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Phalaenopsis - Ota Petřina, Super Robot* - Pečeť

Label: Supraphon - 1113 3258 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Czechoslovakia • Genre: Rock • Style: Prog Rock
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The music on Super Robot is quite gentle and spacious. I get the feel of floating, only occasionally but in an extremely tasteful way, being Phalaenopsis - Ota Petřina by sudden outbursts of hard rock Phalaenopsis - Ota Petřina elements.

The music resembles the night time sky, really. Imagine looking up at the sky at night when the stars are out and the moon is hidden. Super Robot is the perfect companion to such an event.

The songs are all gentle but there are exceptions, like "Computer III" which is a very forceful, monotonous in a good way track which breaks off the tapestry in a really cool way. The best track, for me, is the title track though. Just the title, "Super Robot", says it all. I do not understand anything of the lyrics except for Super and Robot but I can make up fantasies about the lyrical content, envisioning the Phalaenopsis - Ota Petřina to Bladerunner and the future for mankind as it is, however gloomy, portayed Super Robot* - Pečeť future visions of the world.

The track holds great keyboards, vocals and spacy guitar. It all blends together nicely, creating a tapestry of spacious, emotive soundscapes. I'll tell you, Super Robot* - Pečeť is majestic and soothing in a marvellous way. Comparisons can be made to David Gilmours guitar playing and some elements of Floyd but the album retains it's own identity and purpose.

Petrinas vocals are frail, sometimes bordering on breaking up. It is, however, not a problem. His voice is, rather, a nice complement to the soft and gentle music.

Worth mentioning, the flute which sometimes soar through the music brings almost a medieval touch to the whole thing. That makes the album span over decades, centuries almost, but Always heading for the future with it's sci-fi robots and travels through dimensions. Czechoslovakia is the country which, besides Poland, seems to have had the most flourishing prog scene of the Eastern block.

They can boast, for instance, such a tremendous band as Modry Super Robot* - Pečeť or Blue Effectwho were able to produce in a Life span of only 10 years, or there about, a string of ever progressing and flawless albums. Ota Petrinas remaining output, which Super Robot* - Pečeť to be rather manageable to get acquainted with, I cannot say much about. The album Super Robot, however, has become a favorite of mine and one I do come back to ever so often.

If you're into spacious prog with sci-fi themes, I'd recommend this one to you. A great little album, well Worth discovering. Review by Mellotron Storm Prog Reviewer. As far as the music goes i've reviewed both studio albums but there are three bonus tracks featured here.

Two of them were already bonus tracks on the first album but "Marilyn, Good-Bye" is one you won't find anywhere but here. Strummed guitar and vocals lead and then some electric guitar comes and goes in this melancholic offering. My collection of Czech artists is ever-growing but Ota's music doesn't click with me the way a lot of it does. Again i'll use the English song titles provided on this site. It's kind of strange which is maybe why I like it so much.

A calm Phalaenopsis - Ota Petřina 5 minutes and i love the atmosphere 9 minutes in. Some whistling late. Atmosphere 6 minutes in then the vocals return. Not a fan. A good album that will no doubt appeal to many. So much easier. Harmonica to start as a nice heavy but relaxed sound takes over.

It turns lighter with acoustic guitar and synths. Vocals after 5 Super Robot* - Pečeť . Kind of spacey too. It's more intense late but i'm not a fan of this one. I like the repeated guitar line. This is melancholic as usual. Strummed guitar as the vocals join in. It turns more delicate before 3 minutes. More of an aggressive vibe 6 minutes in and it all sounds so good a minute later. Melancholic vocal melodies end it.

I thought this was a good album but it's not a 4 star record in my world. Certainly worth checking out though. Review by apps79 Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator. The min. Generace'' is more on the heavy side of rock with blues influences and a spacey feeling overall.

Definitely a brilliant composition. The talent of this musician is undenieable,''Super Robot'' is the proof for this fact,as the album is a nice journey into Prog,Psych,Space and Blues rock. However this work lacks in really memorable or stunning material,while the absence of these characteristics exception the vocals that make all these East-European bands unique is a negative point too.

Nevertheless this obscurity deserves some more attention and I recommended this album for lovers of eclectic blendings. Review by Tarcisio Moura Prog Reviewer. I found the album to be very good, with a extremely fine production for the time and place some remastering here? But the sound is excellent. Musicly speaking, Super Robot sounds to me like a mix of blues rock, psychedelic and krautrock specially the vocals mixed with heavy doses of folk. The guy is obviously a fine slide guitar player.

Although I can hardly say this is symphonic rock, it is still an Pacifier - Circus Lupus - Super Genius work. And if you like the aforementioned styles then you should not miss this one. There is no fillers and the album is quite varied and interesting from start to finish including the two bonus tracks.

It is a mostly guitar led album, of course, but there are also some fine keyboards works too in the background including nice subtle orchestrations. Just different. Rating: hard to rate. Besides, compared to much of the work produced by other bands inSuper Robot is brilliantt! This album boasts a fantastic opening track that is a mini Phalaenopsis - Ota Petřina running like a multi movement suite of sections blended into one track, the glorious 'Hemingway'.

The vocals have a sad tone and maybe alienating to some listeners but the melancholy mood evoked is intriguing. There is a string quartet that creates a definitive ambience and these light passages are counterbalanced by the dark undertones of distorted guitar splashes. This is the best track on the album, and is perhaps OP's greatest triumph. A wonderful start. This track is full of heavy rock guitar work that pierces the fabric of classical orchestration.

Another 2 minute track, 'Phalaenopsis', follows which is gentle and smooth with acoustic flourishes and slow patient time signatures.

A plethora of diverse styles are tapped into with classical, symphonic, psychedelica and heavy rock If I Am The Lucky One - Frans Vanbergen* - Such Sweet Swinging (The Violin Of Frans Vanbergen), meticulously orchestrated into a cohesive whole.

Once again the band seem to excel more on the lengthy tracks then the shorter pieces. This is the second highlight of the album. Diversity is one thing but this did not hang together as well as the debut. The sadness refected on the album is akin to the times in Czechoslovakia, a time of opression and turmoil, and it is a beautiful Phalaenopsis - Ota Petřina that this band are able to convey The Immortal Squirrel - Various - Death Before Distemper feeling with two evocative albums.

These are fine art rock albums and it is great that these lost gems are gaining some recognition. Even when the performance of the band is spectacular, the vocals impressed me a lot, I don't understand a word of Czech, but the energy and anger in the voice tells me enough. Fantastic song. Highly recommended. This record had become my favourite up to this day. It is my blood group, sure!

I own this album in rare vinyl form, with substitute cover. The music is pure crystallic Symphonic Prog, brilliant instrumentation and vocals are self- evident. He was always so different and defiant the establishment with his visage: long bushy ginger hair and beard.

By the way, today he looks still same, only his hair and beard are little grey. He is excellent as a composer for himself or for other interpreters and he had collaborated on many projects which becomes genuine treasures of Czech Prog Rock. Lyrics in Grosse Fete (Bamboleo) - Die Schlapse - Sommerparty language are good, intelligent but sometimes naive in todays context for Multytabs - Mindex - Cats On Air, Computer III.

Who knows in 21st century what is the punch card, gosh?! Summary: 4,5 stars rounded to 5. Review by snobb Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator. Now about music. From the very first sounds everyone familiar with Czechoslovakian music from s will understand this artist depends there.

Rakasta Mua Juuri Näin - Ville Leinonen - Hei! very characteristic vocals, compositions and common atmosphere.


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