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Wrong Side Out - Loolacoma - Animam

Label: DreaMusic - ПРЗ CD04212 • Format: CD Album • Country: Russia • Genre: Electronic • Style: Downtempo, IDM, Trip Hop
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Returning a way. Somebody waited under cover. Of the world. I have to know. Show this place. Don't be afraid. I have to save our secret. Look at a little boy How his fingers are bleak. Everything destroyed Among beginning a new life. After days You came here And asked me why I lied. Gaze inside the dark where all is stark. In a shade. Side by side. I live for you. Don't know why. It 's an empty life. We will never be.

Sky's purple and sea. They found me here In the ring Wrong Side Out - Loolacoma - Animam eternity. Many years before We had doubtful world But now we're staying quite alone.

Sky has gotten cold Inside like hell. I really want to kill myself. After many years Our waiting. When people're living in Swampyboy - Suicidal Symphonies dark.

Hold in Wrong Side Out - Loolacoma - Animam . Until a planet Would show a hidden law. Slowly down. I just want to say: Fall from heavens. Don't look at it ever Wrong side out I just want to say: Fall from heavens.

Don't look at it ever A sunny smile. That was gone. We don't wait for wile. After all, we are wrong. What does she feels? When loved, when loved a girl. She is on the brink. In your world inside. She stays on the road Behind the closing door. That is your love, that is your loving girl Emptiness is waiting The last lullaby song.

Do it and come on. And now you are over time. Where's your home? Many thoughts are arised beyond the doubts.

Unbridled joy is Behind your eyes Which're opened coldly wide. Honest and lonely Are accompanied full life. Honest and lonely In a frenzy of despair. Don't look at me. Sometimes I scare when you're dying-out. After that you are gone. Only kept door into my mind. I wanna feel nights. You never try to change a life, baby. You are now deeper Than soul in me. I never catch day. I never saw night. All wiser acts Depends of time again. We wanna die Because feel flight This is reason not to be everlasting.

It was a mystery Ever more for me To go this way. Trust me now. Let's try. Don't stay and go outside. Double sense is your decision. Rain comes back. Rainbow comes back to me. This was still the queerest thing Show me what is the endlessness. Touch your arms till surface.

Outer shall be burnt in fire. And Mr. Lonely - Bobby Vinton - Bobby Vinton All-Time Greatest Hits life is unimpeded.

They would find me And expose my fear. Existence is real. That should be here. My lips and mind Are dreaming about your taste. Now touching to light and shade. While I remind And dream about your face.

When I'm The Chilrens Marching Song - Mitch Miller - Gold Disc I dream about your eyes.

You have no time To bring sunshine into my life. And every night Dream about your heart. But your soul From me is so far. I can't open you. Wrong Side Out - Loolacoma - Animam I believe in you And self-denial. Than you have now and had before.

What will people run for If they are on one rope? Play's another role. Fear has to be More deep and loud. More deep and loud. Storm may be inside you And me, to eternity. Fate decreed that we Would win the sea, but it's fantasy. Your breathe here. Sometimes I start passing out.

I don't know where I lasted few days. You might pass in the crowd. How can i feel that? This is unknown. You can hear that. Time is going on. We are a wandering tribe In variegated colours We are walking side by side And growing flowers. The Lure. Wrong Side Out - Loolacoma - Animam anyway don't cease To hold my hand. He may do more.


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Side Out also includes a crew of real-life volleyball pros; so the spikes come fast and hard.1/4(1).