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Conversation In The Drumhole - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge


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About the Numero Group. Log In. Terms of use and Privacy Policy. Store Stream Stories. Store Stream Stories Log In. Like Weird! As usual, it was past midnight when Tommy Falcone pulled into New York City with a car full of teenagers. The yellow glow and tile walls of the Lincoln Tunnel fell away and a sparkling metropolis reared up before them like a dream. The kids in the backseat jockeyed wide-eyed to see the bright lights and big buildings, to take in the concrete and steel lit up like midday.

Though they lived just on the other side of Raritan Bay at the north end of the Jersey Shore, it was a rare occurrence for these kids to make a trip into Manhattan, then just beginning its slide into disrepute and decrepitude. They pulled up the studio on West 48th Street, only a five minute walk from the seedy explosion of Times Square. Despite the late hour, Falcone was a whirlwind of activity in the studio, setting up microphones, Conversation In The Drumhole - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge the band tune, tweaking their arrangements, testing out strange echo effects, generating unusual sounds, throwing out a million ideas a minute, lighting cigarette after cigarette and leaving one burning on the edge of every amplifier.

These late hours in the studio were discounted, and the teenagers would attempt takes until the sun was nearly up. And then, with minimal sleep, another day at the office for Falcone, another evening with the family, another late night in the studio with another group of teenagers making more magic.

The kids knew Falcone as an unstoppable fountain Money In My Pocket - Various - Pure Reggae human energy—a DIY pioneer and indie label mogul before such things were celebrated, a songwriter, a performer, a trained accordionist, an arranger, a talent scout, a producer, a promoter, a mentor, a manager, and a salesman all rolled into one.

From toFalcone produced an unending stream of wild visionary music and released it on a half-dozen different labels, including his own. He founded Cleopatra Records from his home in Hazlet, New Jersey, ran the label from his basement, and recruited bands that practiced in garages.

The story of Cleopatra Various - Get That Nasti Shit first a romance, then a tragedy—a tale of obsession, invention, and mortality that spirals out to include rapping cops, karate-chopping robots, and suicide-inspired religious conversions. With an interest in everything, Falcone tried anything, chasing the popular trends of the era and anticipating a dozen more: surf, soul, doo wop, girl Conversation In The Drumhole - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge , garage rock, novelties, exotica, pop, crooned balladry, teen idols, protopunk, psychedelia, and more.

Songs ranged over topics as wide as lovestruck ducks, sexual predators, and meta-commentary on the music industry itself. Ballad of a Recording Company. Before she became queen of the Nile, Charlotte Sims was a shy girl in Newark who loved music and hated new people.

A prominent stutter had left her extremely self-conscious, alienated from her peers, and distrustful of strangers. Inside, she found her future husband, Tommy Falcone, then twenty years old, wowing the family with his musicianship. Charlotte sat silent, teetering between delight at the music and embarrassment at the deception. Charlotte immediately decided to quit her piano lessons.

They played music, hung out, and went for burgers at White Castle. But her silence persisted through a second date, until finally Tommy had enough. They took long drives together until she was comfortable and confident enough to open up, and as they fell in love, the daily affirmations began to work—Charlotte slowly shed her timidity and her stutter.

I am the greatest person in this world, and there is no one better than me. They should be married before he left for basic training. His plans to make a life in music were on hold: by Marchhe was at Fort Dix, New Jersey, for basic training; six weeks later, he was sent to Camp Pickett, Virginia.

Tommy was eager for the company of his new wife, and expected her Conversation In The Drumhole - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge follow. He arranged a room for her on a farm not far from the base. When word came that Tommy would be shipping out for Munich, West Germany, and not the Korean peninsula, Charlotte breathed a sigh of relief.

Her young husband was safe. It was not a plan endorsed by Uncle Sam. In Germany, she found a ruined world still scarred with evidence of the last war—bombed out buildings, shattered windows, walls riddled with bullet holes, soldiers in the smashed streets.

She spent the winter sleeping on a cot in an unheated basement with a shared bathroom. Things got better as the weather warmed up and she moved in with a German doctor and his family. Without a work visa, she spent her days taking raft rides down the Rhine and hanging out at the American service club—befriending the soldiers, becoming a skilled ping-pong player, and picking up a nicotine habit. She even found her place on the stage. Charlotte, of course, was always involved. They returned to New Jersey in after a year and three months.

Despite the corporate life, he kept his musical dreams alive, playing out every weekend, performing standards on the accordion. Charlotte, of course, had to attend every gig. The shows were an opportunity for the formerly shy girl to show off her glamorous side, dressing up in different styles with jewelry, makeup, and a whole range of cigarette holders.

Two years later, Tammy arrived and six years after that, Kimberly. The girls were just seven and five years old, respectively, and he dubbed them the Lollipop Sisters, treating them just like any of his other acts, complete with rehearsals, promotional photos in matching dresses and oversized suckers, and a trip to the recording studio. The Falcone home was a site of Warped Progress - Atrocity - The Art Of Death! and creation not just for the kids—it also birthed Cleopatra Records.

