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On Fire Tonight (Remix) - DJ Zinc - On Fire Tonight (Remix) / Pink Panther (Remix)


Download On Fire Tonight (Remix) - DJ Zinc - On Fire Tonight (Remix) / Pink Panther (Remix)

On the B-side of that single was a song called "Amen Brother". It contained within it a 5 second drum solo. This drum break, called the amen break, has the distinction of being the single most sampled piece of music in modern history.

Every genre, from Hip-hop, to Techno, to Rock has used it at one On Fire Tonight (Remix) - DJ Zinc - On Fire Tonight (Remix) / Pink Panther (Remix) or another. It is one of the most ubiquitous pieces of music in modern pop culture. Whole genres of music owe their very existence to it. It can be heard here.

Hear more about its history here. Read one scientist's theory on how it is mathematically perfect here. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Music 0- 9. Eamprie Stress" N. Nine - "Another" O. Nine - "The Apocalypse" O. Nine - "Breathe" O. Nine - "Depression" O. Nine - "Shine" O. Nine - "Sub Rosa" O. Video Games. Devil May Cry 3 : "Battle Music 1" "Cerberus Battle" "People who had a hard time" in Metal Slug 3Dwhile there are several tracks with drumbeat resembling the drum break but with their own instruments, this track did sampled the Amen Break.

Multiple tracks from SimCity 4. If there isn't one, boosting will fix that, as every time you boost, the song gains lots of reverb and an Amen Break track. Not just Unleasheda few tracks throughout the series since use the Amen Break.

You can find almost two tracks that use the beat in nearly every game in the series since then. This is largely down to Tomoya Ohtani. When questioned about it on his Facebook profile, I Wanna Tell My Baby - The Precisions - I Wanna Tell My Baby attributed it to being his favorite beats sample.

But yeah, Unleashed pretty much features it the most prominently. Dynasty Warriors Had this in Lu Bu's Theme in Dynasty Warriors 6 the theme itself gets remixed every game as the intro and a recurring beat. A good majority of the music from Street Fighter III consisted of edited versions of the famous break. Yoshis Woolly World : "Snifberg the Unfeeling".

WinBack : "Intro""Factory"and "Boss 3". Western Animation. The Powerpuff Girls : It plays in the theme song and during every episode title card.

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Feb 28,  · A follow up to this EP, Crack House Vol. 2 was released in July In November , DJ Zinc created a 2-hour mix for broadcasting on BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix. In , Zinc collaborated with A-Trak to release "Stingray", which also has a "crack house" sound. DJ Zinc is also well known for his radio show on Rinse FM.