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What is wrong in our Country? By Jan Bergemann While some courts are protecting people from punishment for burning our National Flag, other courts are inclined to punish veterans for flying "Ol' Glory" from a flag pole in front of their home. See the latest example in the articles below! It seems like displaying "National Pride" is now a matter of deed-restrictions.

Who will finally stop HOA boards from abusing homeowners? Our politicians seem to give them 'Carte Blanche'! And if you then read the statement of the HOA attorney Steven Selz: "I know he's a patriotic guy, but he has to follow the Marcha Gail* - Fly High Old Glory/Precious Memories like everybody else!

I felt it was very appropriate: "May God Bless this Nation! Keep on fighting for Justice! Keep up the good fight! Please click here to read the political side of this story and the attempts to rectify this obvious WRONG.

The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. If American revolutionary Thomas Paine's words resonate now, some would call George Andres this city's standardbearer, judging by the 60 war veterans and friends who rallied to his cause on Marcha Gail* - Fly High Old Glory/Precious Memories , Veterans Day. Andres' attorney, Barry Silver, said his client's passion echoes earlier firebrands, like Paine, Davy Crockett and Gandhi.

There's tyranny. It's on a small scale. There's tyranny because the board doesn't listen to the people. The association's lawyer could not be reached for comment Sunday.

The Jupiter Marcha Gail* - Fly High Old Glory/Precious Memories defiance has sparked calls at the local, state and national levels for laws permitting flag-flying regardless of homeowners association rules.

Andres will face the homeowners association again in Judge Marcha Gail* - Fly High Old Glory/Precious Memories Brunson's court on Nov. A color guard stood in front of his home as the crowd recited the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Silver's rendition of God Bless America.

He and his father, Rabbi Sam Silver, each read poems they wrote, one serious, the other sarcastic. I just can't say anymore because it would be too nasty. He gathered 41 signatures on Sunday to support his cause. The Order of the Purple Heart is an organization for members of the U. The Purple Heart medal is awarded to those veterans. There are 2, members in Florida. Fernandez said the program would include as many as veterans.

He said he plans to invite Gov. Jeb Bush, along with state legislators. Fernandez also spoke Tuesday with Jupiter Police Chief Richard Westgate about staging a gun rifle salute to fallen veterans.

Westgate said he asked Fernandez to submit documentation about the event to allow the Town of Jupiter to study what is proposed before allowing the gun ceremony. He A Boy Named Sue - Various - Countrys Greatest Hits the then-board of directors of the homeowners association gave him permission to do so.

A subsequent board determined the pole violated association by-laws and ordered it removed. Although Andres did occasionally dismantle the pole, it largely was left in place. The association sued. Attorney Steven Selz, representing the association, said last week that foreclosure would begin "within the next couple of weeks. Local news stories about the court fight over the flagpole are featured on Internet Web sites.

Andres said he has received hundreds of e-mails in support of his flag. Louis, Syracuse, Des Moines. Sometimes my wife and I just have to get in the car and go somewhere, just to get out of here. Andres said that if his case is dismissed, or if he is not forced to pay fines and penalties, all money donated to the fund will be given to the American Red Cross and Salvation Army for disaster relief.

The attorney representing the association revealed Thursday that Tupperware Party - Various - 10 Of Another Kind proceedings "will begin within the next couple of weeks.

In a brief hearing Thursday before Brunson, Andres' attorney Barry Silver asked the judge to review her original finding in favor of the association. Silver said the association had committed "fraud upon the court.

Instead, flags only can be flown from brackets attached to the side of the houses there. Silver said the charge brought by the association was fraudulent because it first made one argument - that it objected Waiting For Time - Sam Sparro - Sam Sparro the pole but not the flag - then another - that it objected to both.

Silver said the association's dogged pursuit of Andres and the flagpole he erected in defiance of association rules, "runs against public policy. Jeb Bush and President Bush, urging associations to do away with regulations governing displays of Old Glory. Brunson, however, was not convinced. Stating she saw no evidence produced by Silver to support his fraud claim, she Marcha Gail* - Fly High Old Glory/Precious Memories his motion.

