whole idea was to have him focus on his tone, rather than the notes. I was absolutely intrigued by the sound this guy got on that old scratchy 78, so I thought, well, My Saviors Love - Bill Pearce With The Dick Anthony Orchestra - Trombone can't that be me?

Bill would continue playing and at 11 years old would begin studying with Donald Rheinhardt, famous for his "Pivot" system of mouthpiece placement.

Bill made his debut performance on a nationally broadcast radio program in the summer of on Percy Crawford 's radio show, recorded at Pinebrook summer camp in the Poconos. Incidentally, a new Canadian singer by the name of George Beverly Shea was on the same program!

The third teacher was his band instructor in high school. He didn't dig that at all and finally he dismissed me, saying I wasn't serious enough, that he wanted to spend his time with musicians who really wanted to play. His fourth teacher was his junior high school teacher who "encouraged me all over the place," he says.

I'll never forget that piece he gave me to play; it was called 'La Comparsita. I couldn't get into that at all, it was too technical, I thought, another planet for me. It just seemed too impossible, so I thought, well, I'll just try to do what comes to me naturally. He then proceeded to spend time in the movie theater.

It was completely dark in the theater and you heard those drums begin — it was Krupa doing a tom-tom solo, and before you knew it they were into 'Song of India. Later Glenn Miller came through with his band and that was a precision unit if there ever was one. His brass players were right on the money, just amazing.

So that's the My Saviors Love - Bill Pearce With The Dick Anthony Orchestra - Trombone of dream I had as a kid growing up. He got to live that dream when he got a spot in Percy Crawford's brass quartet! That was good training for me — the first trumpet player was sort of a hero to me. He looked sharp, he combed his hair right, his glasses even looked good, dressed correctly, and was just a very clean person.

His playing matched his image. So, I learned a lot about purity, how to form a beautiful tone and to play 'within limits! About this time, World War II broke out, and many high school teenagers were being drafted and joining the army. Bill had other ideas. The Navy quota was full, and I decided I wanted to be a Marine like my father had been. He used to tell me stories about the Marine Corps so, on the basis of that I went down one day and asked to enlist.

He got shipped out to the 3rd Division, on the way to Iwo Jima and the Pacific, and was ready to go to war. Unknown to him, at the time, his father was having a conversation with a few old war buddies, which would change his course.

As they discussed the old days, he said, 'I've got a son who's an army physician in the Army and a younger son who's in the Marine Corps down at LeJeune, shipping out.

Meanwhile, Bill was getting ready to board a train to take him to the west coast, and then, to the Pacific, when he heard a sergeant call his name, "'I don't know who in "H" you know [ With that, Bill Pearce was back at Camp LeJeune in the Camp LeJeune staff band, as the first trombonist, marching in the pivot position of the front line next to the director.

He was, as Pearce recalled, "a tough number and decided that no Marine should go through his tour of duty without going overseas or seeing action or something like that. So before I knew it I was on the train again with my 60 pound pack and sea bag going out to Interview Part 91 - Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around Pacific theatre.

I made it as far as Hawaii. In Hawaii, ready to ship out for combat duty, Pearce once again found himself wielding a trombone rather than a gun. I was depressed and in a blue funk when I heard this 'sound! When they had a brief break I went to the Sergeant who was leading and said, 'Who do I talk to get into something like this? He said, 'I'll tell you what, we have rehearsal here at 10 o'clock every morning — get permission from your Commanding officer and come on around here tomorrow morning so we can audition you.

I guess I went about half way through it, having not played for quite a while, but evidently they had heard enough so the Sergeant said, 'Hold it! Well, as you can imagine I hopped to and that warehouse had the best of everything — Any Other Day (Studio Demo) - The Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky pianos and French Selmers — you name it. I picked out a beautiful French Selmer trombone with a white case and a purple plush lining inside and engraving all the way up the bell and a big "USMC" down the My Saviors Love - Bill Pearce With The Dick Anthony Orchestra - Trombone and man, this was a class item!

So, that's what I did during — playing my way, entertaining Navy and Marine Corps troops in the Pacific theatre and mainland China until discharge. He soon found that college wasn't necessarily a good fit for him. I was a learning disability kid — of course we didn't know what it was back then. I didn't seem to be able to learn in the system, I wasn't able to concentrate, or to retain any kind of information.

