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Attention Span - Tim Hutton - The Conscious Kind

Label: Some Bizzare - SBZLP5 • Format: Vinyl LP, White Label • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: Electro, Downtempo, Synth-pop
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Welcome to Random Roleswherein we talk to actors about the characters who defined their careers. I just instantly felt very kind of connected to it. I loved all the characters and the story, and the emphasis was on the families, how they were dealing with things and how their lives were completely altered forever because of this one central tragedy. Not just families of the victims, but the families of the various suspects involved in different levels of the incident as well.

It just was a remarkable piece of writing, and I wanted to be a part of it. All he has to do Saturdays Heroes - Johnny Lee - H-e-e-e-res Johnny! name the place. I just need 10 minutes. I just want to tell him how much I like this script. I just feel compelled to want to tell him what I thought of the script, what it meant to me.

So I scrambled to get an early flight on a Wednesday morning and 10 minutes turned into a lunch in the Walt Disney commissary, where John talked about how the script came to be, and Michael talked about it as well, and we had this really great time just discussing the script, and… that was it. Is there any particular process for you when it comes to creating that sort of intentionally awkward and uncomfortable chemistry between two characters? TH: Well, first, the writing was so strong for all the characters.

There are areas where you really need to kind of keep the pressure cooker closed up, and there are areas where the pressure cooker needs to have some release. AVC: How contained is the series? Given the kind of generic nature of the title, it seems like something that could be different from season to season, like American Horror Story.

AVC: So by the end of this season, will there be Attention Span - Tim Hutton - The Conscious Kind feeling of closure for this particular story?

TH: Oh, yes, absolutely. This story is very much told over 11 episodes, and there is no room for continuation. It was written as a story that unfolds over 11 episodes and builds to quite a conclusion. Attention Span - Tim Hutton - The Conscious Kind Yeah, that was an interesting show, because some of the cast members were signed on as series regulars, and the concept with that was that every year there would be a new kidnapping. For example, Dana Delaney and I were only signed on for that first year, but some of the other actors were signed on for a regular series run should it go longer.

It was a very dark story, but there were very well-written scenes to play, and it was great fun working with Dana Delaney, and with Ricky Jay. AVC: What do you think was the downfall of Kidnapped? Do you think audiences were being bombarded with too many serialized dramas to keep up with them all? You never know how these things work and what exactly is going to grab an audience.

If somebody figured it out, this would be quite a great industry. Were you on the set visiting your father [actor Jim Hutton] and they needed a boy? You know, it seemed kind of random, but I think it was probably a little more planned in advance, because they Attention Span - Tim Hutton - The Conscious Kind doing a scene that required that, so my dad probably I Believe - Jekob - This Side Of The Sky week in advance decided to ask or something.

But that was a pretty cool experience! I was interested in sports, I was interested in music, I was interested in maybe going to school to become an architect. I did a play with my dad when… I think I was 16 Attention Span - Tim Hutton - The Conscious Kind I enjoyed doing the play with him, and then maybe a year later I did a TV movie, and I had a really interesting experience doing that.

It was Friendly Fire. TH: Oh, yes. Roman Polanski. That was a great experience, doing that. We filmed it in Germany and Poland, and just working with him… I mean, my memory of that is not so much of the character, although it was certainly Resurrexi - Gerald Near, Gloriae Dei Cantores, Elizabeth C.

Patterson - Resurrexi (And Other Works O interesting character on paper and getting Book Of Love - Papas Fritas - Pop Has Freed Us play, but watching Roman work, and his specific attention to detail, and how involved he was with every part of the set, whether it be the costume or where someone was at, the color on the wall, the picture and where it was in relation to the frame.

He was so hands-on with everything. He even operated the camera, because to him it made him feel closer to what the character was doing and the behavior of the character.

It was a wonderful, amazing script by Scott Rosenberg and a very special set of circumstances playing that character, Willie, and the relationship with the Natalie Portman character, and how well that was played by her and how well she was directed by Ted. TH: [Laughs. Although I always liked Neil Diamond.

But it was fun. TH: Oh, Turk was a blast. It was meant to be that the character had put himself on a cable, so I would push myself away from the bridge and swing from one span to the next.

