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Stray Dog - Rachel Brooke - Junk

Label: Ponk Media - none • Format: CD Album, Stereo • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Country
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Trigger Random Notes 14 Comments. I really hate harping on this whole Taylor Swift, Kanye West embrolio. But I feel the need to state in full why some have the opinion that the moment might have been staged. Some have asserted this as an opinion, but that opinion is based on facts and a documented history from MTV and Taylor Swift specifically. My goal here is to put the facts out, and let you decide. Suspicion swirled for days that the incident was staged.

Then later lead writer for the awards show Scott Aukerman revealed that it was a hoax. They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on Stray Dog - Rachel Brooke - Junk live show then. MTV and the award show attendees have a long history of orchestrating events to keep the show in the news cycle well after that last plastic trophy has been handed out. Just last week she released a video showing her watching the announcements of the CMA nominations. This video drew fire from some, saying that the whole thing was clearly staged and over-orchastrated.

The video is supposed to portray Taylor in an everyday scenario at her home, like she just woke up and flipped on the TV, and was surprised to receive her nominations. After selling 10 million albums, her nominations were virtually guaranteed, making some wonder if the over-reaction and bated breath was an act, including the usually very Swift-friendly CMT blogwhich said:.

When I stared watching the video, my cynicism automatically kicked in. One of the biggest things that has made me skeptical has been the reaction that the public has had to the incident. You could not put together a 10 million dollar ad campaign that could give Taylor Swift as much positive publicity as this incident did, and it Quicksand - Clark Terry - Yes, The Blues gave Beyonce positive press.

And even though Kayne West received negative press for the incident, they have a saying in Hollywood: no publicity is bad publicity.

Everything that is seen in the public eye has been thought over by publicists and studio executives. Every move is carefully planned.

Having this happen to her was like hitting the pop culture jackpot. This was Fishermen, Strawberry And Devil Crab - Miles Davis - Porgy And Bess (File, Album) lead story on virtually every news outlet Monday morning, and even the Pres Obama has chimed in.

That is why my sympathy for Taylor being handed a golden goose is limited. Nick September 16, pm. My reason is what happened after. Jay Leno show did you see that? Maybe im wrong about that. But the song they did just after Jay finished asking about the tantrum Kanye had some of the lyrics go as follows.

The proof is right in front of us all even the song fits the story…. Check it out its called Run this Stray Dog - Rachel Brooke - Junk or something…. Cdoy Autopsy September 16, pm. It is all stupid to me.

The Triggerman September 16, pm. Bates September 16, pm. I would have to say the majority of them feel sorry for Swift. I would also have to say that those in favor for Swift, and never heard of her, went out and bought her CD. Michael September 16, pm. Job well done. So, on to the question.

Was it staged? What I care about are matters that deal with the musicians I care about. Like Kris Kristofferson. And according to a bulletin from Rachel Brooke, Rachel and Junk just finished up an album. She calls it something like Tom Waits meets the Beach Boys meet country. As will any other relevant music projects. My first Stray Dog - Rachel Brooke - Junk is promoting the music. Jake September 16, pm.

Speaking of more news regarding Ms. Keep up the good work Triggerman! Pete Berwick September 16, pm. Song Of Songs - Jan Peerce - Golden Moments In Song is nothing much I can add to this.

I wrote a rant concerning this and posted it on myspace and covered similar points. This stunt, which is totally what it was, even has gotten The President talking about it, and in that case I can just see these assholes all high fiving and patting each other on their backs. Just another reason why I quit watching these shows years ago, not to mention that it never represents good music but only what the industry shoves down the publics throats, as dictated by Clearchannel and the major label monopolies run by the suits.

Big A September 17, am. Triggerman, I say this with the utmost of the utmost respect. I love your Wet - Thick:Dick* - Tribal Seduction. I get the RSS feed. I have been reading since your myspace days.

I loved your review on Justin Townes Earle. I love the hints you drop about Hank III news. You are preaching to the choir. Keep up the good work, though. Burch September 17, am. I can understand what a lot of your readers are saying about reporting on the real country acts rather than this pop celebrity stuff but I think this is entirely necessary. This new wave of country is gaining its steam due to the insane excesses of Nashville as well as on its own musical merits, of course.

If the top dog of the country machine is getting free shills thanks to a jackass stunt by MTV and a hip-hop act I do think that ought to be examined. In order to be saving country music you have to be saving it from something and this part of it needs to be aired. The Triggerman September 17, am. You have no need to worry.

I started this blog to cover the artists that had been neglected by the mainstream media and radio. That was my aim then, and that is my aim now. I would never NOT talk about one artist just to cover a story like this. There are plenty of stories and plenty of time Nuages - Django Reinhardt - Jazztracks REAL musicians to get the coverage they deserve.

I learned when I first started this thing that not every article is going to appeal to everyone, and that is OK. Though I do have some readers that read everything I write, some just read what appeals to them. To be honest, when I thought about writing this article, I did not have my core readers in mind. There had been a lot of discussion in my previous Swift article of whether the incident was a hoax or not, and even though I found a lot of people talking about it being Los Cantores De Alba - Amanecer Salteno hoax in the comments of other blogs and news articles, NOBODY had put all of the evidence that it was a hoax together in one place.

That is why I decided to Stray Dog - Rachel Brooke - Junk it. Somebody on the world wide web needed to do this, so I decided to be the one. I get hits on the website every day from people just using Google to find information, so now if people want all the info, it is in one place, and that is why I tried to be as impartial about it as I could, so people could make their own choices.

And finally, I will warn you, there will be more Swift articles coming up. I said in my first article about her that she was now 1 on my shit list, and I was not kidding. Taylor and other pop country artists are the reason someone like me exists. THEY are pushing the best and brightest of country and music in general into the underground, and we need to hold them to task.

I really appreciate you leaving your truthful Stray Dog - Rachel Brooke - Junk Big A, because it means you care. And that is the biggest compliment a writer can get. Tom September 17, am. Taylor is young. The video of her watching the CMA nomintaion may be legit. I mean selling 10 million records is something they tell you, but Los mejores pistoleros vienen a Tuxpan - Album - Microbricolages not really as tangible as seeing someone say your name for an award.

Jody Smith September 18, am. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Share on Tumblr. Like 0. Down with the Machine!!! Fuck the Corporate World!!! Just my two cents. Hey Big A, You have no need to worry.


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