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Desire (Split 7 with Hooton 3 Car 1997) - Lovemen - 1993-2000 Ch.2

Label: Waterslide Records - WS125 • Format: 2x, CD Compilation • Country: Japan • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk
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I think one of the reasons I still do this silly website is because I still read reviews and buy records because of them. It's definitely not like it was when I was younger, but I still find value in the opinions of others. The description seemed up my alley, so I decided to pick it up.

There wasn't anything I was able to find online to check out any songs, so I had to just rely on the written word. I'm glad I took the chance as this is a pretty great record. If anything, my biggest complaint is that it didn't come with a download code so I had to make my own MP3s of it in order to listen to it on the go.

Regarding the music itself, this is the sort of punked out, garagey stuff that I love. If you imagine the fastest and loudest Marked Men songs, Danger Signs' slowest songs are a bit faster than that.

They are constantly in the red, tearing through song after song. Occasionally, they go a little too fast for their own good and sacrifice the hooks and melodies for speed and a bit of shouting. It's only a few times over the course of the record, but those are my least favorite moments.

I tend prefer the songs where Danger Signs are only playing at ridiculous speed as opposed to ludicrous speed. These are guys that really know how to punch a hook into the middle of a song. They will be chugging along when suddenly you are listening to the god damn catchiest thing you ever heard. Unfortunately, you'll probably have a hard time finding a way to check them out and you may have to just take a chance on the record like I did. I actually did find one Desire (Split 7 with Hooton 3 Car 1997) - Lovemen - 1993-2000 Ch.2 from the record on their Bandcamp, but that appears to be all that is out there.

Labels: big neckdanger signsrecord lpresetvinyl. I have to admit, I was pretty excited to receive this album to review. I have an Louise - Various - Global Roots: Chess Blues 7" by the band that I really like, so it was nice to Desire (Split 7 with Hooton 3 Car 1997) - Lovemen - 1993-2000 Ch.2 be able to check out the band's debut full length.

Shallow Cuts is one of those bands that's not quite a band all the time. The members live in different parts of the country and only get together a few times a year to work on music.

It kind of sounds like the same situation as the drummer I play with. Except he lives in the same area as the rest of us but still only bothers to show up a couple of times a year. Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Empty Beach Desire (Split 7 with Hooton 3 Car 1997) - Lovemen - 1993-2000 Ch.2 is a really strong release from Shallow Cuts. The album has that feel of older punk rockers that are starting to slow things down a little bit.

They're taking a bit more time constructing their songs and building their hooks. They're starting to let some rootsy Tom Petty and Springsteen influences subtly creep into their songs. In many ways I feel like this a record aimed square at my demographic; someone in their late thirties or early forties with a lot of Leatherface records in their collection. Let's be honest, that is my demographic Desire (Split 7 with Hooton 3 Car 1997) - Lovemen - 1993-2000 Ch.2 a T.

And while I certainly wouldn't mind if Shallow Cuts had a little more of a bite to some of their songs, this is still a pretty great record and a really great listen when you're crashed out on the couch on a Sunday afternoon drinking a root beer.

Labels: empty beach townlpno idearecordshallow cutsvinyl. I think I can say pretty easily that this CD is the best record I've ever been sent for review. It probably doesn't hurt that The Urchin have long been one of my absolute favorite bands from Japan. They haven't put out an album since their masterpiece Another Day, Another Sorry State, but I have always held out hope that they were going to release something new.

That's mostly because I saw that they have still been playing in Japan all of these years. The bad news is that this CD isn't a new full length album, but the Samba Latina (Original Mix) - The Latin Tribe - Samba Latina (File) news is that it compiles all of their non album songs into one place.

And hot damn are these songs great. Every song they've ever released has been tight and One More Chance - Air Supply - Hearts In Motion, with the sort of ridiculously hooky choruses that Son of the Tongues Prison - Hierophant - Great Mother : Holy Monster few bands are capable of.

They've got so many amazing songs from their various 7"s Desire (Split 7 with Hooton 3 Car 1997) - Lovemen - 1993-2000 Ch.2 been putting out over the past eighteen years. Their entire run of Snuffy Smile 7"s are present as are various other splits, the songs from a self released CDEP, several compilation songs and even a couple that were previously unreleased. Despite having hunted down as many records of theirs as I could find, there were still a few songs on this that I had never heard before.

Even though they haven't put out a new record in fifteen years, it would still be hard for you to convince me that The Urchin is not the best band in Japan. The songs on this record reminded me just how much I love this band and if I have to wait another fifteen years for a new full length, so be it, I'll keep waiting.

