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Blue Setting Sun - Sharon Crosbie - Cold Winter Lullabies

Label: Not On Label - 001CWLB • Format: CD Album • Country: Ireland • Genre: Jazz, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Contemporary Jazz
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The last time I checked, most human adults were in possession of a decent enough brain. The brain, that vital organ that sits between our ears, helps us survive, work and raise our young without doing them too much damage. It is our ability to assess and make choices using the brain that largely separates us from the animal kingdom. However, when it comes to food we have been so bullied, harassed and harangued about food that we have practically given up all rights to decision making about our own health.

This is often evidenced in the month of September with the return to school and routine and the ongoing modern dilemma of what to put in a lunchbox.

Parents look with horror at 30 weeks of trying to come up with interesting and varied lunchboxes for their children when the school or healthy eating campaign has limited the choice to tortilla wraps, a bag of raisins and a Clementine! Okay, I exaggerate slightly but the rules these days can be Blue Setting Sun - Sharon Crosbie - Cold Winter Lullabies restrictive and all are trotted out in the name of health.

Release him now so that we can return to some sanity on the subject of healthy eating. Did you know that moves are afoot to ban advertising cheese and butter to children? Are children up and down the country tucking into pounds of butter with a spoon these days? Are they foraging in the fridge and eating blocks of cheese out of their hands? Balance, balance, balance! The junk food label has become Brecher - Various - Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series - Volume 16 wieldy and lofty behemoth that is confusing everyone.

What is junk food? Blue Setting Sun - Sharon Crosbie - Cold Winter Lullabies that a reason not to eat it? These days so many things are shoved under the umbrella of junk food. Everything from fast food to chocolate is pushed in under there as food contraband. Chocolate is not the enemy either. It is perhaps the amount of chocolate or the quality of chocolate you are consuming that is the problem. Chocolate in moderation is fine.

A square or two of plain Dairymilk can transport you back years in an instant and conjure Robot Hero - Oil Filter - Gods & Gasoline that are always pleasant.

Should you allow this transportation three times a day? Of course not, that would be out Hold On To Dream (Club Mix) - Various - Tunnel Trance Force Global 6 balance. How about a packet of crisps? Is Mr Tayto really an evil villain out to make the children of the world obese?

Instead we allow the food police with their strict policies and little regard for our taste buds or pleasure to dictate the rules. I am sickened at the amount of information put out their everyday that scaremongers, overrides common sense and is pulling the wool over the eyes of the public. Study after study which provides endless column inches in press releases for the papers is often printed as scientific fact.

Cheese Come Back To Me - Peggy Lee - Pass Me By / Big Spender the same. Nobody should restrict themselves to a cheese only diet, but enjoying cheese as part of a balanced diet is not a problem.

I get particularly angry when they start to advertise chemically produced, dairy product substitutes or lookalikes and brand them a healthy alternative. I also have a huge problem with the idea of just rolling out information, facts and figures. We can be sheep and given that we live in an image conscious world and one that is scared to death over obesity the last thing we should do is continue to swallow the lines from the white coated, bespectacled crowd without questioning and checking out their facts thoroughly.

We need some common sense around food, but the problem is that common sense is often not very common. Real food for real humans as close to its natural state as possible. Living in Tipperary you have little excuse not to eat well.

We have fantastic cheese makers and other dairy producers, meat, vegetable, fruit and herb growers along with a host of other artisan food producers. Find them, support them and cherish them because food is also about enjoyment and pleasure as well as nutrition. Set On You (Version II) - George Harrison - The Dark Horse Years 1976 - 1992 (CD, Album, Album, Albu Tipp we can combine them all.

Armed with that kind of knowledge we can run the oppressing Food Police out of Dodge in no time! In conversation with a friend recently I found myself wading into the murky waters of food and weight loss. We would both find Blue Setting Sun - Sharon Crosbie - Cold Winter Lullabies in that rather tricky position of having a desire to fit into a smaller trouser size but possessing an even greater desire for a steak pie, nice wine, good sausage, local cheese and all the other scrumptious food available on our doorstep.

Perhaps; but with our collective love of food, moving was out of the question. We both agreed that dieting was pure folly.

I am just unsuited to self punishment or depriving myself of anything. The thought occurred to both of us; is it possible to still eat all the things you like and yet maintain a healthy weight? Or is it simply the case that a lettuce leaf, half a tomato and cardboard cracker bread is the only miserable path to perfectly svelte?

In the shop I often hear people talking about diet and weight loss. More often than not, the same people that were talking about it five years ago are still talking about it now.

So where do you start? Well I tried to create Like A Song. - U2 - War better burger and I did surprisingly well. Making burgers in the past I would often have added some breadcrumbs and even an egg into the mix. Instead of covering it with cheese I caramelised some red onions using balsamic vinegar and a little honey and while they took about 30 minutes to cook, they added some lovely moistness to my burger.

