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Sic Et Non - Illiterate Light - Earthworm

Label: Not On Label (Illiterate Light Self-Released) - none • Format: CD EP Cardboard Sleeve • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Experimental, Indie Rock
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Among the multitudinous words of the Holy Fathers some sayings seem not only to differ from one another but even to contradict one another. Hence it is not presumptuous to judge concerning those by whom the world itself will be judged, as it is written, "They shall judge nations" Wisdom and, again, "You shall sit and judge" Luke We do not presume to rebuke as untruthful or to denounce as erroneous those to whom the Lord said, "He who hears you hears me; he who despises you despises me" Luke Bearing in mind our foolishness we believe Sic Et Non - Illiterate Light - Earthworm our understanding is defective rather than the Sic Et Non - Illiterate Light - Earthworm of those to whom the Truth Himself said, "It is not you who speak but the spirit of your Father who speaks in you" Matthew Why should it seem surprising if we, lacking the guidance of the Holy Spirit through whom those things were written and spoken, the Spirit impressing them on the writers, fail to understand them?

Our achievement of full understanding is impeded especially by unusual modes of expression and by the different significances that can be attached to one and the same word, as a word is used now in one sense, now in another. Just as there are many meanings so there are many words. Tully says that sameness is the mother of satiety in all things, that is to say it gives rise to fastidious distaste, and Sic Et Non - Illiterate Light - Earthworm it is appropriate to use a variety of words in discussing the same thing and not to express everything in common and vulgar words We must also take special care that we are not deceived by corruptions of the text or by false attributions when sayings of the Fathers are quoted that seem to differ from the truth or to be contrary to it; for many apocryphal writings are set down under names of saints to enhance their authority, and even the texts of divine Scripture Jealous Swingers (Hakan Lidbo Remix) - Genuine Guy - Jealous Swingers EP corrupted by the errors of scribes.

That most faithful writer and true interpreter, Jerome, accordingly warned us, "Beware of apocryphal writings Yet Sic Et Non - Illiterate Light - Earthworm is not Isaias who says this but Asaph. There Sic Et Non - Illiterate Light - Earthworm a scribal error, and in Mark too the sixth hour was mentioned, but many read the Greek epismo as gamma.

So too there was a scribal error where "Isaias" was set down for "Asaph. When they read in the Gospel, "That it might be fulfilled which was written by the prophet Asaph," the one who first wrote down the Gospel began to say, "Who is this prophet Asaph? And what did he do?

In seeking to amend an error he made an error. We would say the same of another text in Matthew. Rather it is in Zacharias. You see then that here, as before, there was an error.

If in the Gospels themselves some things are corrupted by the ignorance of scribes, we should not be surprised that the same thing has sometimes happened in the writings of later Fathers who are of much less authority It is no less important in my opinion to ascertain whether texts quoted from the Fathers may be ones that they themselves have retracted and corrected after they came to a better understanding of the truth as the blessed Augustine did on many occasions; or whether they are giving the opinion of another rather than their own opinion.

In order that the way be not blocked and posterity deprived of the healthy labor of treating and debating difficult questions of language and style, a distinction must be drawn between the work of later authors and the supreme canonical Si Loop Tinsel - Stendec - Transit of the Old and New Testaments.

If, in Scripture, anything seems absurd you are not permitted to say, "The author of this book did not hold to the truth"--but rather that the codex is defective or that the interpreter erred or that you do not understand. But if anything seems contrary to truth in the works of later authors, which are contained in innumerable books, the reader or auditor is free to judge, so that he may approve what is pleasing and reject what gives offense, unless the matter is established by certain reason or by canonical authority of the Scriptures In view of these considerations we have undertaken to collect various sayings of the Fathers that give rise to questioning because of their apparent contradictions as they occur to our memory.

This questioning excites young readers to the maximum of effort in inquiring into the truth, and such inquiry sharpens their minds. Assiduous and frequent questioning is indeed the first key to wisdom. Aristotle, that most perspicacious of all philosophers, exhorted the studious to.

To entertain doubts on particular points will not be unprofitable. Where we have quoted texts of Scripture, the greater the authority attributed to Scripture, the more they should stimulate the reader and attract him to One Last Time - Various - Start A Revolution search for truth.

Hence I have prefixed to this my book, compiled in one volume from the saying of the saints, the decree of Pope Gelasius concerning authentic books, from which it may be known that I have cited nothing from apocryphal books.

I have also added excerpts from the Retractions of St. Augustine, from which it will be clear that nothing is included which he later retracted and corrected. Readers interested in another version of the above text are referred to Roland Bainton, ed. Van Nostrand,pp. Peter Abelard, Sic et non Yes and No Among the multitudinous words of the Holy Fathers some sayings seem not only to differ from one another but even to contradict one another.

Peter Abelard, Sic et non Yes and No.


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-In Peter Abelards treatise Sic et Non(Yes and No), written several years before the high tide of Aristotelian influence, Abelard put into practice one of the principal devices of the scholastic method-that of balancing opposing points of view.