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Ouroboros - The Howling Void - Megaliths Of The Abyss

Label: Black Plague Records - BPR015 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Doom Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, Anniversary Waltz - Jack White And His Orchestra* - Anniversary Song / How Soon? (Shellac) x resolution or higher. What constitutes as good funeral doom? I have no definitive answer myself and often struggle to distinguish between the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Given the minimalist approach of the bands within this field, judging the conclusions is somewhat confusing and can often lead to misleading mistakes. I suppose, for me, the way in which to succeed at funeral doom is to incorporate an element from outside of its walls and make it an impacting figure at the forefront of the band.

Elysian Blaze, for example, combine their funerary sound with the bleakness Ouroboros - The Howling Void - Megaliths Of The Abyss black metal thus forming a hybrid known as blackened funeral doom. Further instilling a sense of outside influence by incorporating other genres is where bands are most likely to succeed because of the minimalist concept behind funeral doom.

When bands begin to use the same techniques, thus coming to similar conclusions, it becomes the unenviable task of the reviewer to establish what exactly constitutes as acceptable funeral doom and given the simplicity factor, this is a difficult job.

Funeral doom, for me, is a sub-genre I can only enjoy given the right Ouroboros - The Howling Void - Megaliths Of The Abyss . I need to be fully relaxed and engaged with the sound because of the overwhelming simplicity factor which crops up often. Being fully aware of what is around me in terms of the instrumental projection is necessary since the structures of the songs make it easy to miss something small in the portrayal that could wind up becoming pivotal to the entire sound.

Take The Howling Void for example. According to the genre description, this one-man American act introduce subtle symphonies to the funerary dirges that gives it an edge over its competitors and rivals. Bands like Waverly Hills take minimalism to new levels and given the fact that the band has no direction to their sound, they come across as stale and stagnant.

The Howling Void, on the other hand, come across as accessible and aware of the audience because Ryan, the bands only member, has a knack for song writing which incorporates elements that engage, not compel the audience to misery which is heaped upon them as the lifeless style continues into the foreseeable future. Their music was as unmemorable as humanly possible, but the impressions of that stale sound will last forever as bands like The Howling Void compound them to the abyss where the unlovable funerary acts reside.

It is a calming influence and relaxes me by using sweet sounding synths generated by what appears to be a keyboard and mixed guitar work which does like to revel in an adventurous style from time-to-time. The Howling Void are certainly a lot more creative than most other funeral bands, but there is something missing from this portrayal that sets it apart from the very best the genre has to offer.

The usual suspects which exist within the typical funerary affair are nowhere to be see. The production is as clear as possible and this surprised me. Ryan has a few surprises in store, as I previously suggested and this is probably the biggest and most important of all.

I suppose I could understand why there might be some objection to this style because there is a lacking presence in terms of the guitar work. Also, as well as this, the production is very clean, taking away the brooding nature of the funeral sound, though this does make the band more accessible to a new side of fans.

Having Aspettare. - Claudio Baglioni - Sabato Pomeriggio = Sábado Por La Tarde that, there is a feeling that despite the heavily engaging keyboard element that there is something special missing from the record. Metal Archives loading Username Ouroboros - The Howling Void - Megaliths Of The Abyss Login.

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The Howling Void ‎– Megaliths Of The Abyss (Digipak) GS Productions Tracklist Show Credits 1 Megaliths Of The Abyss 2 Mollusk 3 Ouroboros 4 A Name Writ In Water 5 In Subterranean Temples