He wound up in Chicago, a while later, and decided to attend the Moody Bible Institute. He lasted about a semester. He ended up flunking out. However, one door may have closed, but a second one was just about to open. I think he was either an angel or the Lord put him there, because he was 'the man in the middle' who was really standing there at the time I was wavering. He talked to the program director even though I didn't have the greatest record at the school, so they put me on six months' probation.

I got the job and stayed for 25 years. During the six months probation Pearce made the decision to make the most of the opportunity he'd been given, and become more eloquent. So I got with that tape recorder and I practiced vocabulary through the Reader's Digest 'Word Power' section, learned a new word every couple of days and used it.

I was a newsman and announcer and I worked on my stuttering and my air-headedness and fortunately found an older man at the radio station who took an interest My Saviors Love - Bill Pearce With The Dick Anthony Orchestra - Trombone helping me and got me into the Word of God.

He taught me to think more clearly in some other areas than my own interest, and also urged me to keep a 'journal' which I do to this day. He really helped me to get my feet on the ground. He did just that, and was teamed up with a new arrival in the station, named Dick Anthony. This would become the team of Pearce and Anthony, Bill Pearce's vocal ministry, which would last 30 years at least one album is still available [6] Bill and Anthony would later become one of the first of a stable of artists to record for Word Records.

Word Records in Waco, Texas, was for many years the leading Christian music record label. Bill Pearce also played multiple times with Kurt Kaiser. Then things at Word really started shaking and Paul Mickelson and Ralph Carmichael were raising the level, using professional sidemen and before we knew it Word Records was paying our production fees.

We were playing with name people, including members of the Chicago Symphony string section, lead trumpet Bobbie Lewis, Mark McDunn and Through My Words - Dream Theater - Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York (DVD) players; John Haynor was playing bass trombone with us.

Guys like this were playing backgrounds. We were just at the right place at the right time. I was working hard and new young arrangers came through with good ideas and we were doing albums with top musicians.

It was just a gift of God with timing that put me in the middle of all this. I was the only one doing anything at Word in brass work at all apart from a guy in Detroit named Chuck Ohman who was a fine trumpeter whom I had worked with in Percy Crawford's days. I was just blowing bubbles, making 30 or 40 albums over the Toys - Herbie Hancock - Speak Like A Child — there were so many I lost count.

Pearce continued playing up to He then began to notice that he had less control with his playing arm. It was tough to understand. Near the end of I began to notice less control when I played the horn. One day I was doing a huge concert in Michigan, people out there, a beautiful auditorium, great sound, great piano player.

But I wasn't making it. I turned my back on the audience and I said to the Lord, 'What is this?! So I told the audience that this is my final solo concert after 47 years on the road and so it was. There's a certain kind of exertion when playing that emotionally and physically causes my arms to get into tremor and my 'playing arm' loses control. Before he stopped playing entirely, he wanted to record one more album; however, he was not able to do so, due to the Parkinson's.

He opted, instead to record one final track. I really wanted to record 'Beyond the Sunset. I used to do Čas Radosti, Veselosti - Unknown Artist - Nejmilejší České Vánoční Koledy 2 entire album in 10 hours! I worked and worked a note at a time, a phrase at a time.

Otis worked with me very graciously and patiently on that. The only reason I did it was because I wanted to encourage people who may be struggling with something, with their playing, with a disease, maybe they're a paraplegic, maybe they need help, and let them know that where Christ is there's hope. It may not seem Слова Любви (Words Of Love) - В.

Ковтун* - Bésame Mucho it's that much of an effort when you hear it, but I was struggling with every note. My horn was shaking like crazy and I couldn't get a fix on the mouthpiece. So that's track 49, maybe the Lord will use it in some special way sometime. Even though I don't play publicly any more, I'm ready to give it all — to Him! I keep the trombone out of the case.


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Bill Pearce (May 20, – February 23, ) was an American singer, solo trombonist, nationally syndicated broadcaster and inductee into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame. He died at age 83 on February 23, , from complications of Parkinson's disease.