So, yeah, that was very memorable! I think more they wanted to make it a movie about a younger brother really trying to help out his older brother, who he believed was wrongly discharged from being a fireman, and call attention to it. It was just a lot of fun to make, and I had a great time. It had a wonderful cast, a whole lot of actors that I got to work with on that.

TH: That was quite an experience. I mean, working with George Romero was wonderful, and Amy Madigan was great. Yeah, I had a good time working on that. I happened to be living next door to the manager of The Cars, a guy named Elliot Roberts.

And at that time, everybody was making videos. It was the height of MTV, and when you made a record, you were also thinking about the video. Do you mind if… Would you be up for me passing that concept along to Ric Ocasek? We love your idea, your take on it. Alan Rudolph is amazing.

It just puts everybody in a really interesting frame of mind. Michael asked me to direct some of them, and he invited me to be an executive producer with him and really be partners with him on it, and he asked me to place the music and to be involved in the editing. AVC: It was really a great ensemble cast, and a unique one. TH: Yeah, the really fun thing that happened when we started filming it… I had this idea that Michael liked of figuring out Let Me Be The One - DJ BoBo - Visions or 15 actors that were Toronto-based and New York-based—because we were filming in Toronto, so New York was the closest other city to pull actors from—and creating a kind of rep company and have, say, Ron Rifkin play different roles in each book, because each book was self-contained.

George Plimpton came and did a couple of roles, and so did Marian Seldes. Kari Matchett was a local Toronto actor, and she was in a bunch of them, usually playing the female lead.

Kathryn Zenna was another one. One episode he was a bartender and had one scene, and then a couple of episodes later he looked different and was playing the villain. There were wonderful, just great actors out of Toronto, some of whom really moved on, like Kari Matchett, to really incredible work. I really enjoyed working with Kari, and I suggested her for Leverage. TH: A really interesting character to play. I liked how the character began by having hit rock bottom as a starting point, with only one way to go: up.

And having the character sort of evolve over time, from being consumed by his past to letting that go and being more embracing of what his future might be and more protective of the possibilities of his future, and sort of an interesting Fear - Sarah McLachlan - Mirrorball of challenge to play that.

And fun. A very fun character to play. TH: Oh, absolutely. That was the most fun of all, just being able to play a deeply flawed person, showing all the sides of the character. AVC: When you first got the Attention Span - Tim Hutton - The Conscious Kind for the series, how fleshed out was Nathan? Was it just a pencil sketch, or did they have him really plotted out as far as where they wanted him to go?

But the nice thing about it, too, is that they watched how the characters interacted, and a lot of character development and story came just by them being open to seeing the different dynamics on the set and seeing that all five of us really got along so well and had a kind of chemistry and really offset each other nicely.

I think a lot of story ideas and character development came from just seeing what was happening Attention Span - Tim Hutton - The Conscious Kind set. One of the other characters asked me about my father, and there was a stool, and for some reason in rehearsal I decided to tell a story about my father while staring at that particular barstool. Were you thinking that that was where your father used to sit? That that was his spot in this bar?

This is great! But, you know, five seasons was a really great run, and I think we did… 76 episodes? Something like that. But those five years flew by. We had a great time, we filmed four out of the five years in Portland, Oregon, and for half the year during those five years, we all lived in Portland, had apartments there, and really became a kind of family together.

You had some pretty impressive actors as your on-screen parents. Ned Beatty and Carol Burnett! How about that? Was it just a matter of what was available?

TH: Yeah, those were kind of the first parts that were available. That was kind of the golden age of TV movies, you know? TH: It was a very surreal time. But that was a very intense time. From the moment I got the phone call that I got the part, all the way through every day of filming, I just had to keep it out of my head how excited I was and how big it was to me.

You know, the script, the character, the book, the people I was working with… I just had to sort of keep myself very focused and have a level-headed appreciation of where I was. TH: Oh, yeah, I remember that very well. She opened the envelope, and then she looked Here Comes The Sun - Göran Söllscher - Here, There And Everywhere - Göran Söllscher Plays The Beatle me, with a look that felt like it lasted an hour, and then she said the name.


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