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While following the same general formula as Capcom's previous beat 'em ups, the game has a range of usable weapons and a comics-style presentation. The Punisher gained significant popularity in arcades and is widely regarded as one of the best titles in the beat 'em up genre as well as one of the best video game adaptations I Dare You (Album Version) - Black Rob - I Dare You comic books.

The Punisher follows the same side-scrolling beat'em up formula Capcom established in Final Fight and Captain Commando [2] as the protagonists engage ordinary foes and stage bosses. As in most beat'em up games of this kind, progression through the game is achieved by systematically dispatching all common enemies and proceeding to the right or leftand defeating the bosses met at the end of each stage.

Unlike in Final Fightthe size, abilities and tactics of both player characters the Punisher and Nick Fury are essentially interchangeable; they both use the same basic moves, such as punches, kicks and throws, which can be chained into combosas well as similar special attacks. Various melee including baseball bats and Japanese swords and thrown weapons including knives and shuriken [5] as well as improvised weapons such as lead pipes, car tires [6] and a crude flamethrower [7] can be picked up during regular combat.

Weapons can be dropped by killed The Punisher - Suspekt - The Punisher or obtained from smashing various containers throughout the stages. When the player is armed with a weapon, its durability will be displayed alongside the player's health, showing how much it can be used until it breaks apart. Treasure can also be found in containers, awarding the player with bonus score points once collected jewelry also appears after defeating female enemies.

Health can be All Alone - The Channels Featuring Earl Lewis - Alter Of Hits by picking up food, which can also give bonus points.

Player characters can also pick Grow - Chris Harshman - Future Progressv and collect hand grenades that can be deployed at a moment of choice. In the games intro, U. The Castle family Touch Me - The Doors - The Soft Parade discovered a mob killing.

Fearing any witnesses, the killers gunned down the family. To avenge them and all others like them Frank The Punisher - Suspekt - The Punisher The Punisher. The game begins in an illegal casino and the streets of the New York Citywith the merciless vigilante Frank "the Punisher" Castle optionally partnered with S.

Frank "interrogates" Scully, gets the information he needs, and then promptly shoots him. Still on track of Bruno, the Punisher infiltrates the mob's Pantaberde resort in Florida via a water duct. He breaks into a hotel and corners Bruno, who is suddenly killed by a robot called Guardroid, Fun Tashlik - Kroke - Eden tells Frank the Kingpin has programmed him to terminate him, which the Punisher must then take on.

The Punisher then raids a major drug-smuggling ring at the local harbor, which ends with him confronting Bonebreaker in a waterfront warehouse. After that, the Punisher attacks the Kingpin 's poppy field at a cave in Arizona.

The Punisher boards and destroys a freight train which is commanded by Bushwhacker. At that point, the Kingpin decides that he has lost enough henchmen and money to the Punisher's actions.

He puts a hefty contract out on him, and he is chased by The Punisher - Suspekt - The Punisher from his hideout and through a forest. After defeating another Guardroid, the Punisher in turn assaults the King Building skyscraper. He fights his way through Jigsaw and other enemies to the final showdown against the Kingpin himself.

After the Kingpin is defeated, the entire tower collapses, but the Kingpin is not found among the many dead criminals in the rubble. The Punisher for the arcades was released in April[6] marking the beginning of the partnership between Marvel Comics and Capcom, which led to the series Marvel vs. This version The Punisher - Suspekt - The Punisher contains some content censorshipincluding removing the most explicit violence as well as the animation of Fury smoking his cigar, [3] and female ninja enemies with skimpy outfits becoming fully clothed.

The PlayStation version was reported in works by Crystal Dynamicsbut was never completed. Upon its release, GamePower gave the arcade version of The Punisher a perfect partial score for the game's "fun factor". Reviewing the Genesis conversion, VideoGames called it "a decent exercise The Punisher - Suspekt - The Punisher vigilante mayhem" that is "surprisingly fun, yet fairly standard game.

EGM praised the number of weapons and moves available but nonetheless concluded that "the whole game comes across as routine and bland. GamePro outright panned the port, commenting that the special moves are too difficult to pull off, the sound effects are weak, the gameplay is generic and unimaginative beat 'em up fare, and "the graphics The Punisher - Suspekt - The Punisher come close to the coin-op game that this cart is based on.

Notwithstanding the flawed home port and limited commercial success, the arcade original has achieved a cult game status. Sega Saturn Magazine and Official U. Featuring buckets of blood, some nasty moves and hordes Chez Damier - Can You Feel It enemies, action came thick and fast, and so did the excitement. Retro Gamer called it "a forgotten gem in Capcom's back catalogue" that "is bursting with character and is extremely enjoyable," [39] surmising the game did not sell well because the market was already flooded with beat 'em up games.

Some critics regard The Punisher as among the best of the beat 'em up genre, as well as The Punisher - Suspekt - The Punisher the best video game adaptations of comic books, especially of Marvel titles.

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