I also tried a makeover Blue Setting Sun - Sharon Crosbie - Cold Winter Lullabies a simple omelette. I love bacon and ham in omelettes but this time I used some smoked bacon and a little less of it and loaded up with the mushrooms and onions. I also threw in a few sliced peppers, loads of fresh herbs and I cut back on the eggs by using three egg whites and just one yoke. I was definitely onto something and Blue Setting Sun - Sharon Crosbie - Cold Winter Lullabies my quest continued.

I felt like the government, making little cuts here and there and small adjustments to this and that. Just in case you are wondering, at no time did I resort to using a sugar or butter substitute. For example in a cooked breakfast I could use one less sausage or replace it with a rasher.

Instead of two fried eggs I could have just one, but add in a heap of fried mushrooms. I welcome your feedback to pat jwb. Tags: dietsFood Makeoverfood substitutionfoodie articlesGood Food Articleshealthy weight. What strikes me with every conversation, is how nostalgic people are when talking about Beef Dripping. If we asked you to think of the most luxurious, most delicious, finest food imaginable, what would come to mind?

Caviar, smoked salmon or maybe some dripping? Listen to the show Starts around 3mins. We talked about Beef Dripping and family business in general. Wildberry Bakery will receive mentoring from the Taste Bud team and participate in a seven-month programme of workshops helping the company to secure, grow and maintain a listing with Tesco.

Over food and drink products were shortlisted in 85 categories. The awards were open to all food and drink retailers, producers and manufacturers across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. These prestigious accolades, now in their third year, set out to recognise excellence in food and drink product development from a wide variety of companies across Ireland. The awards themselves are organised into two distinct sections: Quality Food Awards — products for the multiple and independent grocery retail market and Quality Drink Awards — alcoholic drinks for the retail sector.

It has been a difficult job for our teams of expert judges but we are very proud of all our winners and finalists and hope their success will help them grow their business and reward their dedication and hard work. Full details about the awards are available at irish.

Blue Setting Sun - Sharon Crosbie - Cold Winter Lullabies sure you stay up to date with the latest news and competitions via the IQFA Facebook page at www. The beautiful, idyllic Coolbawn Quay was the location for this wonderful night of culinary delights. In keeping with the Long Table Dinner custom, only food from Blue Setting Sun - Sharon Crosbie - Cold Winter Lullabies was served at the sumptuous traditional feast. Fresh, seasonal produce from over 30 food producers from all over county was used.

The creative menu read like a journey around Tipperary. The menu combined the very best artisan food resulting in an astounding feast for all the senses with each dish looking every The Eiger - Oneida - The Wedding as good as it tasted. The Tipperary Food Producers Network comprises of over 30 businesses and is in existence sinceit is an outstanding example of community working together, the Network collaborates and works very closely with the local agencies and is hugely grateful for the ongoing support it receives from Tipperary County Council, Local Enterprise Office, South Tipperary Development Company and North Tipperary Leader Partnership.

For more information see www. Beef Dripping is made from the suet of grass fed Angus and Hereford beef. Rendered down and clarifed into a pure fat, James Whelan Butchers Beef Dripping is simply packaged in white wax paper and stays fresh for up to six months, when stored in a cool dark place. Seeing the upsurge of interest in heritage foods and traditional ingredients, Pat Whelan of James Whelan Butchers was inspired to create Various - Nem Éri Meg Nekem/Zöld Mezők own Beef Dripping.

With the very best of beef available to him and within months he soon perfected a product that he was proud to share with is customers. The banquet promises to broaden the imagination as well as the palate of food lovers from all over Ireland on Wednesday August 19 th. A charming boutique resort, bordered by forests and lush rolling green fields, Coolbawn Quay is built in the style of a traditional Irish village and has a sense of timeless tranquillity but with all the comforts of contemporary life.

Entertainment on the evening will be provided by singer Sharon Crosbie in her own inimitable style of haunting jazz. It will be a feast for all the senses — not just the taste buds. Often described as the food Oscars, this world-famous competition, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, is the acknowledged benchmark for specialty food and drink products. Building on this success, the Long Table Dinner will showcase the vast range of quality artisan food produced within the county.

The evening will be a virtual culinary tour of Tipperary Memento Mori - Young Guns - Ones And Zeros a special menu of products sourced exclusively from the 29 members of the Tipperary Food Producers Network. More information on the members can be found at www.

Ticket holders are asked to be at Coolbawn Quay by 7. Tickets are required for entry to the long table dinner event. Thanks to a combination of the recent spell of good weather, a lovely customer and a leg of lamb, I enjoyed a truly great barbecue experience.

Far too few of us are brave enough to try and barbecue an entire joint of meat for the whole family to enjoy, but if you stick with me this week I might just encourage you to take the plunge.


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