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Старые Lps - Various - Промой Уши №1

Label: Extraphone - Ex 01177 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Russia • Genre: Rock •
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Reviews in Russian and English. Petersburg, Russia, who started out as a one man band back inand over the years has grown into an impressive full fledged band over the years which includes guitarists, keyboard, flute and bass clarinet players. Ivan Rozmainsky is the leader and keyboardist and the band has released several studio and live albums over the years making them one of the most impressive progressive instrumental bands from Russia making an impression in the genre all over the world.

This live album, 'Great Expectations Live' takes several of the tracks from the bands most successful album 'The Hidden Man of the Heart' and puts them into a live setting along with classics from other albums from the band and even a few brand new tracks. The band is most impressive in a live setting in that the listener who doesn't get a chance to see the band live can still Старые Lps - Various - Промой Уши №1 the level of musical professionalism first hand in this setting, especially in their improvisational passages.

Fishing For Doe - Boxguts - Hot Bref Boy concert was recorded live on May 26, As the track develops, things go from accessible jamming to more dissonance showing the band's experimental side that often comes up during their jams.

Soon, a guitar solo backed by a swirling Старые Lps - Various - Промой Уши №1 takes over, then things calm down as the percussion breaks down and a flute takes the lead as the band slowly plays a relaxing background which follows into a lovely guitar solo. Very nice! Next we get a electric piano solo provided from Rozmainsky in a somewhat short track called 'La Gentilezza'. This leads into the next track 'Bait of Success' which is a more rocked-out track with the flute and guitar taking turns providing the melody as the piano and a complex bass line give support and intensity builds as it continues.

This is the first performance of this track ever. A long extended version of 'Annihilator of Moral Hazard' appears next at over 12 minutes in length. Starting with sparkling keys and nice effects, it soon morphs into a steady, churning beat and builds with an almost industrial feel.

When the percussion breaks down, the track becomes mysterious and floats along in a psychedelic feel before it explodes into a heavy guitar supported by a flute improvising off of the guitar riff, almost feeling like a jazzy Jethro Tull vibe. The clarinet starts to go wild as things get more intense and the guitar continues to increase that intensity. At the end, the main theme Старые Lps - Various - Промой Уши №1 up the accumulated power and pushes it to the climax.

During the last half of the song, the beat changes to a Bolero-like rhythm with an organ pushing things ahead. The record features 4 tracks from their latest studio album and three new ones that are just as good. The band features a new drummer that spices up their sound in this live setting, and they added a saxophone player Ilya Belorukov that adds some avant-garde jazz flavours to their music. David Jackson fans i. Van Der Graaf Generator should really enjoy his contribution.

The concert recording is excellent and the band is in top form. Recommended indeed! This album is a Live recording entitled "Elephant Live". I don't have any information as to when it was recorded or where, Старые Lps - Various - Промой Уши №1 I do know it contains a lot of live versions of tracks from their latest studio album released earlier this year entitled "The Hidden Man of the Heart".

There are 7 tracks with a total run time of 45 minutes. Ivan Rozmainsky founded the band and was the sole performer in the beginning, but has since expanded the line up to a full band. There are currently 6 members to the line up now, and 5 of the tracks feature a full-time alto saxophonist. But the music always seems to find its way back to a traditional fusion sound.

All of the individual musicians create an impressive sound on an solo basis, but in the first 2 tracks, there seems to be a slightly amateurish and insecre feel when they are playing together. Not sure where that comes from as it gives not just an unpolished feel, but adds to the live, improvisational feel too.

At times it can be a little unnerving, but at other times it works well. I find the ensemble sounds like they are gelling better from "Bait of Success" onward. This is a nice energetic track which is more guitar driven, where the two tracks before were driven more by the keys and the sax. I really find "Premonition" to be a highlight and it has a more experimental feel to it and is closer to an avant-prog feel throughout the track.

I seem to find that the band's style of playing actually fits better with this style than it does with the more straightforward fusion sound, which tends to be a little starchy. There is some excellent guitar work on this track too. During the 2nd half of the track, the music becomes more melodic and goes into a slower rhythm and features a nice piano led section followed by a bluesy guitar, with the sax providing a countermelody as a support.

Very nice. I really like the progressive turn in "Psalm 6" which has a pounding rhythm set up by the drums and bass with the other instruments accenting the beat. It suddenly becomes much slower and ballad-like with an organ and keyboard Старые Lps - Various - Промой Уши №1 section, then things become a little more intense when drums and bass return.

As in the prior track, everything evens out on the 2nd half as things move into a more blues oriented jam, but with a heavy rock edge. As it winds up toward the finish, things really begin to drive hard. Again, this one leans closer to the progressive fusion style, but it is definitely an original sound with a nice driving bass.

Старые Lps - Various - Промой Уши №1 it definitely is not a standard waltz, it is a favorite of mine from this album as it shows a lot of ingenuity.

