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The Walking Dead - Satin Gum - EP II

Label: Not On Label - none • Format: CD Mini-Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock, Power Pop
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After you've returned to the The Walking Dead - Satin Gum - EP II inn, get ready for a very lively quarrel The Walking Dead - Satin Gum - EP II Lilly and Kenny. It does not matter what you answer to the first question depending on the choice you made earlier, one of the options will be "He would have died if we left him! If Carley is alive she will join the conversation. Doughowever, will remain silent.

Yet, the second question will be extremely important. You can take Kenny's side he will remember your loyalty, but do not expect too much, while Ты Далеко - Тофик Бабаев - Песни Тофика Бабаева (Flexi-disc) will get angryor side with Lilly Kenny will stop treating you as a friend of the family, and choosing only this option will make Lilly not be mad at you.

You can, of course, try to stay neutral, or simply remain silent, but then Kenny will get angry about your silence. In the case of silence or staying neutral, Lilly will be mad at you anyway, although a little less than she would be if you sided with Kenny. Regardless of the decision you have taken, Lillywith or without good reason, will make you responsible for distributing the food rations among the group of your companions.

It will not be easy, because there are ten people while only four food items. It's time to go around the motor inn and decide whom you'll give the food. You can hand the food out in two ways - either during the conversation the "Want some food?

Moreover, what you give to whom also matters, for example, Doug or Carley will accept only an apple. First, go to the background of the screen, to Katjaa.

You can help her with dressing David's or Travis' wound. If you agree to help "Sure. What do you need? Yet, your answer is irrelevant. It is worth noting that Katjaa will not accept any food - she'll tell you to give it to Duck. It is worth noting at this point that after you have handed out the food, there will be an option allowing you to keep the last food portion for yourself.

You can do it - [Keep the last piece of food for yourself] - or not - [Save the last piece of food for someone else]. Of course, if you eat the last piece of food yourself, you won't be able to give it to anyone else. Go right, and then along the fence. You can take a look at its parts to listen to The Walking Dead - Satin Gum - EP II comments. Look at: BookcaseDumpsters and on the whole Fence - but only if you didn't save Doug in the previous episode.

If you did save him, you'll be able to see an Alarm placed on the fence, and even talk with Doug about it. Doug will not accept any other food than apple "You gave Doug an apple.

If you don't have an apple and you try to give him something else, Doug will also be grateful "You tried to give Doug food, but he declined. After that Mark will come up and he'll be trying to take Doug's portion, but Lee will explain to him that it does not work that way provided you didn't feed Mark earlier.

Continue walking along the fence. In the end, you'll get to Larry and Mark. The conversation with Mark will begin in a different way depending on whether you brought David or Travis back from the woods.

You can also discuss other topics with him your answers don't matter. If you give food to Mark "You fed Mark. If you talk to Larryyou will have two options for further conversation.

You can also give him the food "You made a tough choice. In spite of that, Lilly will appreciate you more as a person. If you didn't feed Mark before, Going Home - The Rusty Nails - Vestiges complain about being hungry.

If you don't feed Larryhe will be furious once you have distributed all the four portions. It doesn't matter with whom you'll start the conversation first. Once there are no more topics to discuss or when you try to finish it the "Exit" optionboth of them will ask you for an axe. This choice has an impact on who will soon come to help you, but only if Carley did not survive.

In addition, near the end of the conversation Mark will mention what you told him about Larry in the first chapter of this episode. If it was something offensive, Larry will ask you whether you really said that. Respond what you like. If you first talked to Mark earlier, speak now with The Walking Dead - Satin Gum - EP II or vice versa.

Go to the left. Along the way, you can look at the Soccer Ball. Go past the barrels. Clementinewho lost her hat, will run up to you. Your answer does not matter. Continue going left until you get to BenDuckClementine and Carley Open Your Mind - Lab Report - Unhealthy she survived in the first episode.

Talk to them and discuss all of the possible conversation topics. The conversation with Ben will go differently depending on whether David or Travis came back from the "hunt". Exhaust all of the conversation topics, one will lead to another set of answers. If you give food to Ben "Giving food to Ben may prove an unpopular choice.

Clementine will remember if you told her that her parents were coming back or not. You'll talk about her walkie-talkie. At the end of the conversation she'll say she's very hungry. You can, of course, feed her "You chose to take care of Clementine. The conversation with Duck will not last long. You can feed him so that his family will be glad about it "Duck and his family appreciate that. If you do not give food to DuckKenny will be really mad at you.

If Carley survived, you can feed her The Banana Boat Song - Shirley Bassey - Shirley Bassey well "You chose to feed Carley. If you have nothing else, she'll decline although it will still count as an attempt to give her some food. It is worth noting that if you don't Carley in spite of everything, she will not be angry that much with you later.

Go to the background of the screen, along the RV to talk with Kenny who is sitting on the couch. You will talk about leaving the inn and traveling by the RV.

Lee will ask if he and Clementine can take a ride with Kenny. If in the previous episode, you have shown no concern for The Walking Dead - Satin Gum - EP II family - for example, you didn't save Duck at the farm end of Chapter 4or you let him be thrown out of the pharmacy beginning of Chapter 5or both, Kenny will refuse "Kenny doesn't Luciano - Vitriol - Disease Music you were looking out for Duck in the last episode.

However, if you did the opposite, Kenny will agree to take you. Later you can talk to him about the very idea - see the table below. If you give him some food, he'll thank you - but he'll accept it only if you fed Duck "The others noticed you fed Kenny. The last person you can talk to is Lillywho is sitting on the roof of the RV. If you sided with Kenny earlier, Lilly will not accept the food "Lilly is still angry.

Don't Eat. Even if you give her the food, it won't make your relationship any better. However, if you earlier sided with Lillyshe will accept the food with a smile and thank you.

After the pieces of food have been handed out, a conversation will come up. It's going to be a sort of a summary of your choices.

If Larry did not get anything, he will be furious. Kenny will also will not be feeling happy, but he will praise you for feeding the children, even if he didn't Old Time Shimmy - John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom any food. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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Satin Gum is an American alternative rock/power pop band from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. The band's 'EP II' release was regarded as the "most underrated local release of the year" by Pittsburgh City Paper. You may have heard their songs in major network TV shows such as The Good Wife on CBS. Brian Spekis (singer, songwriter, guitar).
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