Though, I would prefer to not have to wait that long if possible, so let's get some new songs recorded! Labels: 25 complaints beside 18 yearsCDrecordsingles compilationthe urchinwaterslide. Pile is the third album from A Giant Dog and the second one that I have purchased. I think I should probably go back and pick up their first album as well because this makes two stellar albums in a row for the band.

Much like their last record Bone, Pile is a tour de force of powerful guitars, dark harmonies and spectacular hooks. The vocals are mainly held down by Sabrina Ellis, with big time help in the backing and harmonies department by guitarist Andrew Cashen. These two create a whirlwind of powerful howling into the night.

With tales of death, drugs and rock and roll, reading the lyrics alone you'd sometimes question what they heck you were actually listening to. But this band has a way of disguising their dark themes within one of the most energetic and flat out rocking bands on the planet. Sure, they might be able to "watch you die and not feel a thing," but you're not going to be all that upset since they've shared this information in the context of one of the best songs of the year, "Creep.

The album is consistently rocking from start to finish. Sure, there are some minor variations. Some songs drift into poppier territory while others have more of a glam hint to them. There's a few garagey stompers and even a tender acoustic moment, but the entire time you just get the feeling that Desire (Split 7 with Hooton 3 Car 1997) - Lovemen - 1993-2000 Ch.2 are in the presence of a mighty powerful rock and roll tornado, bearing down on you at breakneck speed.

A Giant Dog really stand alone in today's world. I can't think of too many bands that sound much like them, but they are essential listening for anyone that wants to have the doors blown off by a fierce rock and roll band. Labels: a giant dogRagtime Annie - Roy Thackerson - Fingerless Fiddler Volume 1mergepilerecordvinyl. I can say, without hesitation that Mellow Gold is both one of my favorite and one of the most important records I bought back when I was in high school.

Even though I've had the original pressing of this forever the one with the alternate version of "Pay No Mind" on itI still had to pick this new repress up for a few reasons. First, I'm certainly a sucker for limited variants of all time favorite records this is numbered out of two thousand and sixteen copies. Lastly, I wanted a version that I could play without care and figured a remastered, gram version of it would probably be the way to go. I was correct in thinking that.

This pressing sounds spectacular. Everything is crisp and clear. The bass is warm and satisfying and even the more sparse acoustic songs just sound full and rich. Comparing it to my original pressing, it actually sounds a little cleaner I think, but both are quite good. I'm not sure exactly what they tweaked during the remastering process, but it certainly wasn't anything that changed the record other than making it sound great on vinyl.

The music on this record it some of the most influential I've listened to. Listening to Beck made me start learning how to play guitar. It was the first time I listened to something and felt I could maybe play some of that. I first heard Mellow Gold from my friend Scott in high school, on cassette in the tape deck in his Dodge Sundance.

As we went through the record, I was just dumbfounded on how varied the songs were. By the time we got to the screaming chaos of "Motherfuker" I was sold. I went out and bought my own copy right away. Then I started buying all of the singles. Then the import singles and from there on out it was a full on obsession. Trading bootleg tapes with other fans was essentially the first thing I ever used the internet for. All of this started to wind down for me when Odelay came out.

Not that it isn't a great album, but Beck never felt the same to me after that. He always felt more polished than he had when I was first getting into him. He went from this insane misfit throwing shoes on TV to someone that people were suddenly taking very seriously. It was never as much fun after that. Though I've still bought and enjoyed every other record Beck has released, he was never able to recapture that lightning in a bottle of the Mellow Gold era for me. Twenty two years on, I still listen to the kazoo solo at the end of "Steal My Body Home" and wonder how on earth he tricked a major label into releasing this wonderful mess as his debut full length album.

Labels: beckbong loadlpmellow goldrecordvinyl. Thursday, August 18, Bonehead - You 7". This is another 7" that was sent to me to review. Artwork wise, I figured it had potential. Though after listening to it, I'm pretty underwhelmed. In the accompanying photocopied letter the person behind Bonehead, Alexandra, refers to herself as a "songwriter, producer, musician.

What's wrong with 'I made a record? The real Pterion - Mouse On Mars - 21 Again are the songs and the recording quality. The 7" starts off with "You. It has a real 60's vibe, that isn't necessarily bad, but it's nothing very memorable. What really drags it down is the rudimentary drumming.


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Today we have the companion release to yesterday's Lovemen CD. Chapter two includes a lot of my very favorite Lovemen songs including the songs from their split 7"s with Hooton 3 Car, Eversor, Servo, The Tone, a couple of compilations as well as my favorite of their full lengths, Children Eat a Nightmare.