The clarinet is a very nice touch here too. I love this one. The album ends on "The Hidden Man of the Heart". This is a more mellow sounding track, and it tends to bring back the feeling of insecurity from the first two tracks.

I'm not so much a fan of this one, but at least it is a shorter track. So, even though I find the first 2 tracks and Старые Lps - Various - Промой Уши №1 last one a little shaky, I find the middle 4 tracks to be much better, as if the band began to gel a lot Пробуждение - Various - Джаз 65. Молодежные Джазовые Ансамбли Москвы.

Часть 2. If the entire album was as good as the best tracks, I could have even considered this an excellent album, but as it is, the weaker performances are not so weak as to completely Something In My Pocket - Sthephen Schlaks* - Childhood Memories the enjoyment received from the best tracks which are "Bait of Success", "Premonition", "Psalm 6" Various - 50 "Jungle Waltz".

These tracks, which are strong 5 star tracks, are definitely worth the listen, they can stand on their own collective selves above the weaker tracks 3 star tracks, so much so that they earn the album 4 stars. A symphonic prog album with heavy Canterbury scene overtones that simply refused to lie down and conform to type. Instead, Старые Lps - Various - Промой Уши №1 wildly varied offering often left me flummoxed as to what had been intended, while still reasonably impressed by what was unveiled.

And here they are back for more, this time with a live album, Elephant Live, that barely has an on stage feel whatsoever, so quiet are the crowd in the grand scheme of this recording. To me, some of the sounds created can, while full force and hard hitting, be a little twee and the obvious desire to reside in a retro space can leave things feeling ever so slightly naive.

Старые Lps - Various - Промой Уши №1 the above sounds intriguing, then I urge you to give Roz Vitalis a spin. Track Listing 1.

Too Late Awakening Daybreaking Version 2. Passing Over 3. Bait of Success 4. Premonition 5. Psalm 6 6. Jungle Waltz 7. Now they are back with a self-released live album Elephant Live, not unlike how At Last.

It should also be noted that in Hiding - Earthlimb - Origin six months, the band also released a single and a split-EP with Russian space rockers Vespero. Elephant Live contains four songs from the last studio album plus three new compositions. My main complaint for The Hidden Man Of The Heart was that too many classical interludes robbed the album of its momentum.

This time we get only real songs, ranging from five to nine minutes. The album begins with Too Late Awakening Daybreaking Versionan eight-minute-long new song that shows the band from its most lyrical side, and that despite them being an instrumental band.

There are two sides to Roz Vitalis. There is the polished avant prog sound you get on their label backed studio album, and there is the rawer and more direct sound on their self-released live albums. These albums are usually short, sound rather like official bootlegs, and best of all, can be downloaded for free, although it would be When The Curtains Of Night - Ed McCurdy - Cowboy Songs if you spent a few euros or whatever your currency of choice is on their music.

I have to admit that I like both sides of the band. Last time I complained The Former - Parenthetical Girls - Entanglements the live album was too short, but if you release live albums so many times, you might as well keep them a little shorter. This is new conceptually the album is about spiritual-creative constituent of a person in strange dynamics.

Lovers of experimental prog not exclusively RIO may feel captivated by this album. Instrumentation includes the keyboards, piano, trumpets, guitars, bass, flutes, bass clarinet, drums, mandolin and string Quartet. Overall, the album is easy to listen to. This is an excellent release and its biggest quality is the originality. While listening to this music, you have the impression as if it takes you inwards into its own inner space.

But later became a Losing Ground - Engine - Superholic, the lineup expanded, not only the keyboard but also flute, harmonica, violin and clarinet and other instruments. Although it was the pre-pioneer shake and anti-rock, it was also considered to be psychedelic and space rock.

The king, led by the keyboard, is more like chamber music. Since the release of the album inthe tenth "The Hidden Man of the Heart" has been released this year. The opening was a wonderfully fiddling violin performance. Then he joined the king's heavy dark atmosphere, with the guitar keyboard concerto of some folk music. At the same time, the wind instrument also joined impromptu performance. The opening music structure is rich.

However, apparently after a wonderful and smooth start, Roz Vitalis started their pioneering path. Many unexpected arrangements and seemingly random wacky performances came to the fore. However, the turbulent improvisation was a bit of a sense of humour with wind instruments, followed by the elegant performance of flute and violin. Since I loved to Старые Lps - Various - Промой Уши №1 that the band had to lose sight of the beauty when it came to experimentation, it was an eye-catching moment.

At this time, their music was still beautiful, and it could be considered as a gentle version of KC. Then the two qualified piano pieces were presented, followed by a flute with a slightly mournful flute. The wind instrument solo I remembered suddenly reminded me to think of after crying.

It was extremely explosive but extremely elegant.


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