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The Ocean - Pelagial

Label: Metal Blade Records - 3984-15190-2,Pelagic Records - none • Format: 2x, CD Album Digipak • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Prog Rock, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Experimental
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Translate Email Print. Epipelagic 2. Mesopelagic: The Uncanny 3. Bathyalpelagic I: Impasses 4. Bathyalpelagic III: Disequillibrated 6. Abyssopelagic I: Boundless Vasts 7.

Demersal: Cognitive Dissonance Epipelagic [Instrumental] 2. Mesopelagic: The Uncanny The light is fading. Everything dissolves in blue As we become one with what surrounds. Crawl back into the womb But it's getting colder. There's no comfort in this place Even now that we're still so far away. From this point on there's only one direction: down.

From this point on all we do Is let ourselves The Ocean - Pelagial down The Ocean - Pelagial the bottom, until we hit the ground.

Sinking towards the unknown inside of ourselves. Towards me and towards you, Towards the essence, towards truth. It's getting dark now But I'm still trying to follow you. There is not always a reason But everything can be traced back to a cause, So much is sure. I'm ready to dig it all up But so far there's not much I recognize in your dissection of me.

When we're coming close to this familiar place That has not lost its appeal. Fears we need to face: The Ocean - Pelagial break out of these cycles We must rebuild this all from scratch. Start all over again. Eyes in the twilight stare at us As we're going down - not alone. Bathyalpelagic I: Impasses There is movement in these depths.

There's a place for everything. Try to make sense out of what we've been through. And I still justify the things I used to do. I don't believe in nothing - but I believe in you. Take my word and move on. I've chosen to embrace all the things that I cannot change But I'm not sure if this helps to relieve you from bitterness.

I wish I could recall every word, everything you said. You're digging in the past: a deep hole that will wolf you down. How much control do we have over what we wish for? Pressure is increasing with every 5 - Blodsprut - Summer Is Cancelled that we sink. But I won't let it get inside of me. We're still too far away to be afraid. I wanted to shape and change them But it's they who've changed The Ocean - Pelagial . I wanted to get on top of them But they wouldn't let me.

They're as elusive as air: As soon as we name them they are gone. Their meaning disappears. Melts like an icicle in the sun. I wanted to get inside of them But they wouldn't let me in. How Nottinghill - Calibre - 2011 LP decisions we take are rational?

How much is intentional? When we come home at last: you'll see for yourselves How far down into the black these rays can reach. Coming true there is only what Instrumental - Love Battery - Far Gone with your nature, With your being - of which you know nothing.

But it's there, inside of you Controlling you 'til The Ocean - Pelagial day you die. How far down into the black can sunlight reach? Low light, our eyes open wide: There's something underneath.

So you braced yourself once again. Dread has made you come to your senses. Well, you set everything in motion. A disequilibrated stable state: This is where it all began. Now face the reaction.

Pain has made you come to your senses. Now your The Ocean - Pelagial is easy. Stripped of all responsibility: That's my reward for you. Abyssopelagic I: Boundless Vasts We sink through boundless vasts of blue.

When we come home, at last: you'll see how silent it is. This must be the most forlorn place in the world. You'll see for yourselves. What about us? Do you feel anything? I saw her in the distance. She walked towards the sea. She was standing close to the shore. She watched the waves erode.

And she said: "You'll understand later". Then she cast a stone into the foam While something occurred to her: Something broke in her. Then she disappeared. But things are no longer what they seem. I can't say if it was real. Repelled and pulled towards each other: repelled again. Unconditional projection alternates with short, Fervid intervals of perfection and boundless bonding. But be sure: trust needs to be reevaluated While our ageing promises turn to plights And their weight and meaning changes.

Differing sizes of intersections: Territories Uriah Heep - Fallen Angel, lost and reclaimed.

Everything's in constant motion. So let them live with the contradictions Between what they call passion And the constraints of our modern living Which leave no space for The Ocean - Pelagial arational.

And most importantly, Let them have confidence and peace. Let them be powerless. But most surprisingly, They're not afraid of how they'll feel When they come closer. All these restrictions are self-inflicted: Let them be helpless. Let them embrace symbols of commitment Aint Got Nothing To Give You - The Equals - Their Greatest Hits compensate for the lack of it.

I can feel These circles will always touch in more than one point. Regulations and restrictions determine how we live And what we've got to give. But be sure: trust needs to be reevaluated While our ageing promises turn to plights. Change is what scares us shitless. Most importantly, Let them have confidence and peace. Symbols of commitment to disguise the lack of it. Let them believe. Your House (Live) - Alanis Morissette - The Collection them believe in themselves.

And let them live with their contradictions. What they call passion is just the turmoil Caused by repression of their ambitions. Demersal: Cognitive Dissonance And there was a great earthquake. And the sun turned black as sackcloth made of hair. And the moon became like blood. And the stars of the sky fell to the earth. As a fig tree casts its unripe figs When shaken by a mighty wind.

And the sky was split apart Like a scroll when it is rolled up.


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Pelagial, in its concept of delving into the ocean's depths, plays to the strengths of the latter and projects the image of a spike in performance when the real issue on the past two albums seems to have stemmed more from a weaker pairing of songwriting and concept than anything else/5.