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Now Ive Got A Witness (Like Uncle Phil And Uncle Gene) - The Rolling Stones - «Lâge Dor» Des Roll

Label: Decca - 278 009,Decca - 278.009 • Series: «Lâge Dor» Des Rolling Stones - Vol 1 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Reissue Blue Without Carol • Country: France • Genre: Rock • Style: Rock & Roll, Pop Rock
Download Now Ive Got A Witness (Like Uncle Phil And Uncle Gene) - The Rolling Stones - «Lâge Dor» Des Roll

You might already know that some of these well-established songs are covers, but a few just may surprise you. Many people argue the original is always best, but credit has to be given to artists who reimagined great songs and turned them into masterpieces. Let us know on our facebook page which songs where you think the original deserves the title for the best version. Apparently, she wanted to soften the blow and make it easier for her departure.

I'm sure once he heard the best song he'd ever heard, it didn't make it easier. Trivia: The song was written by Dave Crawford.

In Bruno Mars made a parody version of the song for Funny or Die. He originally offered it to another group named The Standells, but they said no. The song also ranked 5 on VH1's greatest one-hit wonders of the 80s. Trivia: Sadly Ednaswap is mostly only popular through the artists who cover their song "Torn. Trivia: The song was actually written by Cat Stevens and he shortly recorded a version after P.

Arnold's initial release. Other artists including Sheryl Crow and Keith Hampshire also had popular covers of this tune. The P. Arnold version gained some attention after being featured in the movie "Seven Psychopaths. Various - fRoots #18 Like it or not the cover version of Slade's hit was a huge success and made the Los Angeles metal scene blow up nearly overnight.

Originally, the singer refused to cover the song because he hated it so bad. The song also brought Slade success in the USA with record labels warring over deals with the band. Mountain Greenery - Sylvia Syms - Lovingly label reportedly even offered them 5 Rolls Royces to sign with them.

Beck was to release his version first of Superstition, but the record labels decided it would be best to let Stevie release his first, instead. Trivia: While Leonard wrote the original, Jeff Buckley arranged the version that is most widely covered and copied today. The song was made popular when it appeared in Shrek and later on when appearing on reality TV singing competitions such as The X Factor. Leonard struggled for years to complete this song, but we are all glad he did.

Trivia: Perhaps one of the most extreme covers on this list, but also the most prolific. In a touching montage, Johnny Cash had his final hit music video right before his death. Trent Reznor at first found the idea of the cover "gimmicky" but after seeing the music video admitted that the song now belonged to Mr.

Trivia: The lyrics to the song with the exception of the chorus and the final verse were adapted from the third chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes. Trivia: Oddly enough, Willie Nelson's own version was released after Patsy's. Willie was a popular singer-songwriter Now Ive Got A Witness (Like Uncle Phil And Uncle Gene) - The Rolling Stones - «Lâge Dor» Des Roll had written many hits for other artists but never released his own record. He offered the song to Billy Walker before Patsy, but he turned it down because it was a "girl's song.

Trivia: The original song was written from a male's point of view. So, that makes it far less creepy. Cyndi got permission to make the lyrical edits. But, does anyone else find it odd that this popular feminist song was written by a man? Another interesting fact is that Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live lent his multi-million dollar digital video editing equipment to help out with the music video.

Autumn Leaves - Bill Evans With Jeremy Steig - Whats New Another version with updated lyrics was performed in by Irma Thomas. This version is the closest to the Rolling Stone's version. The original song was written by Jerry Ragovoy, and Jimmy Norman was later recruited to write the additional lyrics.

Trivia: This songwriting team also famously wrote another hit song performed by another artist. Trivia: The song was also recorded by the Yardbirds. Led Zeppelin who also infamously is accused of stealing another riff for "Stairway To Heaven" off the Song Taurus by Spirit somehow managed to pull off a separate copyright for their cover. Jimmy Page discovered the song when Holmes opened for the Yardbirds in He later discovered his own track on Led Zeppelin's album. He wrote Page asking for credit, but never got a response.

James Ray died from a Now Ive Got A Witness (Like Uncle Phil And Uncle Gene) - The Rolling Stones - «Lâge Dor» Des Roll overdose at the age of 23 just as he was starting to gain popularity. Fogerty said he recorded the song to get radio play on San Francisco station KMPX, known for its progressive playlists geared around the rock genre.

This is also why the song is over 8 minutes long. Dale Hawkins is cited as a co-writer, but this was only a studio trick to help labels split royalties. Trivia: This one is a definite fan favorite because of its mysterious origins and varied history. The author of the song is unknown. It is a traditional folk song believed to be brought by English immigrants in the 's and appropriated to a more current form in New Orleans.

While The Animals version might not be original, it's the best in our book. Trivia: Aretha Franklin's version is without a doubt the most popular version of this song, but the credit doesn't all go to the original writer. Her major changes to the instrumentation, lyrics, and singing of the song made if fundamentally different and built upon the original in a novel, creative and fresh way. Trivia: The first popular cover was by The Bobby Fuller Four inbut was later recorded by The Clash which remains popular still today.

It was also famously used to pressure Manuel Noriega to surrender. The military blared the song outside his compound. The original version was so popular that at least 10 cover versions were recorded Sophisticated Mind - Various - Limited Edition Box Set Vol.

1 (Box Set, LP) Elvis' famous rendition. At least 6 parodies and "answer songs" including "Bear Cat" were also written and performed, causing various and numerous lawsuits. Answer songs and parodies never really happened after that. Filed under video cover. Volare - Domenico Modugno 2 in When - The Kalin Twins 3 in Tequila - Champs 4 in Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry 5 in Bird Dog - The Everly Brothers 6 in Patricia - Perez Prado 8 in It's All in the Game - Tommy Edwards 10 in What is Your Vocal Range?


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"If somebody says, 'Do you remember the first time you heard a Rolling Stones song?' if you say you do, you're crazy. You've just always heard them. You might remember the first time it impacted you, but the first time you heard one, you were in a " - Brad Paisley.