The single came in a picture sleeve that misspelled the title, with a cartoon male duck in a top hat looking through swirling hearts at a dancing female duck in a bonnette. The flip was an instrumental credited to Tom Falcone and the Starlighters.

Preparing for the future, Tommy soundproofed the basement to use as a practice space and began looking for local rock bands. Like Weird. The most resonant room in the Newark Public Library in was the locker room where Gary Swangin practiced his singing. When coworker Salvatore Girgenti heard it echoing off the tile and steel, he was so taken that he suggested they play together. The library would prove crucial in another way.

Corragio had started playing at eleven years old, and by the time of the Centuries he was taking lessons from members of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and New York Philharmonic. He was out of style compared to his wife. As always with Falcone, the topic of music came up and Swangin saw his opportunity. We felt we were big time. Swangin recording "Promise of Love. Falcone soon had the group paired with Joseph Null Jr.

He went on to Columbia University and performed in the Greenwich Shake Ur Body - Diafrix - In Tha Place folk scene with a far-ahead-of-its-time fusion of modern lyricism with African rhythms.

Today, he lives a life among the stars as a professor of astronomy and the director of a planetarium—and even has a planetarium in Afghanistan named after him. Gary Swangin 3rd from right visiting physicist Robert Wilson at Bell Labs just prior to Wilson receiving the Conversation In The Drumhole - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge Prize in Physics for detecting cosmic microwave background radiation from the Big Bang.

With Swangin gone, the band took a sharp turn into new waters rough with surf—losing lyrics but compensating with invention and melody. The releases came fast, eventually making the band the most prolific of all the Cleopatra artists—six more Game Track 28 - John Petrucci - Necronomicon on five different labels. It would be the second and last release to feature his name as an artist.

The group was also used as the Cleopatra house band for a time, backing up other singers and releasing material under different names. Harriet Rogers recording "Polynesian Paradise.

While in the military, Carragio studied early computers, room-sized behemoths programmed not with code but with Conversation In The Drumhole - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge , and later went to work on Wall Street developing software for NASDAQ.

Much like Swangin, he never stopped playing music, performing with the George Lang Orchestra for eighteen years and, after a move to Florida, the Jacksonville Symphony, the St. Augustine Orchestra, and the Fascinating Rhythm Orchestra. The story of the Centuries gets murky Vente Mami - N.O.R.E. - Y La Familia.Ya Tú Sabe here. Much of the Cleopatra story does at times.

Others who did have releases, like Russ Raymond and Jimmie Davis, have left behind little besides names so generic as to be unfindable and a few songs sliced into vinyl. The fate of Joe Null, however, is known: He continued to appear uncredited as a session vocalist on Falcone productions for years before ditching his dreams of fame.

Unlike Swangin, who found a different route to the stars, Null entered a more earthbound profession, serving for decades with the Newark Police Department before retiring and passing away in at the age of He attempted to reminisce but Null, surrounded by his colleagues, felt a surge of embarrassment over his old life, his old dreams.

Bernadette Carroll lived a reckless teen life, sneaking out of the house at night with friends at only 14 years old. Though not a household name, Bernadette Carroll became one of the most successful vocalists of the girl group era. She charted as a member of the Angels, as a solo act, and as a for-hire backup singer, and performed on at least two number 1 hits that sold over a million copies each. Tom De Cillis, a local disc jockey who had branched out into songwriting and producing, found enough kids hanging around the Linden studio to put together a girl group, the Ifics, who would become the Starlets, in InPeggy Santiglia, formerly of the Delicates, replaced Jansen, and the trio christened themselves the Angels.

Our sound was unique and I knew that I contributed to making that record a hit. Carroll found herself as an in-demand session vocalist backing up Connie Francis, Patty Duke, Frankie Lymon, and others. Lou Christie in the studio with Bernadette and The Angels. They broke up by the end of the year. After a short stint with the Serendipity Singers, the former party girl settled down. Bernadette Carroll left the music business in to marry and raise a family.

How Would You Feel. Forming inthe group consisted Roy A. Falcone, sensing opportunity, invited the Silvio and Smith to audition their original material at his home in Hazlet—without the band. At this point, Соната До Мажор - Various - Мировая Классика В Современной Обработке Falcone was growing disillusioned with his corporate day job, yearning for the Conversation In The Drumhole - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge - Lige Uge Og Ulige Uge one of his records hit it big enough that he could exchange the office for the freedom of music all day everyday.

But his clout at Gulf Oil still came in handy: he set up Smith and Silvio in an empty garage at a service station to rehearse before their recording date. He was no longer satisfied with the sound quality available in New Jersey—at Hertz or anywhere else. Weinberg would end up working for everyone from Paul McCartney to Barbra Streisand, earning a lifetime achievement Grammy, and even analyzing the Nixon Watergate tapes for the Defense Department.

But Tommy Falcone was one of his very first clients, walking in off the street to book a session.


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The song, actually a reworked version of the Inmates’ “I’m Watching You,” was released on WGW under the artist name UGE, first with “Sophie the Polish Chicken Hen” as the flip in , and again the following year with a new, on-topic b-side, “Mad Charles Love .