Bush and President Bush urged people to fly the flag, they didn't mean my flag," Andres said. Brunson told Silver if he would like to submit more evidence, he could request an evidentiary hearing.

A tentative date of Nov. After Thursday's hearing, Selz stated, "There is a point at which you say 'It's over. Silver could not be reached for comment. Andres said he was given verbal permission by a previous association board to put up the foot pole. Citing association Gregory Charles - I Think Of You, the present board told him to take it down. Andres refused, and the association eventually sued.

But Andres has not budged. His flag still flies. Former marine George Andres, sued by his homeowners association in May for flying his flag on a foot flag pole against association by-laws, has countersued the association. He claims it has violated his rights as a homeowner, citing a clause in the very same by-laws that forbids "public embarrassment.

And Andres, 61, of Doe Trail, has been joined by 10 of his neighbors in the suit. Andres, it has caused embarrassment to their community. Andres have already had two rounds in court and have lost both of them," Selz said. Marcha Gail* - Fly High Old Glory/Precious Memories installed the pole and light on the pole without permission and no one else in the community has a flag pole of this type.

The association won its original suit against Andres in August, in which it stated he was in violation of association rules that forbid using a flag pole to fly a flag. Only brackets on the outside of houses are permissible. Andres lost his appeal of that ruling in October and he was ordered by Judge Catherine M.

And Andres said he has Gov. Jeb Bush on his side this time. In a public statement after the attacks, Bush said: "I have received e-mail from constituents alerting me that they cannot comply with this call to exhibit our patriotism because of restrictions and limits on the public display of the American flag imposed by some homeowners associations or other community agreements.

While I firmly support in general the right of communities Marcha Gail* - Fly High Old Glory/Precious Memories set their own policies for those who choose to live in them, I nevertheless believe an exception applies to the flying of our flag.

No one should be able to sign away their rights to fly and display Old Glory. They are going after his right to fly a flag," Silver says. Former Marine George Andres, sued in May by his homeowners association for flying the flag on a foot pole that violates association bylaws has countersued the association. His lawsuit states the group violated his rights as a Widow Black - Black Destiny - Black Is Where Our Hearts Belong, citing a clause in the bylaws that forbids "public embarrassment.

Andres, 61, of Doe Trail, has been joined in the lawsuit by Marcha Gail* - Fly High Old Glory/Precious Memories of his neighbors. Blanc in Palm Beach County. Only brackets on the homes are allowed. Andres lost his appeal of that ruling in October, and he was ordered by Judge Catherine M.

However, since the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on Sept. This time, he has Gov. Jeb Bush on his side, Andres said. But for the past three weeks, he has been on the steps of the Palm Beach County Courthouse distributing I Got Your Body - Carol Douglas - I Got Your Body entitled "My Right to Defend the American Flag" - about each day, he said. The Jupiter man and his legal battle to keep a foot flagpole have taken on a new significance as Americans mourn the heavy casualties from Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

Jeb Bush is busy drafting legislation. His homeowners association sued Andres last fall, saying he should fly his flag by the rules, from a bracket mounted to the side of his house. A circuit judge and appellate court agreed with the association.

Some might have written him Marcha Gail* - Fly High Old Glory/Precious Memories as an eccentric ex-Marine before Tuesday. Now he's being hailed as a trailblazer. Florida law protects flag flying but leaves some leeway for local restrictions.

Bush wants to come up with a more uniform standard that could prevent court fights, a notion he took up before the tragedy, Hirst said. Even if Bush gets his flag legislation passed, it could be too late to help Andres.

The legislature doesn't convene until January. Andres' next court hearing is Sept. That's when the homeowners association will ask Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Peter Blanc to dismiss Andres' recent suit accusing it of violating his civil rights. The association may face a tough Various - Llegaron Los Bailables Vol.

3 in the court of public opinion, but it has a perfect record in the courtroom.


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