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Venom Of God (Path Of Doom) - VampiriA - Wicked Charm

Label: American Line Productions - Icarus 25,Icarus Music - Icarus 25 • Format: CD Album • Country: Mexico • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal, Goth Rock
Download Venom Of God (Path Of Doom) - VampiriA - Wicked Charm

Translate Email Print. Trance-Migration 2. Break The Seal 3. Unholy War 5. Eclipse Of Souls 6. Dark Emotions 7. Venom Of God (Path Of Doom) - VampiriA - Wicked Charm , Swallows - Me 8. The Gloomy Labyrints Of Dementia 9. Ancient Fear Reminiscence Of Hell Vlad's Dominions.

Trance-Migration My body lays in the cold and wet ground, just a little space of peace. I'm ready for the transmigration, another body, the same life. Centuries of extasy and pain, glory and deception, I can't hide myself, eternity calls.

Break The Seal So then I break the seal, and start the fire with the olden spell, with the rage of anguish, and the wrath of asphix. I say the words to be Venom Of God (Path Of Doom) - VampiriA - Wicked Charm for thou, to be obey for thou. I know the words that can start the fire, just break the seal an heavens will burn.

Legions of demons will fly through the sky, with slobbery jaws full of angelical flesh, look to the sea how it turn to red, it's a big coup of blood for the king of kings. Now I can talk and your ears bleed, ancient words of impure meaning floats in the air, glorious vision of celestial colapse, the seal is broken and a tongue of fire licks the god's throne. For take far away the lie I take, the crown in a kingdom of desolation empire, of time mirror of desecration.

For burn in my eyes your lies, for kill with my deadly hands your power! I see the face without eyes of the life. I feel his cold in my spine. I see my god disappear in the night, but I Paid My Dues - Anastacia - Pieces Of A Dream his venom in my path I walk, for awake Unholy War Lucifer, infernal majesty, the magnificent king of abyss, I invoke the force of fire in your name.

From beyond I invoke! I rise my sword for the crown of hell, and take the torch with eternal flame! A blackned symphony of doom Even Flow - Pearl Jam - 07-01-2010 Gdynia, Poland, the march of hell are breaking the chains Give us the force and value for fight in your name, you lord of dark master of our rebellion guide our hands. This sword is tempered in hell for this Unholy War. Lucifer, mighty lord, Father of eternity, I believe in the mighty grace of your spell.

Come with us Dark forces in my hands, spirits of ancient lands, the day start to fall, the earth start to DIE! Eclipse Of Souls Almighty lord of dark, let the chaos begin, wash their sins with blood and clean the world of weaks. Illusions: faith and hope, definitevely erased, the black soul is rising to eclipse the earth and sky. Impious darkness rise she, black queen of chaos, Venom Of God (Path Of Doom) - VampiriA - Wicked Charm malevolence starts the great eclipse of souls.

Infernal majestythe sky will be your throne we're waiting for your words, as disciples of wrath. The dark age was marked with the seventh seal now broked, preachers of lies to lethean's waters.

Sentence and pain for blind and weak sheeps, luxury and pleasure for natural being. Dark Emotions I awake and feel a thousand hells on my soul, my tormented spirit transit the slippery surface of desperation, a paranormal energy domine my will. I shout at the edge of dusk, and my voice emerge inhuman, a criminal wish exploids in my mind, i'm blinded and blood begins to call me.

The fury; pleasure; the blood, i'm on extasis with morbid sensations, no hope for you tonight, in your neck I will leave my stigma. Dark emotions 'till I taste your blood, now you're mine and of the night, your angel's dying in darkness, and between my arms a vamp born. The night is filled of emotions, my real being has awaked, your body rest among candles, 'till my legacy infects your veins, now I'm saciated, satisfied, for now; just for now.

Darkness, Swallows - Me The gray wind heats my face, and pestilence that I smell moving me, death I bring, death I leave seems to whisper and my soul back to feeling lost. Whimpering souls lash my body, dragged by the dark ancestral wind. If this was a dream I don't want to awake, still its memory will be impossible to drag. Darkness, Swallows - me! Now the truth is accepted by me, only remains resignation, everything arond me lost its colour I'm one more soul dragged by the gray wind.

The Gloomy Labyrints Of Dementia Dementia, right now you embrace me, and the light of goodsense extinguish in me. This world that they called madness is infinite and grotesque. Far away, in the reallity, I can hear that someone crys for me. Sometimes I can Venom Of God (Path Of Doom) - VampiriA - Wicked Charm to the real thing through thick distortive glasses. Just Saviors Hands - Ken Stringfellow - Danzig In The Moonlight pain is the same in both worlds, and mournful toll of a far bell, shoots in my mind terrible sensations, I'm plunging on the gloomy labyrinth of dementia.

Far away, in the reality, I can hear that someone crys for me, Just the pain is the same in both worlds, I'm plunging on the gloomy labyrinth of dementia. Ancient Fear We are wondering through the shadows of time, against the walls of reason, condemned before born. Behind the cross, the lies were made law and the human serve to an empty throne.

We must to search, far beyond our Spring Is Here - Bill Evans Trio* - Portrait In Jazz fear, then we'll be free, embraced to eternity We will live eternally witness of all ages, free of the ancient fears that enslaves the human old lies.

Thorugh the eternity 's eyes we'll look the time's tide going up and down far from our coast. Our stock will leak, pathetic human nature, time is a cloak, that now don't cover us. Reminiscence Of Hell Vlad's Dominions Vlad, lord of cruelty and pain, come to my dreams, show me your hell.

Welcome foreigner to the kingdom of sadism, in this garden of hell there's a place four you. Blood flood the ground and feed the Aqueronte. Vlad's dominions are like a reminiscence of hell. Come to my dreams, show me your hell, this forest of bodies is an altar for Vlad Thanks to leproso for sending these Love & Fingers - And One - 9.9.99 9 Uhr. All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.

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